The International Moving Film Festival is an annual international event dedicated for independent filmmakers.  Established by International Moving Film School (IMOFIS).
In this global world, which we live in now it, is more important than ever for everybody to be able to share their story. The art of filmmaking is a powerful communication tool that has the ability to reach across borders and bring people together.
The International Moving Film Festival is a mobile film festival like our Moving film school looking for discover talent Filmmaker around the world. our film festival gives opportunity to filmmakers to compete their dream project with other ingenious filmmakers around the world. It is loyal to showcasing truly independent projects because we respect your aspiration.
our festival is located in The Arvand Free Zone. (Abadan,Khorramshahr, Arvandkenar and villages). The Zone is located at a height of three meters above sea level and in proximity to Iraq and in the north west of Persian Gulf.
This Zone has long been one of the border and oil rich zones of the country due to the existence of freshwater Rivers of Karun and Arvand and also transportation facilities including road, rail, sea and air. It has been led to the establishment of the first oil refinery of the Middle East and the largest trade Port of the country. Special features of the Zone are the existence of fertile lands, possibility of fishing and its people having a special trade culture. Also, language, culture and kinship relations of the people with the neighboring countries are of the unique advantages of the Zone.
Holders of normal passports travelling as tourists can enter Arvand Free Zone without a visa with maximum stay of 2 weeks (extendable) , as by December 2017


The History of Moving Film Festival

In 2008, when I was recognized internationally as a filmmaker and had participated in many festivals and received awards, I decided to hold a workshop in my travels around the world for those with no access to film schools. I was organizing a small non-competitive festival with films I received from friends around the world.
These festivals were held alone without any sponsorship and sometimes in the backyard of a friend's house or in a small cinema. I lived as a gypsy and made movies, and my whole life was summed up in my backpack. A one-man school with a festival that I would often show the films by my laptop.

In 2011, I founded ibaff festival with the same idea in the city of Murcia in southern Spain and was elected by the municipality of Murcia as the festival's president. The theme of the festival was travel and creation.

In 2012 I invited Abbas Kiarostami to Murcia and held a two-year workshop where I was his assistant and wrote a book about him. This moving film school was later held in Spain and Colombia together with Kiarostami and at the end of the workshop we had a small festival.

In 2015, I got separated from the ibaff festival, went on my own, made films, organized workshops and had my own little festival wherever possible.

Past editions (non-competitive) of my festival were in Cuba, Spain, Iraq, Sudan, Malaysia, Colombia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Peru. Tunisia, morocco and some part of Iran.
In 2019, I decided to make this festival more formal and changed it from non-competitive to a competitive one. This is a Moving festival and it is held in different places all the time.
A small, warm and Independent festival.

Mahmoud Reza Sani

The judges of the festival will carefully select the films. The winners will be announced at the event, on our website and on filmfreeway website.
all selected films will receiving a certificate of participation+ Oficial selected laurels. 
The winners will receive our official Digital Certificate (printable) + Award Winner laurels. 

Best feature Film
Best Short Film 
Best Short Documentary 
Best Student short films award in each categories.
Best video art
Best short films _ Animation
Best feature film_Animation
Best feature documentary
Best Student documentary films
Best Experimental films
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best film in all Categories about COVID-19 crisis subject
Best Film Poster
Best Script (feature and shorts)

Best DOP/ Director Of Photography(short /fiction, experimental,video art)
Best Producer /Production
Best Visual Effects
Best Editor

All films must be submitted in English or with English subtitles
all films must be Completed entry form for each submission via FilmFreeway.
All films that have been made since 2015 can participate in the festival. We are looking for good movies, and we think there are many movies that have been made, but the filmmakers, for some reason, have not been able to distribute their films.
Photography Contest:
Photography- (digital format) single pieces or up to 15 pieces from series.
In the photography competition section, we are mostly looking for photos with anthropological topics, including culture, customs, ceremonies, and any topic that introduces people and relatives from different parts of the world. The type of camera you use does not matter at all and can even be taken with a mobile phone. You can correct the photos, but in no way add or subtract anything from it and let it retain its documentary form. Photos can be color or black and white. If your photo was accepted in the competition, we ask you to send us a more complete description of your photo. Photos must be original and belong to you and taken by you.

Overall Rating
  • pierangeli llinas

    International Moving Film Festival was Good

    February 2020
  • wonderful to have been selected to this marvelous platform

    February 2020
  • Tao of Bobo -

    Such an honor and a privilege to have our film Dream Song - Tao Of Bobo be recognized as a Finalist in this years festival.. Unfortunately were not able to attend the festival as much as we really wanted to do so. Because, as International film festival venues go, this one is right at the top of our list. Persians are of course well known to be gracious hosts and the festival director Mahmoud Reza Sani and his staff went to great lengths to be helpful and attentive from start to finish. I have said this before, but it bears repeating, given all of the turmoil and conflict in the world right now, we desperately need festivals like this one that transcend geographical boundaries and cultures through the the love and celebration of this wonderful art form we call filmmaking. Bravo to you Mahmoud and to your staff as well. You are bright shinning lights in what too often feels like an ever darkening world. Thank you for your recognition and your friendship! Much appreciated!

    December 2019
  • sean brown

    The organizer was very nice and the communication much better than most festivals. I was not able to attend so I don't know much else about it. It is a tiered competition and not all selections are screened as I understand it, just winners in the competition. I'll definitely send them my next film and hope that I win in my category because I would love to screen in Tehran! It would be an excellent reason to travel there!

    December 2019
  • Ruben Garcia Martinez

    Great team and festival, fantastic communication

    December 2019