KINNOVATION - first International Film Festival for innovative films forms and innovations in film industry.

Innovations are always breathtaking.
KINNOVATION let you see how cinema of the future will look like.

Made by the team of professionals, the festival is challenged at searching the talented filmmakers who create films with help of innovations.

Categories of the festival:
* VR films,
* Films in 3D,
* Films shot on smartphones,
* VFX films (films with VFX),
* Startups in Film Industry.

The festival winners will be presented the festival glass Award and valuable prizes from the partners of the festival (cameras, telephones, etc.).

Completed after January 1st, 2016
Completed films, works-in-progress and rough cuts accepted
Run time of less than 30 minutes
Not previously submitted to the festival
Films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English

The festival requires preview screeners of films to be submitted online (with private Youtube or Vimeo links ONLY). We do not accept physical submissions, i.e. DVDs.