The International Human Rights Film Festival in Albania (IHRFFA) comes with a new way of educating people with the human rights concepts. Constituted as a cultural platform for the dissemination and awareness rising of the people on human rights issues, it operates through using image as its instrument.

IHRFFA includes in its program documentary, fiction and animated films dealing with human rights that are sensitive especially for the Albanian society. This event brings to the public’s attention similar experiences from all over the world and by using image as its tool, the impact is stronger and direct.

Events of this kind are necessary for the Albanian society which is suffering different social and human rights problems such as: human trafficking, children frustration, health care, etc.

As an initiative of the Academy of Film and Multimedia Marubi since 2006, other human rights organisations operating in Albania have joined the cause such as OSCE Presence, UNICEF, Albanian Helsinki Committee, Utica College, a number of Embassies in Tirana such as the German Embassy, French, Austrian, Swiss, U.S. Embassy, Albanian Institute of Media, etc. Furthermore, the festival is supported as well by local institutions such as the Municipality of Tirana, the Ministry of Culture and the National Film Center.

Through the years, the International Human Rights Film Festival in Albania has become the event which brings on all together human rights activists, selected films and the best film-makers. This event makes us realise the importance of our human dignity and the importance of being human.

No Awards or Prizes. This is a non-competitive festival.
The festival selects 40 to 50 films to be screened and organises debates around the films with audience.

The Festival’s object is human rights.
No further preliminaries on the film’s content, style or techniques apply.
Film productions completed after January 1, 2020 are admissible to this 2022 edition.
Films and videos may be submitted for selection by the film-makers themselves, by producers, distributors or their legal representatives. Please note that films and videos can't have been published on public platforms (such as YouTube, etc) prior to screening at the festival.

Each year, one day is dedicated to a specific theme. For the upcoming edition in 2022, the main focus will be Youth and Human Rights.
Considering latest developments in the world, a Special dedication to Ukraine through documentaries and Ukraine Cinema will be scheduled.

Films related to various human rights issues will be screened during the other 5 days of the festival.
No entry fees are requested for submitting films or videos projects.

The festival doesn't pay screening fees to applicants.
Viewing copy shall be subtitled in English.
The application and all the necessary documents and the viewing copy must be submitted to IHRFFA, by June 30th, 2022 (postmarked/emailed-marked).

Selection of the Film
The festival’s Selection Committee makes the first selection of films.
Selection decisions made by the festival’s Selection Committee are final.
Priority might be given to films that address the main theme chosen for the Festival.
Priority might be given to Albanian, European or World Premieres.
Priority might be given to works that are example of formal and technical innovation.
If a film or video is selected, promotional materials (press books, posters, stills, English dialogues list, etc) must have been received by IHRFFA's organisation by August 1st, 2022.