MIEFF is a platform for everyone who creates, takes interest in or otherwise engages with the moving images. Our main goal is to support Russian artists and introduce them to the international community, as well as help experimental cinema reach a wider audience.

We want to create spaces for dialogue and therefore we believe it important to enrich the intellectual context surrounding film and contemporary art instead of reducing it to univocal ideologies. This is achieved through a carefully curated program of screenings, public and educational events, where different viewpoints and voices are all welcome.

We also understand that if we want to be in tune with the ever-changing reality, we need to keep experimenting. Experiment for us is a method and not an empty label. We want to try different ways to organize horizontal teamwork, distribute responsibilities, and finance our whole endeavour. We want to find new opportunities for ethical partnerships and transparent communication with each other—and everyone who participates in the life of our festival.

At the moment, the festival structure includes international competition, Russian competition, retrospective section Close-Up, special screenings, curatorial multimedia block as well as an interdisciplinary educational programme called Extracurricular Practices.

MIEFF was founded in 2016 by Vladimir Nadein and Ekaterina Shitova.

! We stop accepting applications for 7.MIEFF !

Friends, do you remember 5.MIEFF (2020) and 6.MIEFF (2021), when the whole festival collective took risks and believed that the festival in one form or another would be possible and needed in Moscow. And how happy we were to do it with you.

This time the situation is completely different.

Every day we receive films made in 2021 and 2022 from different countries, but we do not feel that we have the strength to think about anything other than war and wish for its end. We do not know what kind of art can now cover the destroyed works of Maria Prymachenko, in a burned-out museum in the city of Ivankov in Ukraine (thanfully they were saved), what artists can quickly respond to these events. Why it is impossible to write poetry today, seems, does not need to be explained.

We have applied to ffw for refunds to those who have already submitted applications.
All refunds will be processed as account credits.

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