The Ningbo Short Film Festival is one of the biggest and most lavish short film festivals around featuring huge cash prizes and an incredible gala event, broadcast live on Chinese TV. We are looking for good quality short films covering a wide variety of subjects, themes, places and people. We are looking for films from around the world.

There is every reason to believe we are looking for you, and your film. Ningbo is a beautiful, modern coastal town just south of Shanghai. Although our festival is big in China, we have not been blessed with the wide variety of foreign short films we are really looking for until now and that is why we hope you will submit your film to our festival. This year our festival’s theme is “Harmony” and our award is the Golden Conch Shell: a great addition to any mantelpiece, we’re sure.

We are offering some very special investment incentives also this year: Bodi Film Industry and Jinbo Investment, a joint strategic cooperative organization of the Organizing Committee of Ningbo International Short Film Festival, will select two award-winners each with an investment of no less than 1 million RMB (US$141, 200 at the time of writing) on their next project. The next project can be an extension of the award winning short film, perhaps extending it out into a full feature. The film will receive no less than 1 million in direct investment.

Other partners of the Organizing Committee of Ningbo International Short Film Festival may be involved in the investment &this can be discussed at a later time. One of the winners is the Golden Snail Award for Best Short Film, the other is selected from the Best Director Award, the Best Cellphone Short Film, the Best Drama Short Film, the Best Female Short Film, the Best Animated Short Film, the Best Creative Short Film Award and the Best Script Award. Sfilmmaker is our exclusive platform for cooperation, We hope to see your submission soon!

Cash bonus + trophy + certificate:
Best ‘Golden Snail’ Short Film Award (100,000 RMB + 1,000,000 RMB for feature project support)
Best Cellphone Movie Award(10,000 RMB )
Best Drama Film Award(10,000 RMB )
Best Female-themed Film Award(10,000 RMB )
Best Animated Film Award(10,000 RMB )
Best Short Film Award(10,000 RMB )
Best Director Award(10,000 RMB )
Best Scriptwriter Award(10,000 RMB )
Best Actor Award(10,000 RMB )
Best Actress Award(10,000 RMB )
Best Art Award(Technical award which includes cinematography, fine arts, music, editing, sound mixing, production design etc.)(10,000 RMB )
Best Script Award(100,000 RMB ).

a. The film must be the original film output 1080P HD video, the stream does not exceed 30M mp4, mpg, mov. video format can be. All the entries for the works produced in 2017 and beyond, the screen may not have additional watermarks. The duration of the microfilm does not exceed 60 minutes. Domestic films are to be subtitled with Chinese and English, while foreign films are to be subtitled with at least English or Chinese.
b. All films submitted shall promote human harmony as their general theme. The subject matter and form of all entries are not limited but must be original, with positive attitudes, and must comply with Chinese laws, regulations, and copyright requirements.
a. The following application materials are required: the filled in registration form + the signed authorization agreement + a poster + a promotional film. Both PDF version and Word version of the registration form are needed. The license agreement and copyright statement must be completed in full and signed; in addition, the company should affix its official seal. The poster requires horizontal and vertical versions of the jpg format. High-definition video clips (trailers, shooting highlights, etc.) within 2 minutes are available in mp4, mpg, and mov video formats.
b. Each author can submit more than one work but will only receive one award; the same work can be only submitted to one category.
c. The special scripts and project road show sessions of Ningbo International Shortfilm Festival welcomes excellent scripts and projects at home and abroad.
d. Exclusive submission platform:
e. Participants download and complete the license agreement and copyright statement.
f. All the information submitted by the candidates must be true and legal. The Organizing Committee retains the right to cancel their registration or demand the return of awards.