How do I setup Google Ads (AdWords) on FilmFreeway?

With FilmFreeway’s Google Ads integration, you can easily track conversions for your Google Ads campaigns.

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is Google's online advertising service that connects your festival with people making Google searches. You can create any number of marketing campaigns through Google Ads and measure the success of each via conversion tracking.

Think of it like a funnel:

Google Search > Google Ad > Your Website or your FilmFreeway Listing > FilmFreeway Submission or Ticket Purchase

The more people to make it through the funnel the more successful your ad campaign is.

To use FilmFreeway’s Google ads integration you will need:

• A festival listing on FilmFreeway
• A Google Ads account
• An active Google Ads campaign
• A conversion action to track

Note: For more information about Google Ads please read the Google Ads Setup Guide or visit the Google Ads Help center

You will be able to track the following conversions:

Purchase - The purchase conversion will be triggered whenever a purchase (submission or ticket purchase) is successfully completed. Along with the conversion event we also send the following information:

• value: The value of your sale in US dollars (total without fees)
• currency: USD
• transaction_id: Order Number

Submit Now - The submit now conversion will be triggered whenever someone clicks on the Submit Now button from your festival's page.

Global Site Tag - Google Ads provides a Global site tag with all conversion code generated from the User Interface. This tag will be needed to link users who arrive at the site from your ad with a conversion event.

To configure your conversions:

Once you've created your Google Ads campaign you can link the conversions you wish to track to your FilmFreeway account by following these steps.

1. Within your FilmFreeway account, go to My Festival > Manage > Integrations.

2. Go to the section labeled Google Ads.

3. Select the type of conversion that you wish to track.

4. If you’ve selected Global Site Tag conversion type, enter your conversion id

5. If you’ve selected Purchase or Submit Now conversion type, enter your send_to field.

To find your send_to or conversion id:

send_to: The send_to field is all that’s needed to link purchase conversions.

The send_to field is simply the prefix AW-, followed by your conversion id (which may be elsewhere referred to as tracking id or remarketing tag), followed by a /, followed by your conversion label. For example: if 123456789 is your conversion id and AbC-D_efG-h12_34-567 is your conversion label, the send_to field would be: AW-123456789/AbC-D_efG-h12_34-567

The easiest way to find all of this information neatly packaged together as a formatted send_to field is via the code snippet that Google provides for your conversion. After creating a conversion on your Google Ads account click the 'Tag Setup' tab and choose 'install the tag yourself'.

Google Event Code Snippet

Copy the value of the send_to field in the code snippet.

Be sure to exclude the single quotes. In this case it would be: AW-700933966/P5z5CPDf27ABEM7Onc4C

conversion_id: If you selected Global site tag you will be prompted to enter your conversion id. This may also be elsewhere referred to as your tracking id or remarketing tag. If you already have a send_to field for a conversion you can find it by the first half of this field.

Important: Remember to save. If everything is formatted correctly you will see a notification that your festival's info has been saved correctly. If there is an issue with saving please double check that you have formatted your input correctly.

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