Luanda International Pan-African Film Festival (LUANDA PAFF) is an annual film event in the capital city of the Republic of Angola that celebrates the Angolan and Pan-African cinema and screens films produced in Africa and its diaspora from all over the world; founded in October 2019 by Ne Kunda Nlaba Film Producer, Director and Film Professor of Kongo Bizizi Academy, the Pan African Film Institute. The festival was meant to be launched in 2020 but was delayed by the pandemic of Covid19.

The festival is organized by Kongo Bizizi Academy, the Pan African Film Institute, in partnership with Afrika Bizizi Distribution, the film distribution company.

Luanda International Pan-African Film Festival (LUANDA PAFF) aims to contribute to the development of the Angolan and African film industry by:
- Connecting the Angolan audience with the African cinema providing days of film screenings of national and African films in the capital city of Luanda;
- Creating a film market platform for national and African films;
- Organising networking events that connect Angolan filmmakers with filmmakers from around the world through film branches, conferences, workshops, masterclasses, and training.

The film award will be the most prestigious gala where the academy will award filmmakers, actors, and films in competition in the festival for each edition.
In addition, the jury will also recognize some filmmakers for their lifetime achievements and career in film.
The jury will give awards to films in the following categories: the best short film, best feature film, best documentary, best drama series, best film director, best cinematography, best actor, best actress, etc.
Luanda PAFF also introduces three special categories, including:
- Kwanza Awards: Kwanza Awards is a Luanda PAFF recognition given to the outstanding film of the festival. The jury will select one movie among all the films submitted, regardless of the genre. Kwanza Awards is the highest prize of the festival.

- Kimpa Vita Awards: Luanda PAFF introduced this award in honor of Kimpa Vita, an African revolutionary young woman from the Kingdom of Kongo at the beginning of the 18th century. Luanda PAFF will give this award to one film that raises African revolution, awareness, and consciousness subjects.

- Ndinga Awards: The Best Film in African Language Award. Luanda PAFF will give this award to the best film in the African language. Ndinga in Kikongo means language, and the Ndinga award aims to encourage African filmmakers to produce films fully in the African language.

LUANDA PAFF accept films of any genres (drama, comedy, horror, adventure, animation, romance, science fiction, experimental, etc.) made by African filmmakers living in Africa and from all over the world, including Afro descent.
LUANDA PAFF accepts features, shorts and web series; narratives and documentaries.
Films made outside of the African continent are welcome as long as the story is about the African community within the diaspora.
We prefer films that depicts positive or realistic images.
All submissions must have Portuguese subtitles. If we exceptionally accept film in English or French without Portuguese subtitles as our selection team is multilingual but if selected, Filmmakers must submit a version with Portuguese subtitles. Selected Filmmakers who have issues producing Portuguese subtitles can arrange this with the festival team.

All entries must be received no later than the appropriate entry deadline they were submitted under. Additional entry fees will be required if not received by the appropriate deadline. Entries received with incomplete information and/or missing Fee Payments will not be considered.
Films submitted in the incorrect Category and/or submitted as a Short Length Film but having a total runtime that is equal to that of a Feature Length Film, will be disqualified from consideration.

Narrative Feature = 60+ minutes
Narrative Short = 59 or less minutes
Documentary Feature = 60+ minutes
Documentary Short = 59 or less minutes
Animation Feature = 60+ Minutes
Animation Short = 59 or less minutes
Drama series= any duration

Overall Rating

    Feliz por ter apresentado o meu documentário “Jeanne Duval belle d’abandon“ em Angola. Obrigado.

    December 2023
  • Ric Murphy

    I cannot begin to explain how HUMBLED I am …a kid from Massachusetts to learn that he descends from two of the first Africans (Angolans) to arrive in English America in 1619 in Point Comfort Virgina …to then write a book about his documented ancestors …then do a documentary on their historic journey …to then become an award winner documentarian at the Luanda (Angola) Film Festival. I am truly at a loss of words …and trying to take it all in. This is my story …this is my ancestor’s journey. As the tears of my ancestors come streaming down my cheeks, I just had to say THANK YOU.

    December 2023
  • Daniela Vieitas

    This festival meant a lot to us: not only because we had two films selected (Nzila Ngola and Um sopro no quintal), but, more important, because it took place in Luanda and it is very encouraging to have an international festival in Angola. The sessions took place in different places of the city and the periphery and that was very positive. We had the opportunity to be present at two sessions and everything was very well organized, with an excellent variety of moments.
    Thank you Luanda PAFF

    December 2022