welcome back to m-v-f- awards!
m-v-f- awards is the competitive segment of the m-v-f- music video festival in São Paulo, Brazil, dedicated to showcasing new talent and recognizing exceptional creativity in music video both in brazil and across the globe.

this year we celebrate the 10th edition of the awards. submissions are now open for our international categories (videos for non-brazilian artists). seven international videos will be recognized by jury and audience awards including a special category for videos from latin american artists outside brazil.

to qualify for m-v-f- awards videos must have been released between october 11th, 2021 and september 30th, 2022.

we look forward to seeing your work. choose as many categories as you like and submit your videos ;-)

Hello! This is the m-v-f- awards 2022 terms and guidelines. If you wish to participate, please read the following terms carefully. You should only sign up if you fully agree to all our rules. Your submission will imply your consent to all terms.

What is the award? This annual award is open to any professionals of the music and audiovisual, as well as creative content creators, involved in the production of music videos for international artists, released or to be officially released between October 11th, 2021 and September 30th, 2022, in accordance with the following terms.

Who can register? Any individual over 18 years old that has produced at least one music video available online or in any other forum. The music video registrations must be submitted by its respectives directors/creators and/or its right holders (the "owner"), including in the registration the music video's link with the publish date (or the transfer link for specific cases).

Can Brazilians participate? Brazilian professionals can enroll in this category, as long as the song/work theme of the music videos is from a non-Brazilian group or artist.

Can I submit more than one video? Yes, but the participant must submit them in different registration processes, which implies the payment of a fee (item 6) for each process, according to the number of the categories chosen for each submission.

Is there a submission fee? To complete the registration process there is a U$ 25,00 fee for each category chosen. The fee payment is an essential condition for registering.

Can I enroll the same music video in more than one category? At the time of registration, it is necessary to select in which category(ies) the music video will be enrolled. The same music video can compete in different categories. There is no limit for the number of categories, however, participant will be charged for each category.

How is the registration done? The participant must fill out an online registration form for each music video. If the same participant registers two or more music videos, they must fill out a registration form for each video.

Informations: The music video will be considered registered in the competition after submitting the registration form containing all the mandatory informations filled-out, in addition to the correct payment fee. All the information must be true and correct.

When is the registration deadline? The registration form must be filled-out and submitted digitally until September 30th, 2022, 11h59 PM. The deadline may be extended at the discretion of the m-v-f- awards 2022 producers. The deadline alterations will be informed on the press and on the m-v-f- awards 2022 website and social media.

How can I know if my registration is confirmed? After the registration completion, the participant will receive a confirmation email at the same email address informed in the registration.

How can I enroll in the "innovation in video" category? In case the content is not available on YouTube or Vimeo (even in its private mode), the participant must inform the platform/support in which the content is available and provide the transfer link for the material access (Wetransfer, Google Drive, etc).

Information proof: The m-v-f- awards 2022 producers may request the proof of the information submitted and/or the music video's ownership or legitimacy,in its sole discretion.

Personality Rights: Participants are aware that their names, image and biographic data may be disclosed on the m-v-f- awards 2022 official website, social media and in the m-v-f- awards 2022 communication material (digital or printed). In the act of registration, participants authorize the definitive and irrevocable use of their image, name and biographical data free of charge. The m-v-f- awards 2022 producers and third parties related to the producers may use appropriately for these purposes, without territory, media, modality or quantity limitations for the maximum period authorized by the Brazilian Law. Participants are aware and agree that their name or image may be associated with the m-v-f- awards 2022 sponsors, supporters and partners - as usual in cultural projects.

Copyright License: As a general rule, the m-v-f- awards 2022 website disclose the submitted videos through YouTube's "embed code" tool. However, if your videos were submitted through another media, you grant us a irrevocable license (authorization) free of charge to use, disclosure and publish the music video in the m-v-f- awards 2022 website and social media without territory, media, modality of use or quantity limitations for the maximum period authorized by the Brazilian Law. All the participants also authorize the m-v-f- awards 2022 producers and third parties related to them to use excerpts of the submitted videos, as well as excerpts of the musical work and phonograms inserted therein , in addition to the stills mentioned in the item V of this guideline , for the production and publication of adds, institutional materials, vignettes and promotional materials. For clarification purposes, the publishing may occur in any media or support besides the internet, such as movie theaters , broadcast and cable television, streaming, radio, among others.

What are the music video guidelines ? They must have the following characteristics in order to compete in the award:
The music videos must be the official work of a international band or solo artist;
The music video must be cleared regarding all the right holders of the music work and the phonogram. In the act of registration, the participant declares and agrees that they hold the music video's copyrights or have the necessary rights for their registration in the award.
All the submitted videos must be launched between October 11th, 2021, and September 30th, 2022. In case the video was not launched between the referred dates the video will be disqualified.

Who selects the registrations and judges the videos? A team of specialists, curators and consultants will select the finalists of each category. The jury members will decide the winners of the m-v-f- awards 2022 in each category and they will be announced by the m-v-f- awards 2022 producers at any moment from the submissions opening to the winners announcement.

Is there a reason for immediate disqualification? Yes. In case of breach of these terms and guidelines, the m-v-f- awards 2022 producers will disqualify the participant. In addition, if the music video submitted contain any illegal content, including, but not limited to, any form of gender discrimination, the producers may disqualify it.

What are the judgment criteria? The videos will be analyzed in accordance with the following criteria: technical expertise, creativity and innovation, execution and music suitability.

How are those selected as finalists announced? Each category finalists will be announced in the press and on the m-v-f- awards 2022 website and social media as from November 1st, 2022. The announcement of the finalists may be extended at the producers sole discretion. In this case, it will be duly informed on the m-v-f- awards 2022 in website, social media and the press, as well as on promotional material, digital or printed, that may be produced in the context of the m-v-f-awards 2022.

Can the jury's decision be reviewed? There is no appeal to the jury's decision.

How does the public voting work? After the selection and disclosure of the finalists on the m-v-f- awards 2022 website, the public voting in each category will take place on www.musicvideofestival.com.br. The voting period will be announced by the m-v-f- awards 2022 producers from the announcement of the finalists.

How are winners announced? The announcement of the m-v-f- awards 2022 winners will take place on the date informed by the m-v-f- awards 2022 producers. The announcement can take place in an in-person ceremony, a streaming ceremony or through the m-v-f- awards 2022 social media and press. The winners of each category will also be notified prior to the ceremony through the contact details provided in the entry form of.

Should the participant take any measures, after the selection of the music videos?
In case the participant hasn't submitted a download link of the submitted video in mp4, as well as a download link of 3 music videos stills in high resolution (300 DPIs or 1MB minimum) in the act of registration, the m-v-f- awards 2022 will contact the participants for the video submission through the contact details provided in the the entry form, within a deadline to be informed.
If the video has an non-traditional format, such as virtual reality, interactive videos, etc. r, the m-v-f- awards 2022 production will contact the participant, through the contact details provided in the entry form, in order to establish the best form of the music video's exhibition.

What is the prize? There is no compensation involved in the award. Winners will be awarded a trophy for each winning music video.

Can the same video be awarded in two or more categories? Yes, the same video can be awarded in two or more categories.

"Best Music Video" category: In this category, if the judges' choice is the same as the public's, the winner will be awarded with two trophies.
How are the trophies delivered? The trophies delivered in-person during the award ceremony at place and date to be informed by the m-v-f- awards 2020 production and press.
Even though the m-v-f- awards 2022 encourages the attendance of all directors and artists at the award ceremony, each participant will bear all the costs and expenses of transportation and accommodation to attend the ceremony. The m-v-f- awards 2022 production will not reimburse any expense incurred in participating in the award or for the attendance in the ceremony.

What happens if the participant won't be able to attend the award ceremony? If it is not possible to hold an in-person ceremony and/or if it is not possible for the winner to attend, the trophy will be sent a posteriori by the m-v-f- awards 2022 production to an address requested by them.

m-v-f- awards 2022 Rights: The "Music Video Festival" is a trademark of"Cinnamon Comunicação e Audiovisual Ltda", enrolled in the National Register of Corporate Taxpayers (CNPJ) under nº 05.207.056/0001-35.

Third parties Rights: The m-v-f- awards 2022 production and it's sponsors, supporters and partners are not responsible for any untrue information provided, nor for the music videos' contents, nor for any other third parties issues related to civil rights, labor rights, copyrights and other aspects of criminal or regulatory nature that may affect the music video. The participant is the only and exclusively responsible for the music video regularity and must be sure that they hold its rights to do so. The participant exempt the m-v-f- awards 2022 from any liability towards third parties regarding the legal aspects set forth in this clause. The participant must compensate or reimburse the m-v-f- awards 2022 production and its members and partners for any costs or expenses incurred by the participants' non-compliance with it.
Registration fee refund: Under no circumstances the registration fee will be reimbursed to the registered participant.
Processing of personal data: "Cinnamon Communication e Audiovisual Ltda" may process the personal data provided by the participant in the act of registration to the following purposes: (1) to hold of the m-v-f- awards 2022 and fulfill this terms and guidelines; (2) to assign the rightful rights and fulfill legal and regulatory obligations; (3) to maintain the history of registration of participants; (4) to process and assess the fee payment - that will occur together with payment platforms; (5) other activities associated and necessary to carry out the m-v-f- awards 2022. "Cinnamon Communication e Audiovisual Ltda" may share the personal data with employees, service providers and other third parties associated with it to the necessary extent to the fulfillment of these purposes (such as lawyers, accountants, information technology service providers, producers and others). The data may be shared with third parties outside Brazil such as e-mail providers, drive and other technological services. "Cinnamon Communication e Audiovisual Ltda" will always ensure the correct and safe treatment of the participants' personal data, according to its Privacy Policy available at this link. If you wish to obtain any information or measure from our part, as set forth in the Brazilian General Data Protection Law, please contact us at the following e-mail contato@cinnamon.com.br. Data shall be treated for the period of 10 (ten) years, in order to ensure compliance with any regulatory obligations.

Interpretation: Anymatters and affairs not acknowledged in these terms and guidelines will be determined by the m-v-f- awards 2022 production.