The Flahertiana festival named after this American filmmaker rests upon principles first used by Robert Flaherty in his film “Nanook of the North”. The main principle of such films is portraying the protagonist's real life on film and structuring it on the screen according to the laws of dramaturgy. The main methods are long-term observation and habitual camera. All decisions of the festival selection commission, which consists of film critics Viktoria Belopolskaya and Marina Drozdova and filmmakers Boris Karadzhev and Pavel Petchenkin, are made based on these principles.

The first edition of the festival was held in 1995 and until 2006 it was held once in two years. That time it was more like theoretic workshop not competition.

Since 2006 the festival officially became annual international documentary film festival with international competition jury and FIPRESCI jury.

The festival program also includes Russian documentaries competition “Russian Flahertiana” as well as various special programs: jury members’ films, childrens' film program, program of the Russian State Archives of Film and Photo Documents, programs investigating different social and humanitarian issues.

Different seminars, round-table discussions, theoretical conferences, workshops are also held in the frameworks of the festival.

International Jury Awards:

- Grand Prix for «The Best Documentary» — «Big Golden Nanook» and 250,000 rub.* (to film director)

- Award for «Discovery of New Subjects and New Heroes» — «Silver Nanook» and 75,000 rub.* (to film director)

- Award for «Original Artistic Solution» — «Silver Nanook» and 75,000 rub.* (to film director)

National Competition Jury Award for the best film of «Russian Flahertiana» program — «Small Golden Nanook» and 25,000 rub. (to film director).

Student Films Competition Jury awards for the Best Student Film and 20,000 (to film director)

Audience Award is awarded to film director, who is selected by public voting throughout the festival. (Only international competition program movies can be selected).

Organizing Committee Award is given to director of the film taking part in the National Competition «Russian Flahertiana».

*- Prize money is paid in rubles, dollars or euros (as winners decide).

XVIII International Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana will take place in Perm in September 14-20, 2018.

International Competition is a basic part of the festival film program.

Documentaries that develop the cinematography aesthetics first introduced by Robert Flaherty in his masterpiece Nanook of the North enter the competition.

Within «Flahertiana-2018» the following events are held along with the main competition program:
- «Russian Flahertiana», the winner of which is determined based on Nation Competition Jury voting.
- Student Films Competition, the winner of which is determined based on Student Films Competition Jury voting.
- Special programs devoted to cinematography of different countries, to film festivals, directors and social problems;
- Workshops, theoretic discussions, seminars, discussion panels.

Film preview copies should have English subtitles or voice-over. All postal/shipping expenses are to be paid by the entrants, as well as all other expenses incurred, such as insurance, etc.
In order to protect the copies during transportation, please, provide proper packaging.

Selection Procedures

Selection Commission headed by the Chairman selects documentaries that participate in all program sections. Deadline for applications is May 10th, 2018. In case a film has been selected, the Festival notifies the applicant, director, producer and distributor of the fact after July 1st, 2018.

Once the film has been selected, the following materials should be sent to the IDFF before July 15th, 2018:

- three stills (full-colour) (not less than 300 dpi);

- a photo of director (full-colour) (not less than 300 dpi);

- film publicity material;

- film trailer;

- English subtitles in international format *.SRT;

- Dialogue list in Russian or English with the timecode.

If a documentary has been selected the Festival has the right to:

- use three minutes from the documentary for broadcasting or other purposes associated with the film and Festival promotion;
- use film trailer for promotion of the film or the festival
- use the publicity material to promote the film and the Festival;

- keep DVD copies of selected documentaries in its archive for non-commercial screening or educational purposes.