Born from the desire to create a distinct, sophisticated hybrid festival experience (both online and in-person) among an ocean of ordinary alternatives, it has quickly garnered attention. With a globally distributed team of dedicated and passionate individuals, the festival has made a mark with its commitment to showcasing the unique narratives of independent cinema.

In line with its tagline, the primary criterion for MAGMA’s awards is the impact of the film. The jury looks for films that can cause a stir, that can wake up audiences and cause them to reflect on, and perhaps even challenge, their perspectives. This focus on impact is multi-dimensional, encompassing both the immediate emotional response a film may evoke and the potential long-term effects on its audience's worldview. The festival thus values films that possess the power to erupt a metaphorical volcano of reactions and thoughts, ultimately aiming to awaken a generation to new concepts and ideas.

Principal criterion being that the films make a significant impact, whether through pure entertainment or by conveying profound societal messages.

The MAGMA Film Festival has carved out a unique niche within the film industry by focusing on independent filmmakers who often struggle to gain visibility in larger festivals like Cannes, Toronto, or Sundance. By offering a timely, supportive, and inclusive platform, MAGMA has made a substantial impact in the independent film community.

Main Competition:
Best Narrative Feature Film (45 mins on)
Best Narrative Film (20 to 45 mins)
Best Narrative Short Film (5 to 20 mins)
Best Narrative Micro Short (up to 5 mins)
Best Series or Pilot Episode
Best Feature Screenplay (written 45 pages on)
Best Short Screenplay (written up to 45 pages)
​Best TV Script
Best Animated Film
Best Student Film
Best Experimental Film
Best Feature Documentary (45 mins on)
Best Short Documentary (up to 45 mins)

Narrative Division 2 & Genre Competition:
Best Queer
Best Dance or Poetic Film
Best Low-Budget Film
Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best Action, Sci-Fi or Fantasy
Best Horror
Best Thriller

Technical Division:
Best Directing
Best Newcomer Director
Best Original Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Editing & Sound
Best CGI & VFX
Best Original Score
Best Production Design
Best Makeup & SFX

​​​Performative Division:
Best Ensemble Cast
​​​Performative Division Continued
​Best Lead Actor
Best Lead Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress

Animation Competition:
Best Animated Film
Best Character Design
Best Animated World Building
Best Original Animation Style
Best CGI & VFX

Documentary Competition:
Best Feature Documentary (45 mins on)
Best Short Documentary (up to 45 mins)
Best Documentary Directing
Best Documentary Cinematography
Best Documentary Editing & Sound
Best World Documentary

New Media Competition:
Nest New Media (Ad Films, Fashion Films, Fan Films, Live-Recorded Media, Film Trailers, Podcasts)
Best Original Podcast
Best Music Video
Best Original Song
Best Music Video Artist
Best Commercial Directing
Best Commercial Cinematography
Best Commercial Scenography

Copyright Ownership: By submitting your work to the MAGMA Film Festival, you affirm that all components of your project, including music, fonts, visuals, and any other elements, are either your intellectual property or, if you're acting as a distributor, you have secured explicit permission from the copyright holder. Your work must be cleared for festival exhibition globally and in perpetuity.

Promotional Use: You grant MAGMA Film Festival the right to use stills, short clip fragments, and other relevant materials from your film for promotional, educational, and documentation purposes on the festival's official platforms, including its website, social media channels, and other promotional mediums.

Film Access: You allow the festival director and authorized personnel to download your film, ensuring streamlined offline evaluation, festival programming, and curation procedures.

Virtual Screening Consent: By submitting, you agree to the encrypted and password-protected public exhibition of your film during the designated festival period. This ensures broader accessibility while maintaining security.

IMDb Updates: While MAGMA will endeavor to update awards and nominations on your IMDb pages, the festival is not responsible for generating new film pages if they don't already exist.

​Professionalism: All participants, including filmmakers, crew, and attendees, are expected to uphold a high standard of professional and respectful behavior throughout the festival duration.
​Feedback Mechanism: While MAGMA values every submission, personalized feedback for each entry may not be provided unless specifically opted for through designated channels.

​Non-Refundable Policy: Submission fees are final and non-refundable, irrespective of the outcome or status of your film within the festival.

Award Consideration: A single submission fee ensures your film is evaluated across all pertinent festival award categories, optimizing its potential recognition.

Multiple Film Entries: Film production teams or individuals may submit more than one project within the same festival year.

Resubmission Guidelines: Films submitted during a particular MAGMA festival edition cannot be resubmitted in subsequent editions.

​Exhibition Limitations: Being nominated or selected doesn't guarantee immediate or full screening on MAGMA's platforms.

Discount Waivers: Discounted entry fees are available for student and disabled filmmakers. In rare cases, based on the festival's discretion, complete fee waivers may be granted.

Communication: Upon submission to MAGMA, you agree to be added to our newsletter and mailing list for updates and information.

​Selection Clarification: Submission to MAGMA doesn't automatically grant the film an 'Official Selection' status.
​Accurate Credits: You confirm that the credits list provided with your submission is thorough and accurate.

Festival Discretion: MAGMA reserves the right to disqualify any film based on set criteria, ensuring the festival's integrity and reputation.

Language Policy: Films can be submitted in either English or Spanish without subtitles. For films in other languages, accompanying English or Spanish subtitles are mandatory. Only English or Spanish screenplays are accepted.


Newsletter and Promotional Communications Opt-In: By submitting an entry to our film festival, you agree to be automatically included in our mailing list.

Opting Out: At any time, recipients can choose to opt-out of our electronic communications.

Data Protection: All personal information provided will be safeguarded per relevant data protection regulations.

Policy Updates: MAGMA retains the right to adjust this Privacy Policy based on evolving needs and legal stipulations.

Contact: If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy Clause, please feel free to contact us at

​You agree to have read and accepted MAGMA's rules, regulations and code of conduct.

Overall Rating
  • Deitra Wilson

    They were great to work with, fantastic communication.

    April 2024
  • I really enjoyed working with this festival and their team. Thank you for awarding my film "Managed Agenda" with two award nominations for best Editing/Sound Design and Best Low-Zero Budget Film. Looking forward to entering my next project. Film can be viewed on the "Dunamis Film Studios" app, just download it for free.

    December 2023
  • One of the best Festivals today across the board! Thank you guys for your support, professionalism and the awards. They mean a world to us.

    December 2023
  • Anne Furlong

    Thank you so much for recognizing my work The Men of Mercy. It has been one of the highlights of my year. I want to especially thank Sebastian L. for the constant support and contact.

    November 2023
  • Curtis Mcneil

    Thanks for the appreciation MAGMA!!!!!!

    October 2023