InShadow - Lisbon Screendance Festival

InShadow is a reference in the field of contemporary artistic creation and curatorship, placing an emphasis on the convergence of body and image.

Our yearly program includes international competitions of screendance, dance-related documentary films and animations, in addition to performances, workshops, masterclasses, exhibitions and installations.

10 different awards, decided by four separate panels:


Best Screendance
official jury, 300€
[by Conserveira de Lisboa]

Best International Screendance (3 awards)
audience jury; school jury; vo'arte jury
[by Espaço Rural das Artes, Soudos]

Best Choreography
official jury

Best Interpretation
official jury

Best Portuguese Screendance
vo'arte jury
[by Adega Mayor]

Best Portuguese Director
school jury, 2500€
[in ETIC scholarship]


Best Animation
children jury


Best Documentary Film
official jury, 200€
[by Conserveira de Lisboa]

SCREENDANCES that fail to qualify for the main competition may still find a spot - should the director accept - in one of our video-installations.

DOCUMENTARY FILMS should tackle the subject of dance/performance.

ANIMATIONS must be suitable for school-age children and should ideally focus on the subjects of dance, movement, inclusion or technology.