The slow film festival focused on the author.

MajorDocs is the first international documentary film festival in Mallorca; a space to discover other realities and other perspectives through a curated selection of documentaries and their directors.

In a time defined by the sheer excess of content, MajorDocs proposes a slow experience: a journey through eight films, each with a deep author’s gaze, that encourage us to stop, step away from our daily lives and connect with not just the other, but also with our own sensibility.

Five days to reflect, ask and discuss each film with its author in an intimate and close setting, without lecterns or pedestals. Each screening is a unique event without counterprogramming, since it is our goal to take care of each film and each author.

During the festival, renowned filmmakers and new talents share their experiences with the public. An event that will stimulate the critical eye through screenings and talks, as well as workshops and discussions on documentary cinema.

An unmissable date for anyone who enjoys looking without limits, discovering the unknown and stirring their heart.


MajorDocs goes out and looks for a creative documentary…

1. Hybrid, innovative, transgressive, adventurous.
2. Able to transcend the present and keep questioning ourselves in the future.
3. "Useless" – in which art prevails over functionality.
4. That digs deeply into the ins and outs of a complex world without staying on the surface.
5. That leaves a mark on the audience and is able to short-circuit the passive spectator.
6. In which the author’s gaze prevails over the facts.
7. Able to transcend, if the film demands for it, the limits of the classic narrative.


"With such a high level international program, having been part of MajorDocs was an authentic luxury. Despite not being able to attend due to the pandemic, I could almost feel myself physically there. I was invited to take part in a very interesting round table, and we could discuss my film during an extense and very well conducted interview. It was a very pleasant experience, and I hope to be able to attend the festival again, this time in person." Juan Palacios, filmmaker.

"MajorDocs is a great festival, made with a lot of love. Apart from having a beautiful selection of films, I could enjoy very interesting professional activities and meetings. Mallorca and documentary film festival combine wonderfully!" Carlota Bujosa, filmmaker.

"I loved the festival. The film selection was carefully curated, and the masterclasses were very enriching. It is a privilege for the island to have a festival dedicated to documentary cinema" Felipe Rico, filmmaker.

– Jury Award for Best Documentary (cash prize of 1.500 EUR)
– Audience Award for Best Documentary

5th MajorDocs Creative Documentary Film Fest - Rules and regulations

1. General information

1.1 Organization

The MajorDocs Creative Documentary Film Festival (hereinafter also referred to as “the Festival” or “MajorDocs”) is organized by El Obrador in Palma since 2019.

1.2 Objectives

MajorDocs aims to promote creative documentary with a profound artistic and experimental gaze; to offer a space for discovering other realities and perspectives through a specially curated selection of major new films from around the world; and to become a platform for supporting and connecting non-fiction authors, both renowned and new talents.

The Festival is devoted to creating an intimate and decelerated atmosphere that encourages its participants and public to reflect, question, discuss, stimulate the critical eye and connect with ‘the other’ as well as with one’s own sensibility.

1.3 Dates

The 5th edition of MajorDocs - Creative Documentary Film Festival will take place in Palma from October 3-7, 2023.

An eventual cancellation of the 5th edition of the Festival by effect of law, decree or regulation issued by local, State or international authorities in the context of a situation of force majeure or emergency (including, but not limited to, situations resulting from an epidemic or pandemic) shall result in the cancellation of all and/or the majority of the screenings and activities of the edition and shall render all contractual obligations of the MajorDocs Creative Documentary Film Festival null and void.

Even where no such law, decree or regulation is issued by a competent authority, the Festival may at any time and when required by circumstances beyond its control, for reasons of urgency, necessity or of safeguarding preeminent public or private interests, amend the format of the 5th edition of MajorDocs (including, but not exclusively, by digital alternatives or reduction of the program) or cancel the 5th edition of MajorDocs and thus automatically rescind with immediate effect any contract or agreement with the participant or participants of a film or films selected.

In all the eventualities mentioned, the Festival undertakes to promptly inform all the participants of the submitted/ invited films. In such cases the registration fees and other compensations will not be reimbursed and/or become due.

2. Sections and competitions

The Festival is composed of a single section which is open to submissions:

– International Documentary Competition

Feature-length documentary or hybrid film over 60 minutes in length that is a World, International, European, Spanish or Balearic Islands premiere at MajorDocs is eligible for the International competition. An international jury will select the winner of the grand prix. Special mentions are also given out occasionally. Rough cuts and incomplete projects are not accepted.

3. Prizes and juries

Competitors are eligible for two awards:

a) Jury award

A Jury composed of three personalities from the world of cinema and culture will award the Best Documentary award. The prize is a cash prize of 1.500 euros and goes to the director(s) of the winning film. In addition to the prize the juries are free to hand out Special Mentions.

Jury award winners are selected on the basis of three major criteria: success and innovation in the realization of the project’s concept; originality and relevance of subject matter and approach; and overall artistic and technical proficiency. Competitors can check the Festival Manifesto to find out more about MajorDocs philosophy.

b) Audience Award

During the festival, MajorDocs audiences vote for their favourite documentary feature film to win the Audience Award.
The Jury award winning film will be screened at the next immediate edition of the Menorca Doc Fest, as part of a collaboration between both festivals.

Both Audience and Jury Award-winning films may have additional screenings throughout the weeks that follows the Festival as part of partner events and/or special screenings organised by the Festival in the Balearic Islands.

4. Elegibility

a) Submission to the festival is open to all creative documentaries over 60 minutes shot in any format.

b) Films must have been completed after June 1, 2022 to be eligible for selection. Projects completed after November 1, 2022 will be prioritized.

c) Films selected must not have been previously released in the Balearic Islands prior to the official presentation at MajorDocs. Special preference is given to Spanish premieres.

d) Films available on the Internet, broadcast on television or commercially released on VOD, DVD, Blu-Ray or any other format in Spain before October 2023 are not eligible for inclusion, except by special provision of the festival team.

e) Films previously submitted to the festival that were not selected will not be reconsidered for the subsequent year, unless by special provision of the festival team.

5. Submission

5.1 Entry form

Submissions are entered at the online platform FilmFreeway:

5.2 Submission deadline

The submission deadline for selection purposes, which means the deadline for the festival office to receive all required submission materials, is April 21, 2023. The festival is not obliged to view entries that are received after this date.

5.3 Fee

All submissions are subject to the payment of entry fees during the online submission process. Entries are confirmed upon acknowledgement of receipt of these fees. The fee varies according to the chosen deadline:

• Earlybird Deadline (March 10, 2023): 10.00 EUR
• Regular Deadline (April 1, 2023): 15.00 EUR
• Late Deadline (April 21, 2023): 20.00 EUR

Incomplete or misleading entries will not be considered. In case of cancellation of the submission, the registration fee will not be reimbursed.

5.4 Language and subtitles

All films must be submitted in the original language with English subtitles. For pre-selection, English-language films do not require subtitles.

5.5 Format

Format options for submitted films are strictly digital. DVDs or USB keys will not be accepted. Screener link with a password, if required, must be valid until September 1, 2023.

5.6 Participation

The submission and participation of a film in the Festival imply acceptance of the Rules and Regulations for participation. In any unforeseen eventuality, the decision of the Festival Directorship is final.

5.7 Notification

Selected films will be notified by September 1, 2023 at the latest. Due to high number of submissions, we are unable to provide any personal feedback in case of non-selection.

6. Selected films

6.1 Inclusion in the program

By submitting your film for consideration for the 5th edition of MajorDocs, you are agreeing to make the film available for potential multiple screenings during the festival.

After being extended an official invitation to participate, films cannot be withdrawn after September 1, 2023. Selected films may not be screened at any other festival or public event taking place in the Balearic Islands prior to the official screening at MajorDocs.

6.2 Subtitling

Films will be screened in their original-language version. Spanish-language films will be screened with English subtitles. English-language films will be screened with Spanish subtitles. If the original language is neither Spanish nor English, films will be screened subtitled simultaneously in Spanish and English. English subtitles will be provided by the right holders. Spanish subtitles will be provided by the Festival only if the right holders or film representatives can’t provide them.

6.3 Screening deliveries

The Festival must receive, for translation purposes:

a) ProRes 422 file of the final version of the film without subtitles. Audio channels must be separated. Quality must be the highest available. This file is not mandatory for Spanish-language films.

b) Timecoded English subtitle file (.SRT) for the entire film.

c) If available, timecoded Spanish subtitle file (.SRT) for the entire film. This file is not mandatory for Spanish-language films.

d) Digital H264 (.mov or .mp4) file of the final version of the film, without subtitles.

e) Spanish-language films must provide DCP with English subtitles on the print.

The Festival encourages digital delivery of the materials, preferably via a downloadable link. Should the film need to be delivered physically, detailed shipping instructions along with all needed information will be communicated.

The requested materials should be sent as soon as possible upon acceptance of the official invitation, but no later than August 1, 2023, unless otherwise agreed upon with the Festival. Spanish-language films can send the DCP no later than September 1, 2023. All rights holders and/or film representatives are urged to respect the deadline for providing all requested materials to the Festival.

6.4 Catalog and press materials

In order to compile the festival catalog, website and other publicity channels, for each selected film the festival must receive the following materials:

a) At least three different 300 dpi resolution film stills.

b) One 300 dpi resolution photo of the director(s).

c) Trailer and/or teaser.

d) Official poster, in 300 dpi resolution. Big format (100x70 cm) preferred.

c) Synopsis no longer than 600 characters including spaces.

d) Director's filmography and his or her biography no longer than 600 characters including spaces.

e) Full credits, including original title, English title, country/countries of production, year of production, premiere status, format, film runtime, director, production company, producer, sales company, screenplay, cinematography, editing, production design, sound, music, principal cast.

f) Other information and materials requested by the Festival.

The requested materials should be sent as soon as possible upon acceptance of the invitation, but no later than August 1, 2023, unless otherwise agreed upon with the Festival. The Festival accepts no liability if its publications reproduce inaccuracies included in the submitted materials.

6.5 Publicity

Directors, producers, and distributors of participating and awarded films in MajorDocs competition undertake to make mention in their publicity and advertising materials (posters, press-kits, trailers, website, etc.) of the selection and winning of a prize at MajorDocs Creative Documentary Film Fest. The official logos of the prizes will be supplied by the Festival. The logo must not under any circumstances be modified or altered without the prior permission of the Festival.

6.6 Travel and accommodation

Each film participating will be represented by the director of the film. The Festival undertakes to provide travel and accommodation only for these representatives in accordance with its hospitality regulations. MajorDocs requests directors to take part in the film Q&A, industry sessions or similar events during this time.

7. Shipment

7.1 Shipping instructions

Detailed screening copy shipping information will follow the acceptance of the film.

The sender is requested to inform the festival about the means of dispatch, date of shipment, and the airway bill number. The film must be sent prepaid by the sender. No collect shipments will be accepted unless authorized by the festival. The festival will only pay for the return transportation charges, excluding any additional costs for tax and custom clearance in the country of return.

To avoid delays and customs fees, international parcels containing screening formats and other related materials should be labelled, “No commercial value. For cultural purposes only”. If sending via international courier service, customs charges and other taxes must be paid for by the sender. This must be stipulated on the shipping invoice.

7.2 Screening copy return

All screening copies will be returned within four weeks after the festival. It is the responsibility of each participant to inform the festival in due time about any change in the details of the return address as well as the desired date of arrival at the return address. In case there is no confirmation of the address within two weeks after the festival the screening copy will be returned to the print source of the film as listed with the original submission. The festival is not liable for any inconvenience this may cause.

8. Insurance

The insurance for screening copies comes into effect the moment the film has arrived at the festival office or has been received by the shipping agent at Palma de Mallorca Airport. The insurance remains in effect until the film is reshipped. In case of damage to or loss of a screening copy during the festival, the festival is only responsible for the costs involved in making a new screening copy or replacing the damaged reel or reels based on the current laboratory rates for ordering a standard print.

Any claims or queries arising from the return of a film sent to the Festival must reach the Festival by e-mail ( no later than five days after the film has been received: no claims can be dealt with after such time. The insurance does not cover any damage during normal screening use.

The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations.

The present version is valid from November 3, 2021 and may be modified by the MajorDocs Creative Documentary Film Festival at any time.

MajorDocs © November 2023

Overall Rating
  • Macià Florit Campins

    Self-described as a "slow film festival", Majordocs really gives both the audience and the filmmakers that extra time we miss in our everyday life to watch, think, discuss and meet around an exquisite film selection. You'll never regret visiting this beautiful festival and its friendly team of extraordinary people, who understand filmmaking as a way of living and loving.

    November 2021
  • A very special festival, made by very sensitive people. Each documentary is given its place for discussion. Such a good energy between organizers and filmmakers. The festival is great.

    November 2021
  • Yrsa Fannberg

    Highly recommended festivals, lots of good things came out of it. Obvious that they love film, great selection and excellent professional and good communication. Gutted I could not go because of the pandemic. I consider MajorDocs to be part of my cinematic family.

    February 2021