Kevin Derek, Attended Columbia College in Hollywood, California, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Motion Pictures.
He has studied under the tutelage of some of the best in the business, Such as the great T.V. Producer, Aaron Spelling. Writer (Beverly Hills Cop) Danilo Bach. Cinematographer ( Deliverance, The Deer Hunter) Vilmos Zsigmond.
At the age of 20, he produced his first dramatic feature “The Final Incident” that ran for two weeks at the Laemmle Santa Monica Theatre. Film critic Emanuel Levy from The Village Voice called it “Emotionally Gripping,” “Truly Frightening.”
Kevin is an Award Winning producer who has extensive experience in the movie industry both as a producer, director, and editor. Kevin’s 2nd credits as a producer was “The Ultimate Game,” a Martial Arts action adventure, produced for the video market that sold worldwide.
Kevin also produced and directed two documentary films on martial arts called “Empty Hand” about Four competitors who train to fight against their toughest rivals as they struggle to become the next National Karate Kid Champion, which premiered at the Academy Awards accredited film festival DOC NYC. Available on Amazon Prime and “The Real Miyagi,” Winner of 7 international film awards, Starring Steven Seagal, Dolph Lundgren, Micheal Jai White that depicts the life of the greatest karate master of our generation. Now available on NETFLIX worldwide.
Kevin has also dedicated his life to the art of karate and hold a black belt in three deferent styles.
He is also a two-time TELLY Award Winner
WINNER - Best Feature
The Real Miyagi
15th DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival
WINNER - 2015 Rising Star Award
The Real Miyagi
Canada International Film Festival
Vancouver Canada
WINNER Best Documantary
The Real Miyagi
Arizona Underground Film Festival
WINNER Best Sport Documentary
The Real Miyagi
Action On Film
Columbia College - Hollywood
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“The only thing that stands between you and success is your ego” – KD