Playwright, screenwriter, actor, dancer and musician from New Paltz, New York ---
It was while living a year in Vermont that the early melodies for Lovely Jane and Why Are You Free came out of my imagination and into existence, while playing guitar alone in Wild Harry’s living room one night. I was then twenty two, and another year had passed since my close pal and old Somers neighbor Bud Santori had tragically died when driving home in his ancient Volkswagen bus from a gig. In the past while we were boys, it was Buddy who taught me how to play the guitar. This was followed by my joining his newly formed rock band. I was so very much impressed and influenced by Bud’s knowledge, passion and musicality, and in return he thought of me as his rhythm guitar player of choice. Without question he was my guide to Rock & Roll and being in a band. But with that said, turning back to my early twenties, I had become more inspired by acoustic singer songwriters and the mature realism of folk music. Ten years from that first creative experience in Vermont still writing songs, I began to study Environmental Law. It was then, having returned home to Somers after the arduous yearlong academic work at the Vermont Law School that I obtained permission and support from the Somers Historical Society to submit for designation purposes the Mount Zion Church and Burial Ground, for the State and National Register of Historic Places. Within a year of this lengthy process, I began to examine the even larger relationship beyond the church to the surrounding historic homesteads of the Mount Zion neighborhood nearby my home. Who would believe that all of that painstaking research could someday lead me to writing George Turner’s Ghost (GTG). And yes, there was something strange and ghostly in the air, but still so wonderful, living in the midst of that historic neighborhood. This would become a deep emotional part of my life, connecting consciously and subconsciously to the past and present cultural landscape within which stood prominently on a ridge an old mystical neighborhood church and burial ground. I also became amazed at my writer’s zone of imagination and what was possible. For instance, the Tales of Stephentown within the GTG Book came to me quickly in almost semi-conscious dream state.
The next fiction writing came two years later when I became part of the Schoolhouse Theater’s Playwright Workshop in nearby Croton Falls, New York. Here I created The Rolling Brothers (band story), a one act comedy play with my own original Country Rock Music. However as to length, I knew I could have easily written a full length play. And yet, be that as it may … the one act version was produced briefly in New York and Connecticut in special, one of kind venues. At the Playwright Workshop I also acted in the role of The Singing Cowboy for Doug Michael’s award winning play The Geldings, where I wrote, arranged and sang to four of Doug’s play lyrics.
Not long after I followed with writing Actor Master Showmen (AMS) for another possible book publication. Here I used my accumulated Somers Circus knowledge obtained during ten years with the Historical Society. As part of my writing and research over the next two years, I worked at the John Jay Homestead of Bedford, New York interested mostly in Judge William Jay’s life. I would also compose three AMS Banjo Songs that enhanced the story. From an even more dramatic perspective, I decided to live for a year outside Charleston, South Carolina near the Ashley River to absorb the beauty, grandeur and history of the eternal city and historic river corridor for my 1826 Actor Master Showmen period piece.
More recently I had become involved in screenwriting. Here, in a new work 'Dancing with Spies' (DwS), I had included a reasonable amount of Argentine Tango, Ballroom and slow Blues dancing as part of the play script (available at Playwright’s Center website Luckily, for the prior seven years I had participated in many social dance forms and events along with developing an interest in their origins. Then, I happened to take dance lessons from a fascinatingly beautiful, playful and funny Russian dance champion! Suddenly inspired; my Olga character came to life in the DwS writing, as did all the dancers with their passion and elegance. But as important, I invented a contemporary story twist, occurring in exotic and romantic Havana using an international espionage theme for the larger context. I even visited Havana, Cuba, driven as a curious American artist writer. Before deciding later to put the Dancing with Spies play into a potential book manuscript, (including play within the larger work); I decided to go back and trim the Actor Master Showmen prose from its old manuscript and add more dialogue to invent the AMS screenplay. Next the screenplays were submitted to film festivals & screenwriting contests where they won, were selected or chosen as a finalist.
By 2022 (influenced by modern dance), I completed a musical 'David the Anointed' including my own music and lyrics.
Vermont Law School
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July 23, 1949
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Playwright, screenwriter, actor, dancer and musician from New Paltz, New York ---