Welcome to the Freeride Filmfestival. We are avid freeriders and film enthusiasts and want to share the excitement of off-piste skiing and snowboarding and the wonderful images that come with it with as many people as possible. We aim to be the platform for films in this niche and to help filmmakers and athletes in this field to bring their projects to a big screen and a big audience.
The Freeride Film Festival is looking for the latest freeride films from the independent filmmaking scene. We aim to embrace the wide range of films produced in this passionate outdoor sport, showcasing a variety of genres including adventure, expedition, portrait, comedy, fiction and art in our programme. Our aim is to support filmmakers and athletes, raise awareness of their projects and host events where people can meet and be inspired for the winter.
After a year off from physical events we are back in November 2021 with a three-part programme.
> 7 prime tour stops + approx. 5 special tour stops in AUT/SUI/GER/ITA
> 1 worldwide show (live streaming show from a studio)
> cinema tour AUT/GER/SUI
... This will allow us to reach even more people and also include a greater number of films in the selection. With our Worldwide Show, we are venturing out of Central Europe with a 100% international show.

Official Selection:
Each selected film will be awarded the "FFF 2021 Official Selection Laurel". In addition, the filmmakers and actors will appear in our promotional activities such as video productions, podcasts and a variety of regional and international press, while they will also be on stage at our biggest screenings and get the chance to travel on our tour bus for a few days. Films selected for the Worldwide Show get the chance to have one or two people live in the studio with them.

ABS Safety Award
Price: € 1.000 + ABS Avalanche Backpack
With this short film competition we would like to call on filmmakers, athletes and the community to share their most valuable experience on the topic of "safety in the mountains" with us. We are looking for your special clip that has the potential to make people aware of the dangers on the mountain, especially the avalanche danger. It can be a professionally produced short film, an honest heartfelt statement as a selfie video of an experience you have had, or just a single self-explanatory helmet cam shot that captures something extraordinarily impressive. We want to inform the visitors of our festival in an honest way and make them realise that freeriding is not a walk in the park. The prize for the winning film (to be defined) will be donated by ABS Avalanche Airbags and we will show the film at all tour stops of the Freeride Filmfestival.

(deutsch unten)

1) Maximum length: 35 minutes (In exceptional cases longer, personal contact required)

2) Synopsis (Summary, Producer, Cast, DOP, Location, ...)

3) final screener or a close to final version for download or streaming (final screener to be delivered by 31. August 2021; 

4) Trailer in HD for download, resolution not lower than 15Mbps 

5) At least 5 photos in hires that represent the essence of the movie; portrait picture of main athletes and director/producuer; cleared rights for presswork and promotional purpose mandatory; behind-the-scenes and making-of pictures are welcome; filename must be: Athlete_Movie_Location_Photographer; photocredit will always be listed; 

6) A commitment from one of the main actor/athlete to attend at least 5 screenings; attendance at further screenings to be discussed and rewarded; 

7) Premieres will be preferred 

8) Movie may not be available for free (youtube/facebook/…) before 1. Dezember 2021 

9) License fee will be paid pending on number of screenings, importance and length. 

10) Screenings and premiere events in central europe need do be planned in coordination with the Freeride Filmfestival 

11) Language: Movies in German and English are accepted. Movies in a different language need to have english or german subtitles, german is preferred. 

12) Video On Demand: The licensors also provide their films to the Freeride Filmfestival (FFF) "not exclusivly" for the purpose of “streaming” (VOD), “download”, also called “electronic sell through” (EST), and “subscription video on demand” (SVoD). The FFF has the right, but is not obliged to actually use the delivered films and to exercise the right of use. The right of use is exercised on the so-called "VOD service" of the FFF, an Internet portal or via the services of FFF partners.

13) By submitting your film you constitute your full and complete acceptance of the terms hereof and acknowledge that no oral representations of any kind have been made by the the Festival.

Feel free to e-mail us in case you have any questions or issues with deadline, uploads or other terms. We really want to try everything to take your movie under consideration. 



1) Gesamtlänge: max 35 Minuten (in Ausnahmefällen länger, persönlicher Kontakt erforderlich)

2) Synopsis (Kurzbeschreibung, Auflistung von Produzent/Darsteller/Kamera/Drehorte/...) 

3) fertiger Film oder eine aussagekräftige Vorversion via Download oder Streaming (finale Vorführversion bis 31. August 2021) 

4) Trailer in HD zum Download, Auflösung mindestens 15 Mbps 

5) Fotoauswahl min. 5 Bilder die den Film aussagekräftig repräsentieren; Portrait Fotos der Hauptprotagonisten und von Regisseur/Produzent; Behind-the-scense und Making-of Bilder sind willkommen; in HiRes mit Freigabe der Bildrechte für Pressearbeit; Benennung Dateinamen: Athlet_Filmtitel_Location_Fotograf 

6) die Zusage eines Hauptprotagonisten zur Teilnahme auf mindestens 5 Tourstopps (Reisekosten und Unterbringung werden übernommen) 

7) Prämierenfilme werden bevorzugt behandelt 

8) der Film darf frühestens am 1.12. 2021 im Internet veröffentlicht werden 

9) Wir bezahlen eine Lizenzgebühr abhänging von der Anzahl der Aufführungen, der Gewichtung und Länge. 

10) Prämieren und Teilnahme bei anderen einschlägigen Festivals in Mitteleuropa müssen in Absprache mit dem FFF geschehen um Konkurrenzveranstaltungen in einer Stadt zu vermeiden. 

11) Sprache: Filme in Deutsch und Englisch werden akzeptiert. Filme in anderen Sprachen müssen Deutsche oder Englische Untertitel haben, bevorzugt Deutsch. 

12) Video On Demand: Die Lizenzgeber stellen ihre Filme dem Freeride Filmfestival (FFF) zusätzlich zum Zwecke der Nutzung "nicht exklusiv" für “Streaming” (VOD) “Download”, auch “Electronic Sell Through” (EST) genannt, und “Subscription Video on Demand”, (SVoD) zur Verfügung. Das FFF hat das Recht, ist jedoch nicht dazu verpflichtet, die gelieferten Filme tatsächlich zu verwenden und das Nutzungsrecht auszuüben. Die Ausübung des Nutzungsrechts findet auf dem sog. „VOD-Dienst“ des FFF, einem Internet-Portal oder über Dienste von Partnern des FFF statt.

13) Mit der Einreichung Deines Films erklärst Du Dein volles Einverständnis mit diesen Bedingungen und erkennst an, dass das Festival keine mündlichen Zusicherungen irgendwelcher Art gemacht hat.

Bitte kontaktiere uns wenn du Fragen zu deiner Einreichung hast, ob es um die Deadline, die Bereitstellung von Dateien oder um die Kosten geht. Wir möchten alles versuchen um deinen Film für unser Festival in Betracht ziehen zu können.

Overall Rating
  • Víðir Björnsson

    Everything went super smooth and really recommend this festival

    April 2021
    Response from festival:

    So great to hear that you liked working with us and recommend our festival. We would recommend you as well to any festival, great filmmaker, fantastic person! Hope to see you soon.

  • Andreas Køhn

    Such a great crew to work with. Honored to be a part of it and hopefully I'll be able to do it again.

    March 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Your movie brought inspiration to us and all the spectators. Keep on shooting and exploring and hope to see you again!

  • Great to work with them, good crew of amazing people !!
    Thankful we could be a part of it & hope to do i again !

    March 2021
    Response from festival:

    Merci beaucoup Laurent, your words are a great compliment! Passionate people like you are the spark that keeps the Freeride-Filmfestival fire burning. We're already looking forward to your next fireworks show.

  • Michael Bernshausen

    Really good festival with a good selection of films. Very good work and commitment, especially with the exchange from cinema to event streaming due to COVID-19! Interesting guests. Proud that we could be a part of it. Thank you!

    February 2021
    Response from festival:

    Dear Mr. Skifilm, thanks so much for your compliment and the fantastic films that your delivered in the past! You are constantly spicing up our program. And working with professionals like you makes everything so much easier.