+++ Please submit your film only if it is related to the topics of
Freeride/Off-Piste Skiing, Snowboarding and Powsurfing +++

The 'Freeride Filmfestival' is looking for the latest freeride films from the independent filmmaking scene. We aim to embrace the wide range of films in our program showcasing a variety of genres including adventure, expedition, portrait, comedy, fiction and art. Our aim is to support filmmakers and athletes, raise awareness of avalanche safety and climate change and host events where people can meet and get inspired for
After 2 years struggeling with the pandemic we are looking forward to go big again in November 2022 with 9 prime tour stops in AUT/SUI/GER/ITA and our new cinema edition in AT/GER.

We are avid freeriders and film enthusiasts and want to share the excitement of off-piste skiing and snowboarding and the wonderful images, stories and artistical approaches that come with it. We aim to be the platform for films in this niche and to help filmmakers and athletes in this field to bring their projects to a big screen and a big audience.

Official Selection:
Each selected film will be awarded the "FFF 2022 Official Selection Laurel". In addition, the filmmakers and actors will appear in our promotional activities such as video productions, podcasts and a variety of regional and international press, while they will also be on stage at our biggest screenings and get the chance to travel on our tour bus for a few days.

1) Maximum length: up to 35 minutes (In exceptional cases longer, personal contact required)

2) Synopsis (Summary, Producer, Cast, DOP, Location, ...)

3) final screener or a close to final version for download or streaming with submission (final screener to be delivered by 31. August 2022; 

4) Trailer for download in 16:9 and 3:4 (few 9:16 IG-Stories appreciated)

5) 5 stills in hires that represent the essence of the movie; 1 portrait picture of main athletes and director/producuer without goggle; cleared rights for presswork and promotional purpose mandatory; behind-the-scenes and making-of pictures are welcome; filename must be: Athlete_Movie_Location_Photographer; photocredit will always be listed; 

6) A commitment of main actor/athlete/director to attend at least 5 screenings; attendance at further screenings to be discussed and rewarded; 

7) Premieres will be preferred;

8) Movie may not be available for free (youtube/facebook/…) before 1. Dezember 2021 

9) Screenings and premiere events in central europe need do be planned in coordination with the Freeride Filmfestival 

10) Language: Movies that are not in english need english subtitles (srt. required)

11) Video On Demand: The licensors also provide their films to the Freeride Filmfestival (FFF) "not exclusivly" for the purpose of “streaming” (VOD), “download”, also called “electronic sell through” (EST), and “subscription video on demand” (SVoD). The FFF has the right, but is not obliged to actually use the delivered films and to exercise the right of use. The right of use is exercised on the so-called "VOD service" of the FFF, an Internet portal or via the services of FFF partners.

12) By submitting your film you constitute your full and complete acceptance of the terms hereof and acknowledge that no oral representations of any kind have been made by the the Festival.

*Feel free to e-mail us in case you have any questions or issues with deadline, formats, uploads or other terms. We really want to try everything to take your movie under consideration. 

Overall Rating
  • Arianna Tricomi

    I had so much fun shoving my movie in my home city and travel around Europe with a group of super nice people! Harry & team put so much passion into it and you can really feel it. Great show and super high quality movies! Grazie!

    April 2022
  • Sìl Viet

    Very nice festival, Harry puts his soul to the work he does and you can see the great result ! Such highquality content it's been great to get to show my project in this crazy good mix !!!

    January 2022
    Response from festival:

    Dear Silvia Moser! We are deeply flattered by your words. The way you perceive our festival and the commitment of our team, we feel confirmed in our path, thank you. Your film "4 ELEMENTS" was a huge added value to our program.

  • Victor Heim

    One of the best. Harry + Crew giving 110% to provide a great show while having this easy-going attitude that everyone loves. Being on the road together and sharing this time was something we'll never forget. Thanks and see you again soon.

    January 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much, Victor, for your charming words. We love the presence of credible and motivated people like you and enjoyed our time with you very much. Your film GERWENTIL is an extraordinary piece of art, passion and professionalism, absolutely incomparable and ground-breaking.

  • Neil Williman

    Never thought I'd get to roll around the German speaking countries of Europe in a tour bus presenting a ski movie that we're proud of with a bunch of other cool cats and their movies! Huge thanks to Harry and Volker for making it happen.

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Neil for sharing your work, passion and thankfulness. It´s been a pleasure having you with us.

  • ben dietermann

    GRANDE. They got the spirit, they share the spirit. Curating happens with a Vision, a superb blend of films & characters hits the road...
    Quick and easy communication is another big plus. 127,9% recommended.

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    We are deeply flattered by your review and feel very valued in our work as a platform for the ski and snowboard filmmaking scene. Thank you Ben and may your movie "Partie" inspire many to powder surfing!