In an age where looks and presentation are everything, the music video is almost as important as the song itself. The LA Music Video Awards recognizes the best music videos from this past year.

Nominations are open until June 15th. The finalist will be announced on June 30th and winners will be determined by a combination of industry insiders and fan votes. A red carpet, cocktail hour and awards ceremony will be held at Covina Center for the Performing Arts in Covina, California.

Each category is awarded on LA Music Video Awards trophy

Rules & Regulations

We accept credit card payments through Currency must be in US dollars.

Refund Policy: Because entries will have been processed and entered into the system, no refunds will be granted.


To be eligible for the 2022 competition, entries must have been first produced, released, exhibited, screened, aired or shown online between January 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021.


Select the category that most closely relates to your submission's type of genre. There is an entry fee for each category you enter. Individual entries are evaluated for their intrinsic merits – without comparing them with others. Each entry is, in effect, in competition with itself, and is measured by our international award-winning jury of experts using an industry-accepted standard of excellence.

A musician may enter multiple achievements in a category if the achievements are for different programs.

The award committee reserves the right to increase the number of nominees in any category.

The award committee reserves the right to not have ANY nominees in a category if the work submitted does not reach our level of excellence.
See Categories listing for definitions and additional explanations.


Finalists will be announced June 30th and the winners will be announced at an awards ceremony held Los Angeles in September 2022. A laureate will be sent to winning contacts following the awards presentation.

Tickets are available for purchase on FilmFreeway. Each nominated project will receive TWO (2) complimentary tickets to attend the show regardless of the number of nominations or number of individuals in the submitted project. Additional tickets may be purchased on FilmFreeway.


When submitting your credits, be aware that if your entry is a winner the name of the category, and title of the entry will appear on the award which is given to each winning entry. We also include the year of the competition. Finalists, when notified, will be given the opportunity to update and correct credits. However, if no corrections are made, credits listed during the entry process will be considered the credits of record.

Overall Rating
  • Peter William List

    Sorry to say, but don't waste your money. This festival doesn't feel very legit. There is a voting element to the judging, and my video wasn't even viewable on the site at the beginning along with another video in the animation category. I emailed them and they fixed it. Then later on the voting site the name of the project and the video did not match up and changed randomly each time you viewed the page. I emailed them and they fixed it. A supporter let me know it was possible to vote multiple times on the voting site even though they claim you only get one vote.
    After the festival (I could not attend in person or on zoom), they did not post results or inform winners for more than a week even after I messaged them (no reply), and then I was informed of winning the animation category with a generic message ‘Congratulations on winning an award at the LA Music Video Awards. ‘ Not a mention of the category or the project or my name. They had a video link of the 'show' in the email and it is just clips of all the videos edited together. It's two weeks later and I still can't find a post by them on their site or facebook page of the festival results.

    While I appreciate the recognition, it doesn’t seem to have very much merit when you don’t even publish the results of your own festival or contact the winners in a timely manner. 

    October 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for your feedback. I appreciate it and am always looking to improve the show. There are a few things that I would like to address in your assessment.
    1) You mentioned that your video was not viewable on the voting site when the voting began. The reason was that your video was not available for viewing and was not released to the public until after we were well into the voting time. We have a couple of options when this happens and to respect filmmakers we make the video available with the password that was provided by you. We will never show a private video without the filmmakers' permission. When you brought it to our attention and provided us with the trailer of the video we quickly replaced the blocked video with provided trailer.
    2) In order to keep things fair the videos change randomly with each page refresh. This is to give every video an opportunity to be at the top of the category (again trying to keep things as fair as possible).
    3) The website is set up for you to be able to vote one time. However, if you and your fans found a way to circumvent the system and vote multiple times thanks for letting me know. We will have to figure out how to proceed in the future (disqualifying videos or whatnot).
    4) The website has not been updated with the winners because I was still waiting for videos from the winners. A lot of the winners' videos are not available to be seen through the normal channels (YouTube, Vimeo...) and because of that I get permission from the artists to put the videos on the site (again respecting the filmmakers and their art).

    Again thank you so much for your feedback. Please feel free to email me if you have any additional suggestions.

  • Daniel Osorio

    Festival really focuses on the importance of a music video. Great venue and hope to be back next year!

    October 2022
  • Greetings
    Special thanks to LA music video Awards And thanks for choosing me as the best male vocalist 2022 , I appreciate Dear Jowanna Lewis!

    October 2022
  • stefano cinti

    I could not participate to the live session However, the organisation of the Festival was very active and available to reply to questions. A good Festival!

    October 2022
  • Chloe Jacquet

    UPDATE UPDATE: the award was eventually received.

    UPDATE: still no sign of our award. Comms continue to be dreadful/non existent. Beyond infuriating.

    Really bad comms. Like all festivals recently this one has had its fair share of challenges, in particular with the loss of its venue. On the plus side they found a new one. On the downside however I have really struggled with them on the communications side of things. I sent multiple emails seeking clarification for their requests for info only to not receive a response. When I sent what they asked for they didn't download it and came and asked for it again. We ended up winning an award which is great. But even now, following their request for my address to send the trophy to, I simply cannot get confirmation from them that they've received it. I even offered twice to contribute to the shipping! But no answer and I keep chasing... Will we ever receive our award? Who knows. Very frustrating and disappointing.

    November 2021