InShadow - Lisbon Screendance Festival

Open Call 2024

InShadow promotes the encounter of languages used within video/cinema and dance/performance, suggesting a reflection to a cine-choreographic way of thinking, where relations between experimental tendencies and the use of technologies can be explored.

InShadow seeks, within the world of imagination, the dialogue between different cultures.

It purposes an assimilation of experiences, methods and knowledge, increasing dual relations as thought/action and creativity/innovation.

Our yearly program includes international competitions of screendance, dance-related documentary films and animations, in addition to performances, workshops, masterclasses, exhibitions and installations.

Submission fees go towards allowing the festival to subsist and as a means to support featured filmmakers to join us every year.


Official Jury _ composed of three individual talents, of local or international renown, in the areas of film, dance/performance, and criticism/research. They are to decide on the following awards:
# Best Screendance | 300€ | Jorge Salavisa Award
# Best Choreography | 200€
# Best Cinematography | 200€

Documentary Jury _ made up of three national and international professionals in the areas of dance / performance, cinema, and criticism / research. Will award the following prizes:
# Best Documentary | 200€ | Luna Andermatt Award

School Jury _ made up of five students from schools of arts and humanities: dance / performance, video / cinema, and letters / communication / education. They will award the following prizes :
# Best National Director | 2.500€ (1) | Território Award | Estúdios Victor Córdon
# Best International Film| Free submission for the 2025 edition

Audience Jury _ the audience present at the Screendance Competition Sessions chooses their favorite work:
# Best Screendance | 2 nights at the festival in 2025

Animation Jury _ made up of children and youngest present at the Animation Competition Session and promoted by the festival team. Will award the following prize:
# Best Animation Film | Free submission for the 2025 edition

Vo'Arte Jury _ made up of three professionals from different areas of the arts and communication, as well as cultural structures. Will award the following prizes:
# Best National Film| 2500€ (2) | Award ETIC - Escola de Tecnologias, Inovação e Criação
# Best International Director | Artistic Residence (3) | Award AAC- Soudos – Espaço Rural de Artes

Invisible Shadows Jury _ made up of an intercontinental jury with five representatives from each continent. Will award the following prizes:
# Best Film Produced in the Pandemic | Artistic Residence (3) | Award AAC- Soudos – Espaço Rural de Artes

(1) Order value for a screendance to have its debut in the Território VII at Teatro Camões in September 2025.
(2) Scholarship value sponsored by ETIC to be defined within the available curriculum parameters.
(3) Artistic Residency in Soudos – Espaço Rural de Artes in partnership with Voarte with logistical support to be agreed with the winner, lasting 3 to 4 days.

Other notes:
- The decision of the various juries, composed of their jurors, is sovereign, with no appeal.
- The prizes awarded will be communicated to the artists present at the closing ceremony of InShadow and later by email with the sending of the respective laurels and certificate.
- Juries may not award prizes, as they may award honourable mentions.
- The juries will be able to attribute the same prize to more than one work (ex-aequo), and if the prize is a monetary value, it will be distributed equally among the winners.
- If the winning film is co-directed, the prize value will not change with the distribution being in the care of the winner

The 15th edition of InShadow – Lisbon ScreenDance Festival will take place between 15 November and 15 December 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal. (Dates subject to change due to contingency measures). Submissions can be made for the Screendance, Dance Documentary and Dance Animation categories.

InShadow promotes a cross-disciplinary discourse between the languages of video/cinema and dance/performance, suggesting a cine-choreographic way of thinking where relations between technology and artistic experimentation can be explored. InShadow seeks, within the world of imagination, the dialogue between different cultures. It suggests an assimilation of experiences, methods and knowledge, increasing dual relations such as thought/action and creativity/innovation.

International Competition Screendance/Film

Videodance _ films will be selected according to the balance between creativity, experimentation, theme, narrative, image quality, sound and editing. The work must show as its primary concern the combination of the body choreography with the camera and sound. Each competition session will last approximately 80-90 minutes, so the length of the videos will also be a strong element to take into account. Maximum reference duration: 20 minutes.

Dance Documentary _ films of creative processes, highlighting this genre as worthy of artistic consideration and diffusion by the general public. Creation courses, artistic experiences and other explorations and documentary reflections on the themes and relationships between body, dance, performance and technology. Full recordings of stage choreographies will not be included. Therefore, the cinematic valence will be greatly taken into account. Maximum reference duration: 90 minutes.

Dance Animation _ films should address an audience of children and young adolescents (5-15 years). Information regarding the age classification for the film should be given during submission, and the festival may choose not to select the film due to age restrictions. The selection will be made according to theme, narrative, animation quality and technique, sound and editing. Relevance is given to films that seek dance or body movement (it can be objects) with technology, in conjunction with the proposed technique. Maximum reference duration: 15 minutes.

The files of the films submitted must have the following characteristics:
format 1080p, codec: H264; 25 fps; Bitrate reference: 15-20mb/s; Stereo sound; Portuguese (preferred) or English subtitles; 3 seconds of black at the beginning and the end of the film (when possible);

Screening copies submitted under different specifications may undergo conversions, so that the sessions run without technical problems of exhibition.

The submission to the Festival in the areas of screendance, dance documentary and dance animation is to be made through FilmFreeway until the 30th of June, 2024. As a Gold Festival, discounts will be given to Gold submissions.

No monetary value is provided for the screening of films in International Competition, Video Installation or special Exhibitions. It is also not foreseen to return the registration fees for unselected works.
Works submitted and considered for previous editions of InShadow can be re-submitted only if significant changes have been made and if all applicable eligibility requirements are met at the time of the new submission. The payment of a new submission is assumed by the author.

A film submitted to the International Competitions can be selected to integrate another area of the festival, such as a video installation in partner galleries or a special screening out of competition, if Festival's Artistic Directors finds it relevant. If this happens, the exhibition of the work will be pending the acceptance of its author, who will be contacted to validate it. These projections are alternative and usually have an installation regime, which does not require the payment of any extra amount.

The winning films will be included in Shadow in Motion sessions, an extension of InShadow Festival that will remain in circulation until the next edition at partner festivals and national and international cultural spaces, with the authors’ knowledge and authorization. InShadow extensions do not imply any kind of payment, as it is a way of the films and the festival to circulate in other geographic areas.

​​The work may be submitted by any person or entity on behalf of the copyright’s holder, and, in the case of selection, the authorization form of the author(s) or copyright holder(s) must be completed, signed and sent, for exhibition at the InShadow Festival and respective exhibitions at the Shadow in Motion sessions.

​​Each candidate can register an unlimited number of works per edition. Distributors, producers or duly identified agencies, should contact the festival through email to in order to have a special value when registering 10 or more works;
The work must be sent for viewing through an online link, with the respective password, if applicable. The festival accepts submissions of works in progress, it will be the responsibility of the submitter to notify InShadow if any change is made to the work, to the email

For the submission of works, it is required:
- 2 photos of the work with good resolution, format PNG or JPG dully identified with credits (mandatory)
- 1 photo of the director/author (preferably face, front, type of passport photo)

The materials submitted within the application will be included in the Voarte archive and may be used within the scope of the Festival's communication and screenings, as well as for the Shadow in Motion sessions.

Selections in the areas of the International Competition (screendance, dance documentary and dance animation) will be announced by email, through FilmFreeway, and disclosed in the communication media of Voarte and its partners.


The exhibition of works at the InShadow Festival requires authorization to assign copyright. Authorization is considered granted by signing and completing the application form for the submitted work. In the case of some works integrating the Shadow in Motion extensions, the authors will be contacted in advance and advised of the exhibitions.

The organizing body shall not be responsible for compliance with copyright in respect of the reproduction of photographs of registered works whose authorship has not been made explicit by the applicant, and agreed with both parties.

Excerpts or frames from the selected films (up to 1 minute) may be used for promotional purposes without payment of copyright duties, for insertion on spots and trailers, use in press conferences, print and/or digital publications produced by the Festival.

The screening programme will be scheduled according to the criteria defined by the Artistic Direction.

There is no support for travel expenses for foreign authors, for films included in the competitive sessions, authors are expected to contact the institutions of their countries for travel support.

Directors (living more than 100km from Lisbon) of the films in competition will be offered onenight's stay (1 person) up to a maximum value of 45€ upon presentation of an invoice with the tax data of the Vo'Arte Association. Matters of price or value are outside Vo’Arte’s scope. Payment will be made exclusively by PayPal.

​Authors and directors will be welcome in all the festival's activities, by means of a credential, in the order of arrival at the venue and taking into account the respective capacity of the spaces.

​The Festival does not provide for travel in the city of Lisbon in any case, so these are the responsibility of the authors and teams themselves.

​​For billing cases regarding the registration of works at the festival, it will be handled directly on the FilmFreeway platform, with the InShadow Festival Management not having any responsibility on such issues.

​- The participation in the festival requires the full knowledge and acceptance of all content of the present regulation.
- The festival’s direction will decide upon all omitted material in this regulation.
- The organization of the Festival has the right to modify these regulations without the need of prior notice.


Impossible Shadows - Concurso de Fotografia

A 16ª edição do InShadow – Lisbon Screendance Festival realizar-se-á entre 15 de novembro e 15 de dezembro de 2024, em Lisboa, Portugal. (Datas ainda sujeitas a alterações).

InShadow promove um encontro entre as linguagens do vídeo/cinema e da dança/performance, propondo uma reflexão para um pensamento cine-coreográfico e explorando relações com tendência experimental ou ligação com a tecnologia. Procura no mundo da imaginação o diálogo entre culturas. Propõe uma assimilação de experiências, métodos e saberes, potenciando as relações pensamento/ação e criatividade/inovação.

Num ano de novas metas e novas concretizações, o InShadow quer desafiar a criação de algo único. Impossible Shadows é o novo Concurso do Festival InShadow dedicado à Fotografia.

A secção de fotografia tem como desafio captar a “Sombra Impossível''.

A concepção das fotografias deve desafiar novos pensamentos e métodos de trabalho, tendo por base de actuação o movimento do corpo e da sombra.

A secção de fotografia é dirigida a fotógrafos emergentes, independentemente da sua faixa etária, sendo que os participantes têm de ser os autores das fotografias e devem deter os direitos das mesmas.

A inscrição no Festival InShadow tem um custo e é realizada através da Plataforma FilmFreeway até 30 de Junho 2024.

> Os materiais enviados passam a integrar o arquivo da Voarte e poderão ser usados no âmbito das divulgações e exibições do festival.

> Os resultados da selecção serão comunicados por e-mail e divulgados nos suportes de comunicação da Voarte e dos respectivos parceiros, até Outubro 2024.

> O número máximo de fotografias expostas por projecto são 6. As fotografias poderão ser submetidas com a formatação que o autor deseje, ficando sujeito à sugestão por parte do festival de diferentes dimensões, consoante a possibilidade do espaço onde o trabalho poderá vir a ser exposto.

Serão seleccionadas propostas, que, no entender do júri, explorem da forma mais original a relação entre um corpo e a sua sombra, a dança da sombra, representando o que normalmente não é visível.

Os projectos seleccionados terão a oportunidade de estarem expostos numa das galerias parceiras do InShadow. Não estando previsto um valor monetário para o autor dos trabalhos submetidos.

Cada exposição de fotografia será realizada na galeria que melhor se adequar à proposta. A impressão das imagens ficará ao encargo do festival, tendo como dimensões máximas de impressão 40x60cm, e 4 a 6 imagens. As imagens serão preferencialmente coladas em k-line mate, e segundo as possibilidades que os parceiros do festival disponibilizarem.

> A apresentação das fotografias exige a autorização de cedência dos direitos de autor. A autorização considera-se concedida pela assinatura e preenchimento da ficha de inscrição da proposta candidata.

> A entidade organizadora não se responsabiliza pela conformidade dos direitos de autor referentes à reprodução das fotografias das obras inscritas cuja autoria não tenha sido explicitada pelo candidato, e acordada por ambas as partes.

> Poderão ser usadas algumas imagens para fins promocionais, e sem o pagamento de direitos, para utilização em conferências de imprensa, publicações impressas e/ou informaticamente divulgadas pelo festival.

> A participação no Festival InShadow pressupõe o conhecimento e a aceitação de todo o conteúdo do presente regulamento.

> A direcção do Festival InShadow decidirá sobre todas as matérias omissas no presente regulamento.

> Reserva-se à organização do Festival a alteração do presente regulamento sem necessidade de aviso prévio.

Overall Rating
  • Great festival and incredible communication :)

    January 2023
  • TheMadblast Entertainment

    An amazing experience! Than you for the hospitality

    December 2022
  • Alexander Stamatiadis

    Nice festival, would love to be part again!

    December 2022
  • Sadly we could not attend
    Incredible communication and programming

    December 2022
  • laida aldaz

    Great to take a part in such a fantastic film festival, staff were very helpful and communication was great. Thanks for having and selected us!

    June 2022