UPDATE: Back by popular demand until October 12th, THE SHORT FILM and SCREENPLAY CATEGORY ARE BACK!

THE L.A. NEO NOIR GOLD EXPERIENCE and THE L.A. NEO NOIR PLATINUM EXPERIENCE are available for all official selections and official participants of The 2020 L.A. Neo Noir Novel Film, and Script Festival. If you entered your neo noir project in our festival by October 12th AND you received a letter of acceptance of your project as an official selection of our festival, you may enter your neo noir project in one of these categories for a limited time. The details of these packages can be found in the letter sent to you.

This festival is no longer accepting submissions from the general public. The information of categories below is simply for archival documentation purposes:


For a limited time enter our SCRIPT TO COMIC BOOK CATEGORY. We'll make every submission in this category into a comic book. See the script to comic book category for details.

ALSO, IMPORTANT NEWS FOR ALL WRITERS AND TRAILERS AS OF 08/19/2020: While it is true we will be making a trailer for every writing submission, only writing submissions submitted by September 14th will include live actor voice overs.


1. Your entry fee for this year's festival waives your entry fee for next year's festival, which will take place in a major Hollywood theater! Enter now, submit FREE next year. That's two festivals for the price of one! See our exhaustive list of five star reviews on lanneff.com to realize how much you want to enter this festival twice.

2. Last year's audience was over 200 people in a sold out crowd at L.A.'s Downtown Independent Theater. This year's online festival has OVER ONE THOUSAND artists, producers, and distribution entities who have expressed interest in this year's online festival: that's FIVE TIMES more eyes on your work than last year.

3. Carey Westbrook and his top notch L.A. Neo Noir associates have co-produced numerous webisode series this year, including the highly successful RATE MY WEEKNIGHT, as seen on lanneff.com and the upcoming webisode series, Death Hole Sweeties!

EVERY writer who enters the MAKE MY NEO NOIR WEBISODE competition will have 24 webisodes of their writing FULLY produced into an animated webisode series that they can screen on their own youtube channel and the top five will have their first episodes screened and promoted by LANNEFF.COM! The top five will also receive consultation, marketing strategies, and networking opportunities from our festival director, Carey Westbrook.

Recent events, for the first time in our festival's eight year history, have persuaded us to hold this year's festival online. That being said...



It has been hailed by L.A. Weekly as the festival with "THE WORLD'S SEXIEST DARKEST CRIME SHORT FILMS." From Friday, May 30th to Sunday, June 1st, LIVE FROM DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES, lanneff.com in association with deathholesweeties.com will be screening THE 2020 L.A. NEO NOIR, NOVEL, FILM, AND SCRIPT FEST 8 (LANNEFF)!

This festival is brought to you by Carey Westbrook and Associates, whose students include the Academy Award nominated producers of Blue Valentine, A Place Beyond The Pines, Men of Honor, The Hate U Give, and so much more. Westbrook has also worked with numerous Academy Award nominated actors, including Ryan Gosling, Joaquin Phoenix, and Michelle Williams.

This year's festival once again features our favorite sponsor: SMG Films, the premiere online / airline distributor of neo noir full length and short films, as well as a launching pad for the world's best neo noir actors, actresses, and screenwriters. SMG is once again interested in our select group of winners from this year's festival and, based on our recommendations, they will be approaching that select few with online distribution opportunities!

This year, we will also premiere TWO exciting webisode series produced by lanneff.com in connection with deathholesweeties.com, on youtube, facebook, and many other social media sites. Death Hole Sweeties, starring last year's Best Femme Fatale winners, Miss Russian L.A. Katherine Pegova and Tracy Ann Chapel.

These two amazing starlets were discovered at our festival last year, and with many PAID leading roles still available in our series, it is our hope that we will bring to the neo noir world even more great femme fatales and handsome P.I.'s, that is, actors and actresses like YOU!!

See one of many short webisode series co-produced by Westbrook on facebook right now, like the hit webisode game show RATE MY WEEKNIGHT at lanneff.com:

To be a guest on our upcoming game show / talk show FANTASTIC FEMME FATALES, you need to be an actress or female producer with a current LANNEFF festival entry. Let us know if you would like to be a guest on our show and we will send the details.

In keeping with this new online tech world we find ourselves in, a revolutionary new category has been added to our festival. We have teamed up with L.A.'s top video game makers to create The L.A. Neo Noir Video Game Award, where your film, script, novel, or short story will have it's own promotional video game. Everyone who enters this category will have a video game made, inspired by their submission, and we will feature the winner, along with the top five runner-ups on our website and in our festival. L.A. Neo Noir has got game...literally! See the L.A. Neo Noir Video Game Award category for details.

Another new category we have is The Best Neo Noir Quarantine Story, with an entry fee as low as $5.00 for gold members and $10 for non gold members. Filmmakers and writers both may submit. Your story may be one to ten minutes or pages. One room location, one character (people on the phone, TV, computer, outside, etc. is fine) and no more than ten lines of dialogue. We will reward the winner and runners up with a prize to be determined by our sponsors.

L.A. Neo Noir also boasts the same old people coming back for the 3nd, 4th, and 5th time! How is that a good thing? L.A. Neo Noir has the highest number of return screenwriters, more than any other festival, because most of our festival screenwriters come back the very next year with fully produced films based on their previously recognized screenplays. Amazing screenwriters, like Diana Lee Woody and David J. Schroeder, have returned with their neo noir masterpiece fully produced films featuring well known stars. See Woody's "A Menacing Proposal" and Schroeder's "This Modern Man is Beat." Look at exhaustively long list of previous winners on lanneff.com to see the point being made here: L.A. Neo Noir Festival is so good you have to do it again and again and again...and again!!

Starting Friday, October 30th, at 6pm sharp, the showcase of indie neo noir films from L.A. and around the world begins. Numerous cash prizes, a trip for selected winners to Escape Room L.A., and the pride and joy of seeing your work online, while being offered cash contracts and prizes for your talent, is what you can expect when you're a part of LANNEFF.

We fully produce animated trailers on all screenplay, novel, short story submissions, and present the best 25 as film fest selections. We also give you a copy of your trailer to use in any way you see fit. Whether you win or lose, whether you are selected or not, you get a produced trailer for your writing within three months after the festival and we promote that trailer on our website. No other film festival or screenplay / writing festival IN THE ENTIRE WORLD does that.

We have exciting neo noir networking events in place that have reaped benefits for ALL of our past participants. Last year we did the Downtown L.A. Neo Noir premiere of Robin Wright's directorial debut, THE DARK OF NIGHT. We have many guests you'll recognize from film and TV this year, but the most important celebrity of this upcoming Halloween weekend will be YOU.

Our objective: celebrate, showcase, AND sell the work of the greatest independent unknown neo noir filmmakers and writers from L.A. and around the world. We have done this successfully SEVEN times. This eighth time plus YOU equals neo noir magic!

Join us online in the comfort and safety of your own home. Selected winners enjoy a $100 cash prize, a distribution deal, a paid webisode series deal, a virtual or live action trip to Escape Room L.A., and many other prizes. So get that amazing neo noir work ready. Get your entry fee, get your best neo noir monologue, film, and story ready, and get ready to make 2020 the best year of neo noir ever. If you love L.A. neo noir, your work MUST be represented here, and you MUST be ready for your close up with the Mr. DeMille of L.A. neo noir greatness, L.A. NEO NOIR FILM, NOVEL, & SCRIPT FESTIVAL EIGHT!

Note: There are absolutely no fee waivers of any kind for any reason available for this festival. If your entire film production team cannot raise $25 to enter this festival, we recommend you google search "free film festivals," and we invite you to save your money until you raise $25 so that you may be able to enter the 2021 LA Neo Noir Novel, Film, and Script Festival. Depending on world events, those who enter our festival this year, may have a reduced fee for LANNEFF 2021 when we hope to return to live theaters, you know, when everything is back to "normal."

$100 for Best Film, $100 for Best Script, a paid webisode series offer for the best femme fatale and neo noir actor and many other prizes. Each winner will have their film in it's entirety or excerpts, if so desired, live streamed on a private link where our entire neo noir roster of neo noir producers, in the hundreds, can see their masterpiece. Carey Westbrook will offer free consultation to EVERY SINGLE person selected to participate in this festival, and selected winners will receive a distribution offer from SMG Films. See the list above regarding people who have found benefit from this consultation. It's a great list. You would do well to be on that list. In the event of a tie, tie winners agree to split prizes and awards. Every writing submission entered also receives a trailer based on their story, and each writing submission, that is an official selection, will be featured on the L.A. Neo Noir website as well, live streamed from Hollywood California.

1. 1 to 59 minutes for short films. 60 to 120 minutes for feature films. 5 to 30 pages for a short story. 60 to 100 for a novel excerpt. Two minutes maximum for all monologues and scenes by actors and actresses. Do not send any items that do not fit in these page or minute requirements. Entries fees are the same for all entries, regardless of them being films, novels, screenplays or short stories. FOR ALL WRITING SUBMISSIONS. SUBMIT PDF FILES ONLY. NO OTHER FORMAT WILL BE ACCEPTED.

1. $25.00 for all entries submitted by June 30, 2020.

2. $35.00 for all entries submitted by July 31, 2020.

3. $45.00 for all entries submitted by August 31, 2020.

4. $55.00 for all entries submitted by September 30, 2020.

6. Enter as many films and / or scripts as you like.
via youtube unlisted or vimeo private with a password.

7. Each submission must be marked with:
creator's name, phone number, title of work, email address,
and mailing address.

8. DEADLINE : All entries are due by September 30, 2020

9. Screenwriters and filmmakers will be notified of selection by email on or before October 15, 2020.

10. Prizes will be awarded for the winning script as well as winning filmmakers.

11. Winners' films and finalists' films or film excerpts will be shown online.
Excerpts from winning screenplays, novels, and other writings will be presented
as an animated short trailer at the discretion of festival producers as time permits based on the award.

12. By submitting, entrant agrees to all terms of exhibition, including screening / reading
films / scripts in their entirety as well as film screenshots and screenplay excerpts selected by festival director to be published in all festival promotional materials and publications.

13. Prizes will be announced online on our website lanneff.com Sunday, May 14, 2020.

14. By submitting to L.A. NEO NOIR FILM AND SCRIPT FEST (LANNEFF) the submitter agrees not to hold LANNEFF or anyone associated with this festival liable for any reason.

Fest submitter owns all rights, copyright, and all ownership of submitted material and has written talent release forms and permission for all talent, music, and every item shown or heard in film and or written material.

The submitted item is completely the property of he or she who submits written material and or film and the item includes no trademarked or copyrighted items not owned by fest submitter, and if the submitted film or script is found not to be the property of the submitter of such property in any way, that submitter of submitted film and or script is completely liable for any repercussions financial fines, or lawsuits that may occur from the exhibition acquisition or use in any way of such submitted items.

The submitter agrees to allow LANNEFF exclusive permission to screen, showcase, republish written material segments and film in their entirety at the festival as well as in festival promotional items and publications.

The submitter of films and or scripts for this festival agrees no actual pornography and no actual unlawful acts of any kind are exhibited in submitted films or implemented in the making of submitted material script and or film in any way. LANNEFF director retains the right to disqualify any film or script upon director's sole discretion.

All festival submitters understand and agree that no refunds of any kind will be given in regards to this fest, even in the case of disqualification.

If the fest director finds no submissions worthy of a prize, LANNEFF director reserves the right to not award any prize of any kind. If an unavoidable accident (force majeure) occurs, or there are not enough submissions received, LANNEFF director reserves the right not to present the LANNEFF.

15. There are no refunds.