The 7th Edition of the Lake International PanAfrican Film Festival is here. With the call for entries from 1st March to 20th June 2022. Over the years, the festival has provided a great platform for exchange, networks and collaboration through its various activities. Hosted outside the main Capital, it has also engaged many of the filmmakers and filmlovers on tourism, making the Festival a great holiday experience. In 2020 and 2021, due to the Pandemic, the Festival took place Online with a high global attendance than has been witnessed in the Festival and in Local Festivals, thus setting LIPFF as the Festival of Choice for African Stories, African Languages and African Films. We hope, with time, we will be ultimate stop for African Foreign Languages Films for International Global Emmy and Oscar Awards.

The 7th Edition of LIPFF 2022 is open for Films in any African native language with English subtitles made in Africa. The Festival accepts short films (3-40 minutes), Feature films (41> minutes), documentaries/docudramas, animation and student films (30> minutes). For student films, the name of the institution MUST be included.

The Festival Theme for 2022 is: Film for Peace

This year, the Festival will be a hybrid of both Physical and Online Activities namely: Film screenings. Workshops, Panel Discussions, Open Forums, Excursions and the Gala Awards Ceremony.

The Festival will take place in Nakuru County.

The Awards will be awarded on merit and Jury's decision is final.

Any films that do not meet the following requirements will be automatically disqualified. The entry requirements have been revised to increase eligibility. kindly adhere.
1. All films must have been created in Africa by Africans (with at least 70% of cast and crew of African origin).
2. Short and feature films both accepted. (Shorts should be between 3-40minutes. Features should be 41 minutes and above.)
3. Student FEATURE film category accepts feature films that are 30 minutes and above. The name of the institution MUST be included in the credits.
4. All films MUST be DOMINANTLY in any African Native Languages including Swahili. Anglophone, Sheng and Pidgin are also accepted as native African Languages.
5. All films MUST therefore have English translation subtitles.
6. Every producer/director/group/company is only allowed a maximum of two film entries per season.
7. All films to be submitted in HD Quality in both Mp4 or movie file. All films should be submitted with a trailer together with the film.
8. All films must be submitted before the deadlines. For Late Submission kindly contact the organisers for any extensions, which is always not more than 10 days after deadline and costs an extra fee.
9. All entries must be original works of the persons submitting. The LIPFF Festival Committee and Organizers will not be accountable for any copyright infringements.
10. The producers should ensure they have copyright agreement for any songs/music/sounds used in the film with the owners/producers/creators/authorities of the songs/music/sounds.
11. All films submitted must be classified appropriately by the classifying body from the country of origin. The films that will be selected for screening in Kenya will need to be classified by the Kenya Film Classification Board.
12. Films that will be selected for screening in Kenya, will require the filmmakers to ensure the films are classified by the Kenya Film Classification Board at least 2 weeks before the Festival Dates to enable scheduling in the Festival Programme.
13. The Festival organisers reserve the right to change the screening venues and timings at their discretion as suits the Festival, this will however be affected by the filmmakers respect to screening guidelines like film classification et al.
14. All submissions should have both email and telephone contacts of the producers, and MUST indicate country of origin of the film.
15. All entries to be submitted are believed to have been submitted with a clear understanding of all the rules and regulations of the Festival herewith, thus the organisers and Festival Jury shall not be held liable for any disagreements between the producers and their partners.
16. Submission to the Festival is regarded as acceptance to all the terms and conditions of the Festival.
17. If you have any questions kindly send us an email to: or

All films should grant permission to be downloadable. All nominees/Finalists will not be contacted for download permission for purposes of public screenings. This year we shall have a Virtual Festival and films will be streamed to a private audience, the audience have to register to watch on our selected platform, and thereafter a Q & A with the filmmakers. For Physical Screenings, it will be free to the audience in attendance.

All nominated films are eligible for screening at the festival subject to classification by the Kenya Film Classification Board, and the jury's discretion.

Overall Rating
  • Jabari Dreams Of Freedom

    We were so excited to be a part of the festival, and to have our work nominated was a plus! While we were not able to travel to Africa for the festival, the festival did a great job of making sure we were clear how to travel from the States, and answered all of our questions as we were attempting to plan to come. We were so excited to see the social media events in our feed, and so wish we could've gone. Still, it was great to virtually be a part of the experience. Thank you!

    November 2022
  • Jade Pictures

    All i can say is Tufanye Hii Kitu

    November 2022
  • Xolisa Mpafa

    Covid is boring. Let's hope in 2022 it will be gone

    December 2021
    Response from festival:

    Covid is indeed boring. 2022 we are back to Nakuru, live and real with a bang! Hope to see you there.

  • lydia matata

    Proud to have won the Jury award at LIPFF 2021. The music was lit, the atmosphere was warm. A wonderful experience.

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for the compliments. Congratulations and hope to see you again in the coming years.

  • Philippe Talavera

    I'm proud our film 'Kapana' was selected in the Human Rights category - despite de fact censorship banned it from Kenya. I couldn't attend, the festival was accommodating with a virtual panel. Communication was excellent and the team in charge was fantastic. LIPFF is a top African Festival.

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Philippe. Hope to see you in the next editions and welcome to Kenya.