New NAMES, new GENRES, new CINEMA TRENDS on a big screen in the middle of Siberia!

International Kansk Video Festival (Russia/Siberia) is not a conventional film festival. It is an experiment in time and space. The small Siberian city of Kansk, was found on the Internet by chance and selected as its name correlates with the Cannes Film Festival, Kansk in the Russian language is pronounced the same as Cannes.
Since 2002 in the depths of Siberia the festival happens annually. Far way from the Côte d`Azur to the severe Taiga climate, 7000 km from London, 4500 km from Moscow and 300 km from Krasnoyarsk by ‘Irons Road’, and the Trans-Siberian Railway. In an area full of wonderful and brave Siberian people, pelmeni, cedar nuts, even buses reminiscent to the old school buses of a long lost Soviet a place full magic.

The Kansk Video festival has grown immeasurably from it’s 2002 beginnings, each year it hosts an international jury from the industry and artistic communities, running international film and video-art competitions with a special screenings program and a bank of ideas for a further 150 years of the festivals future. The festival promotes new names of independent and uncompromising video and filmmakers, new genres, new cinema trends.

Palm Secateur D'Or and Diploma for the 1st place
Diploma for the 2nd place
Diploma for the 3rd place
Special Jury Diplomas and Mentions

1. Professional filmmakers or video artists can submit to the Festival, as well as amateurs.

2. Festival entry is free ONLY for the filmmakers who have been already selected to any of the previous Festival editions. Please request a special code via

3. Only digital productions are accepted - short films or video art projects. Maximum running time of submissions should last no longer than 35 minutes. Film copies aren’t accepted!

4. Russian films participate in the International competition without any special conditions.

5. One author can submit to the Festival any number of works.

6. Each film can be entered only to one nomination.

7. Festival nominations: Fiction, Documentary, Experimental, Animation, Video art.

8. The Festival accepts films and videos produced after the 1st of January 2018.

9. Deadline for entries - May 1, 2020.

10. If original language of your entry is neither Russian nor English, film should be subtitled in one of those two languages or an English dialogue list must be attached.

11. All submissions will be watched and reviewed by the Selection Committee.

12. The Selection Committee has the right not to inform about criteria of selection or non-selection to the main competition programme, audience award competition or any special screenings.

13. All submissions selected to the main competition programme will be screened to the Jury. Non-selected entries can be shown in the framework of the festival special screenings.

14. Festival awards:
Grand Prix - Palm Secateur D`Or and 1st place Diploma
2nd & 3rd place Diplomas
Special Diplomas and Mentions of Jury

15. The list of selected films will appear on our web-site after 1st of August, 2020.

16. Authors of the films selected to the main International competition are invited to participate in the festival. Usually we cover all local transportation costs, hotel and meal expenses for all period of the festival. In some cases, international flights can be covered from the festival's budget or by related Embassies, funds, sponsors, etc.

17. Award winners will be announced on the web-site on 29th of August 2020, after a closing ceremony of the Festival.

18. Authors of films selected to special screenings can participate in the Festival by their own expenses only.

19. Grand Prix Winner 2020 will be invited to the Festival Jury 2021.

Overall Rating
  • Mohammadreza Azar

    First of all I thank them for accepting a film of mine. But because of the bad communication skills of the festival the work was excluded from the program. I wish they were more serious and organized in communication. Wish the best for them.

    September 2019
    Kansk logo small
    Response from festival:

    Dear Mohammedreza Azar, thank you for your review! All film festivals have their rules, and when you submit the film you must provide an accurate application, which includes all useful information about your work. We selected your film, then you received an official notification from FFW, and we also tried several times to get in touch with you via FilmFreeway, as you didn't provide us any other option to contact you. Unfortunately, your response came when the selection process was over, and the program has been already announced. Please, be sure all your future applications to any of the festivals contain all information needed for good communication. Thank you for understanding!

  • Diana Galimzyanova

    My short "the perfect life of a perfect couple in a perfect house: Season 42" was screened at festival. I wish i could attend because from what i saw everything looked just great.

    September 2018
  • A superb festival that never fails to deliver with an exciting and fresh programme! When our clients get selected there we always smile in the office because we know that the client's film will be excellently received.

    October 2017
  • Petr Zhukov

    great experience
    very open minded festival

    November 2016
  • Yoshimasa Higashi

    International Kansk Video Festival is so great! This is the festival for the world cinema, and making great international communication related to filmic esthetics. I love the festival. Yoshimasa Higashi, director of Bergus Chan

    October 2016