Got a red-hot idea for that next big movie? Write it, send it, pitch it!

Haydenfilms Institute (HFI) Announces a Call for Submissions for the $10,000 Haydenfilms 1.0 Screenwriting Competition, featuring pilots and screenplays open to all genres! Plus: HFI will include a short film script competition also open to all genres and subject matter where the top four finalists will receive $1,000 each.

Since 2001, Haydenfilms holds the distinction of being host to one of the world’s first online film festivals. Every year, film entries were submitted through the festival’s website, where the Top 50 entries were selected, competed, and voted upon by a global audience, which resulted in one winner taking the grand prize of $10,000.

Past Winners
1.0 Quinn Saunders "Fortunate Son"
2.0 John Burgess "The Powder Puff Principle"
3.0 Reda Mustafa "The Boot of War"
4.0 Johnny Ray Gill "My Turtle's Name is Dudley"
Youth Media Initiative | Top 3 PSA Finalists

HFI looks to empower the world’s future screenwriters in presenting their craft as we had done in the past (and into the future) with global award-winning filmmakers through our Haydenfilms Online Film Festivals and our multiple film labs hosted over a 15-year period.

HFI wants all screenwriters to bring their potential in our first Screenwriting Competition, and to join the legacy of worldwide film professionals who have emerged from our organization. Not only will our winner receive a grand prize, but they’ll also have the potential to meet with producers and directors to make their vision come to fruition.

The Top 20 finalists of the Haydenfilms 1.0 Screenwriting Competition will be invited to Los Angeles to participate in a three-day, three-round pitch elimination event with a travel stipend included. If social distancing is still required at the time of the pitch event, it will be conducted virtually with the judging panel.

The Top Four Finalists (Pilots and Screenplays) will receive Final Draft Writing Software valued at $250 plus a one-year Script Magazine subscription.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive a $10,000 Cash Prize and an industry development meeting in Los Angeles, California.

Short Script

The Top 10 finalists of the Haydenfilms 1.0 Screenwriting Competition (Short Film Category) will be invited to Los Angeles to participate in a three-day, three-round pitch elimination event with a travel stipend included.

The Top Four Finalists (Short Film Category) will receive $1,000 each, plus a one-year Script Magazine subscription.

Student screenwriters and group projects are welcome. Both represented and non-represented writers are eligible.

Must be original work and property of the group or person submitting.

Script Length:
- Between 1 and 40 pages for Short Scripts
- Between 45 and 75 pages Maximum for The Pilot Competition
- Between 90 and 140 pages Maximum for The Screenplay Competition

All applicants must complete the official festival submission form located on

All entries must be received on or before midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on the date of the deadlines listed in the "Dates & Deadlines" section on and must be paid in full to be considered.

After submission, no drafts or revisions will be accepted.

Foreign submissions allowed, however, must be translated to English.

For Short Scripts - Unpublished or published work is accepted, any genre allowed.

Writers under the age of 18 years old must have a parent or legal guardian’s permission to participate. If under 18, send an email to to receive a parent or legal guardian waiver form to accompany your submission.

Entry fees paid in US Dollars, non-refundable.

We DO NOT offer individual feedback on script submissions.

By submitting a script you confirm that you have read and agree to our eligibility and rules. Judges’ decisions are final.