It has been hailed by L.A. Weekly as the festival with "THE WORLD'S SEXIEST DARKEST CRIME SHORT FILMS." Saturday, May 26th, LIVE FROM HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD, Dave and Buster's hosts THE 2018 L.A. NEO NOIR, NOVEL, FILM, AND SCRIPT FEST 6 (LANNEFF)!

This festival is brought to you by Carey Westbrook and Associates, whose students include the Academy Award nominated producers of Blue Valentine, A Place Beyond The Pines, Men of Honor, and Soul Food. Westbrook has also worked with numerous Academy Award nominated actors, including Ryan Gosling, Joaquin Phoenix, and Michelle Williams.

Starting at 3pm sharp, the showcase of indie neo noir films from L.A. and around the world begins. Numerous cash prizes, good food, a state of the art video game arcade, a tour of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Mann's Chinese Theater Courtyard, and the pride and joy of seeing your work on the silver screen for hundreds to enjoy will be made real when you're a LANNEFF winner. We fully produce trailers based on all screenplay, novel, short story submissions, and present the best 25 as film fest selections. We also give you a copy of your trailer to use in any way you see fit. Whether you win or lose, whether you are selected or not, you get a produced trailer for your writing within a month after the festival and we promote that trailer on our website. No other film festival or screenplay / writing festival IN THE ENTIRE WORLD does that.

We have exciting neo noir networking events in place that have reaped benefits for ALL of our past participants. Special celebrity guests from the film and TV industry are scheduled to appear. Our objective: celebrate, showcase, AND sell the work of the greatest independent unknown neo noir filmmakers and writers from L.A. and around the world. We have done this successfully five times. This sixth time plus YOU equals neo noir magic!

Join us at Dave and Buster's, on Hollywood Boulevard, where we will take a tour of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, visit Mann's Chinese Theater Courtyard, see a screening of the best writing trailers and neo noir films, eat delicious food, enjoy an awards show, compete in a neo noir trivia game with many neo noir giveaways and much more. Stay for the state of the art video game arcade. Winners enjoy a $100 prize. So get that amazing neo noir work ready. Get your entry fee, get your best neo noir suit or dress ready, and your best 100 neo noir business cards. If you love L.A. neo noir, your work MUST be represented here, and you MUST be ready for your close up with the Mr. DeMille of L.A. neo noir greatness, L.A. NEO NOIR FILM, NOVEL, & SCRIPT FESTIVAL SIX!

Note: There are absolutely no fee waivers or discounted entry fees of any kind for any reason available for this festival. If your entire film production team cannot raise $25 to enter this festival, we recommend you google search "free film festivals," and we invite you to save your money until you raise $25 so that you may be able to enter the 2018 LA Neo Noir Novel, Film, and Script Festival.

$100 for Best Film, $100 for Best Script, and many other prizes. Each winner attends the show at Dave and Buster's where they will see their masterpiece on the big screen, win a plaque, a free meal, excellent networking opportunities, and a video game arcade with countless games to choose from. Every writing submission entered also receives a trailer based on their story, and each writing submission will be featured in the L.A. Neo Noir Radio Show, broadcasted live from Hollywood California. Many Hollywood industry professionals will be listening in as a scene from each winning writer's work is performed and the winners will be allowed to call in and promote their winning films and scripts.

1. 5 to 30 minutes for short films. 60 to 120 minutes for feature films. 5 to 30 pages for a short story. 60 to 100 for a novel excerpt. Two minutes maximum for all monologues and scenes by actors and actresses. Do not send any items that do not fit in these page or minute requirements. Entries fees are the same for all entries, regardless of them being films, novels, screenplays or short stories. FOR ALL WRITING SUBMISSIONS. SUBMIT PDF. FILES ONLY. NO OTHER FORMAT WILL BE ACCEPTED.

2. $25.00 for all entries submitted by November 30th, 2017.

3. $30.00 for all entries submitted by, December 31st, 2017.

4. $35.00 for all entries submitted by January 31st, 2018.

5. $40.00 for all entries submitted by February 28th, 2018.

6. Enter as many films and / or scripts as you like.
via youtube unlisted or vimeo private with a password.

7. Each submission must be marked with:
creator's name, phone number, title of work, email address,
and mailing address.

8. DEADLINE : All entries are due by February 28th, 2018

9. Screenwriters and filmmakers will be notified of selection by email on or before April 30th, 2018.

10. Prizes will be awarded for the winning script as well as winning filmmakers.

11. Winners' films and finalists' films will be shown at the festival screening.
Excerpts from winning screenplays will be read at the festival or presented
as a cartoon or live action short at the discretion of festival producers.

12. By submitting, entrant agrees to all terms of exhibition, including screening / reading
films / scripts in their entirety as well as film screenshots and screenplays segments selected by festival director to be published in festival promotional materials and publications.

13. Prizes will be awarded during the afternoon event at Dave and Buster's, May 26th, 2017.

14. By submitting to L.A. NEO NOIR FILM AND SCRIPT FEST (LANNEFF) the submitter agrees not to hold LANNEFF or anyone associated with this festival liable for any reason.

Fest submitter owns all rights, copyright, and all ownership of submitted material and has written talent release forms and permission for all talent, music, and every item shown or heard in film and or written material.

The submitted item is completely the property of he or she who submits written material and or film and the item includes no trademarked or copyrighted items not owned by fest submitter, and if the submitted film or script is found not to be the property of the submitter of such property in any way, that submitter of submitted film and or script is completely liable for any repercussions financial fines, or lawsuits that may occur from the exhibition acquisition or use in any way of such submitted items.

The submitter agrees to allow LANNEFF exclusive permission to screen, showcase, republish written material segments and film in their entirety at the festival as well as in festival promotional items and publications.

The submitter of films and or scripts for this festival agrees no actual pornography and no actual unlawful acts of any kind are exhibited in submitted films or implemented in the making of submitted material script and or film in any way. LANNEFF director retains the right to disqualify any film or script upon director's sole discretion.

All festival submitters understand and agree that no refunds of any kind will be given in regards to this fest, even in the case of disqualification.

If the fest director finds no submissions worthy of a prize, LANNEFF director reserves the right to not award any prize of any kind. If an unavoidable accident (force majeure) occurs, or there are not enough submissions received, LANNEFF director reserves the right not to present the LANNEFF.

15. There are no refunds.

Overall Rating
  • Donna Fieldhouse

    It was certainly a thrill to be nominated. I have to admit the film trailers were very unexpected. I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry as they weren’t a true representation of my stories or the hours of work taken to write them. I chose to laugh. I’m grateful that my work was selected and that I can now add this to my credits.

    July 2018
  • It was fun to be nominated.

    June 2018
  • Janet Hetherington

    I am a writer from Ottawa, Canada, and thrilled to have my "Hollywood moment" when my film noir feature screenplay, MURDER IN HIGH HEELS, was first nominated and then win an award at the 2018 festival. Thank you for spotlighting noir and recognizing works in the genre., as well as supporting diversity and new voices. This is something I will never forget.

    June 2018
  • Randy Gross

    I didn’t know how a festival dedicated to noir would react to a script that spoofed the genre … but I took a chance, and now my comedy, “The Obligatory,” was selected as an official 2018 Best Screenplay Nominee (its 4th regional/national award)! Thank you so much, L.A. Neo Noir for being so open-minded. Maybe I didn’t win a top prize, but I’m hoping the recognition will open some doors for me.

    June 2018
  • morris small

    Carey W. did a wonderful job with the L.A. Neo Noir festival. Carey was a great host, professional, kind, and added great humor. My guests were extremely thrilled about this festival and would like the opportunity to come back with me again.

    June 2018