welcome back to m-v-f- awards!

m-v-f- awards is the competitive segment of the m-v-f- music video festival in São Paulo, Brazil, dedicated to showcasing new talent and recognizing exceptional creativity in music video both in Brazil and across the globe.

we're now open for submissions. this year, which celebrates the 9th edition of the awards, 7 international works (from non-Brazilian artists) will be awarded, among jury and audience choices. videos must have been or planned to be released between November 29th, 2020 and October 10th, 2021.

in an unprecedented partnership with directors' library, the winning works of m-v-f-awards 2021 will be editorially highlighted on the platform dedicated to the best audiovisual directors from around the world.

we look forward to seeing your work. choose the category(ies) and submit your video ;-)

The awards are open to directors, production companies, record labels, music artists and other music video industry professionals involved in the production of a music video for an international artist, released or to be released between November 29th, 2020, and October 10th, 2021, in accordance with the following regulations.

The same video can be listed under different categories and there's a submission fee of US$ 20,00 for each of them, to be paid at check out when finishing the submission process. A 50% discount will be applied in entries made until September 20th.

— The awards are open to professionals and individuals that have produced at least one music video that has been made available online or in another viewing forum;
— Each video must be an official and original work for an international (non-Brazilian) artist/band;
— The music video must have been produced in compliance with the rights holders (artist, label, management);
— Brazilian professionals may enroll in this category, considering that the song in not from a Brazilian artist/ band;
— When submitting a video, you will need to choose which category(ies) the video should be nominated to, considering it can be enrolled under multiple categories.
— Each entrant may submit as many music videos as they want considered, however each video requires its own unique submission;
— If the video is a non-traditional format and not available online on Youtube or Vimeo (even in private mode), then we kindly ask entrants to describe in which format/platform it was originally streamed and to provide a downloadable link for the material (WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc);
— All submitted music videos must have been released or expected to be released between November 29th, 2020 and October 10th, 2021. If the release date is before or after this timeframe, the video will be disqualified.

— Each entry must be submitted by their directors / producers and/or legal representatives, including a valid online link, showing the online publishing date.
— To complete the registration process, there's a US$ 20,00 fee for each category the video is submitted under. Entries made until September 20th will have a 50% discount in the submission fee(s)
— Each video needs to be enrolled through one registration form. Therefore, if the same professional/individual wants to enroll two videos, he or she must submit two registration forms, one for each;
— The registration form(s) must be fully completed and submitted by 11h59PM of October 10th, 2021.
— The registration deadline may be extended, if m-v-f- organizers decide to do so, in which case the new deadline will be announced on the website.
— The video will only be eligible to the awards once the complete registration form is submitted;
— The entrant will receive a confirmation e-mail message for each video.

— A team formed by professionals, consultants and curators of the Music Video Festival will choose the finalists that will be in the final competition in each category.
— The videos will be evaluated according to the following criteria: technical expertise; creativity and innovation; execution of the idea and appropriateness to the music.
— The finalists will be announced on the festival’s website, social media and through the press on November 15th, 2021.
— The finalists announcement may be postponed, if m-v-f- organizers decide so, in which case the new date will be informed in the website, social media and through press.
— The finalist videos will be made available at the festival's website and social media, as well as printed or online promotional material to be produced for the awards.
— The audience will be able to vote for the audience awards on m-v-f-'s website, during a determined time frame after the announcement of the finalists.
— The jury members that will choose the winners for juried categories will be announced at any time between the call for submissions and the finalists announcement.
— The entrants are aware that their names may be publicized in the festival’s online and printed communication pieces. Once enrolling at the m-v-f- awards, the entrants authorize the festival to use their names, the song name and the artist name for publicity purposes.
— Further details and exact date for the winners announcement will be made available at the festival's website and social media and through press.

— There is no cash prize for any of the awards.
— Representative(s) will be awarded with one trophy for each winning video.
— A single video may be awarded in multiple categories.
— The trophies will be sent out to the winners according to addresses that will be requested by m-v-f- production staff.
— If the winner of the Jury Awards and the Audience Award for the "Best Music Video Category" should be the same music video, the representative will receive two trophies.
— The Jury, Festival and Audience decisions shall be final and binding on all entrants.

— If your video is selected as one of the finalists, you will be contacted by m-v-f-’s production person who will require that you send media in 1920x1080 HD via file transfer link for download, by a given date.
— If the work is of a non-traditional format such as VR, interactive, etc., the festival will be in touch to understand the best way to receive materials so that it can be exhibited properly.
In addition to the video file, you will be requested to provide (3) still images from video (high-res, min. 300dpis or 1 MB size)

IMPORTANT: By entering the awards entrants agree that their name, image and likeness may be used by Cinnamon and the Music Video Festival™ for publicity purposes in connection with the m-v-f- awards without remuneration, with no time limit. Likewise, the entrants herewith declare responsibility over the use of the song in the video, preventing Cinnamon and Music Video Festival™ from any liability for possible violation of authors rights of the phonographic works.

Music Video Festival™ is a Cinnamon's trademark.