“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” – Vincent van Gogh.
Jacob Muller is a Director / director of photography (DoP) / commercial Photographer, based in Bern Switzerland. He saw the light for the first time in Albi France in 1989 where there his mother had the great idea to quickly put a Canon AE-1 in his hands. To finally become a passionate by deeply crafted images.
He buildup his own road to his daily inspiration in Digital Imaging. Jacob Muller Started hi career at first has a photographer back in 2008 until 2014 where Jacob became a professional photoshop retoucher. Passionate by composition and lighting he started to develope heavycompositing and very technical images for Ads campain.
In 2017 Jacob started to share his work to international awards. Where there in 2017 among his film work on the side, he was nominated 11 times around the globe Including ones silver and twice Bronz.
In 2018 film tooked over digital art, and in the meantime he was onesagain nominated in the IPA (Int's photo award) and in 2019/20 he was selected and published in the prestigious Lürzer's Archive, Has a worldwide selected in the 200 best digital artistes.
Passionate by music he first started working in the musicvideo industry, Quickely after a few years hi passion for communication tooked over for crafted stories. Jacob Muller Is now collaborating with Advertising agency has a director writer to develope project for video commercial among continuing working in the photo/Retouching industry.
In 2019 he raised and opened FARGOMEDIA with his partner Nathalie Peters
Until now Jacob Muller have been awarded more than 14 time around the globe for Digital Art photography and compositing.
Birth Date
February 24, 1989
Birth City
Albi (81)
Current City
EU Caucasian
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
Married To
''It's not where you come from that define who you are''
“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” – Vincent van Gogh.