Amnesty International Kenya in partnership with Legacy Arts Film Lab presents
The 2019 Student Short Film Challenge at Lake International Pan African Film Festival
The Theme: Ongeza Volume, Comrade Hayuko Safe!
This theme is informed by a research conducted by Amnesty International Kenya between June and August 2019, sampling 760 students from across 54 Universities and colleges in the 47 Counites of Kenya.
Findings indicate that youth in institutions of higher learning are at increasing risk of abuse as a result of unaffordable school fees, excessive use of force by the police, unfair disciplinary actions, restricted access to information, gender-based/intimate partner violence and low-quality education. The right to fair trial especially during disciplinary cases within universities came out as a key area of concern. According to students “before the senate you are guilty until proven innocent”. Additionally, unaffordable school fees, coupled with peer pressure especially “the fear of missing out” leads to increased crime, prostitution, betting and other forms of survival tactics.
While students desire to “do something” about this unsafe and degrading environment, most of them lack a platform through which they can participate, and support by Human Rights organization and the school administration is often minimal.
Overall, students lack confidence and AGENCY - the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices - and this puts them at risk of abuse and exploitation. The students trying to protest or defend others are mostly targeted for censorship, victimization and unfair disciplinary actions, while students' leaders are often compromised through perks and favors.
Safety and dignity for youth in institutions of higher learning is not just physical safety from harm, but also includes freedom from (psychological) torture, cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment and punishment.
This film challenge calls upon students to creatively address the of issues presented above, and to come up with compelling short films that challenge the status quo, provoke introspection and enable thought provoking action-oriented campaigns that enable change within our institutions of higher learning.

The Awards will be awarded on merit and on voting. We will have exciting prizes to be won on the following Awards

1. Best Fiction Film
2. Best Documentary Film
3. People's Choice Award


Any films that do not meet the following requirements will be automatically disqualified. The entry requirements have been revised to increase eligibility. kindly adhere.
1. All films must have been created in Africa by Africans (with at least 70% of cast and crew of African origin).
2. The theme for this year is Ongeza Volume, Comrade Hayuko Safe!
3. The film must be 3 minutes.
4. The film can be in any Genre, fiction or documentary.
5. The film can be in any African language including Swahili or Sheng and should have English subtitles. Films shot in full English will be disqualified.
6. All films MUST therefore have English translation subtitles.
7. The film should be shot on phones, but can be edited on any software.
8. The person submitting must present evidence that they or their group are a student within an institution of higher learning in Kenya.
9. Name of institution must be indicated and name of supervising lecturer. (Kindly note, this is just for verification purposes, but all awards go to the students.)
10. Opening date is 1 Set 2019, closing date 5th October.
11. Notification of nominees will be done by 31st October 2019
12. All films to be submitted on
13. Every producer/director/group/company is only allowed a maximum of two film entries per season.
14. All films should be submitted with a trailer of 15 seconds together with the film.
15. All entries must be original works of the persons submitting.
16. All submissions MUST be classified appropriately by the kENYA FILM CLASSIFICATION BOARD (KFCB). The LIPFF Festival Committee and Organizers will not be accountable for any copyright infringements.
17. The producers should ensure they have copyright agreement for any songs/music/sounds used in the film with the owners/producers/creators/authorities of the songs/music/sounds.
18. All entries to be submitted are believed to have been submitted with a clear understanding of all the rules and regulations of the Festival herewith, thus the organisers and Festival Jury shall not be held liable for any disagreements between the producers and their partners.
19. By submitting to the Festival, the producers/authors give permission to screen publicly the said films for free and thus allow for audience involvement in watching and voting within the LIPFF Platforms. The NOMINATED Films shall be subjected to public voting.
19. If you have any questions kindly send us an email to:

All films should grant permission to be downloadable. All nominees/Semi finalists will not be contacted for download permission for purposes of public screenings. Nakuru doesn't have very liable data connection to allow for live streaming, thus the films have to be downloaded for purposes of the screenings.
All nominated films must be screened to the public for free during the LIPFF Festival, where we have all day screenings of all nominated and some selected films.
We shall also upload the films on our sites for public voting purposes. We shall however not sell or be involved in any business transactions regarding your film without your written permission.

Kindly visit the website for more details.

Overall Rating
  • The experience was awesome. I loved it. I'll definitely be a part of other competitions that are forthcoming.
    Keep it up.

    December 2019
  • Roybevan kusimba

    So helpful.. Hope next time you will have more awards for student phone competition..3 awards were not enough!
    Have best cinematophy, sound, directing...etc

    December 2019
  • Great Festival ! Thanks for all !!

    December 2019

    the best ,well organized and the workshops are very informative ,can't wait for the coming year .

    November 2019
  • It is Perfect Festival in Nakuru Thanks so Much

    November 2019