🍿 2nd Edition

☆ April, 2025 / Mexico City ☆

The Mexico International LGBTQ+ Film Festival connects talented directors from around the world WITH A WIDE AUDIENCE FROM NORTH, CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA, while also fighting against homophobia and discriminations towards LGBTQ+ youth.
We believe that art, culture, and films in particular, can help bring public awareness on sensitive matters such as love and its various forms of expression.

☆ Our selection focuses on youth, coming of age and love in all its forms ☆

The jury is composed of prominent international film professionals and actors.

- JURY PRIZE FOR BEST FILM (all categories).


🍿 2nd Edition

☆ April, 2025 / Mexico City ☆

By submitting your film to The Mexico International LGBTQ+ Film Festival, you acknowledge having read ALL of the following, and you accept all the conditions listed below.
The submitter is responsible for the submission.
If the submitter is not the author of the film submitted to us, he/she is obligated to provide a written agreement from the author.

We only accept LGBTQ+ Films. You will NOT send us a non LGBTQ project.

We do not accept submissions on DVD nor Blu-Ray.
We do not accept unsecured links nor links from an unknown website.
The screeners' links and passwords must stay active at least until May 31th, 2025.
In the event of a change of password or URL, please advise us immediately, as your participation will be terminated otherwise.

ALL films MUST provide proper SPANISH subtitles, in a SEPARATE .srt file (meaning NOT encoded directly on the film).

Should your film be accepted, you grant us the right to use an excerpt from your film for promotional purposes (only) on any support and in any media promoting the festival.
Each accepted film may be shown more than once during the festival, as we grant the audience the possibility of an "encore screening".

Scheduling is purely at the sole discretion of the our staff.
Once your film is officially selected, you immediately grant us the right to show your film as many times as necessary to journalists and partners (only), before, during and after the festival, in order for us to promote your film and the festival.

WE DO NOT PAY for the screenings, neither film director, nor producer/distributors, nor any member of the team/crew/cast...: by submitting your project, you acknowledge that we will not pay to select, advertise and show your film publicly.

We will NOT PAY for transportation, nor accommodation, nor will we pay for any other expenses that film directors or other film-staff will encounter by coming to Mexico for the festival. Your presence at the festival is at your own cost.

By entering your film for consideration, you acknowledge that your work is cleared for public screenings, and that you, the submitter, own the full legal intellectual property of the film you are submitting.
Once your film is selected by our team and you have agreed to our terms and conditions, neither the submitter nor those associated with the project will have the possibility to refuse us the authorization to show the film publicly, meaning we will be able to show the film at the festival without any compensation what so ever.

We can NOT be held responsible for any claim, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including, but not limited to, attorney's fees and court costs) which may occur for any reason involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, loss of or damage to the film submitted to us.
If a film is illegally registered for the festival by a third party who does not hold the rights to the film, that person will be solely responsible, and will have to answer alone in court for this fraud, we won't be held responsible.