Welcome to the 4th edition of the FFTG Awards Film Fest®.
Festival Dates: November 25th - December 10th, 2023

🌟 The FFTG Awards Film Fest 2023 is NOW LIVE! 🎬 Your vote matters! Join us in celebrating the magic of cinema by casting your vote for the 'Audience Choice Best Film of the Fest' Award. Log in at https://fftgawards.sparqfest.live/ and let your voice be heard! 🌟✨

ABOUT FFTG Awards Film Fest:
FFTG, which stands for Film Festivals To Go™, is a company based in New York that specializes in film festival marketing and consulting.

The FFTG Awards Film Fest is an annual international digital/online event that is IMDb qualifying. Created by creatives for creatives, this festival is dedicated to offering independent filmmakers a distinctive platform to digitally showcase and brand their films. The festival operates as a digital space that actively introduces new audiences to the world of indie cinema, often overlooked by traditional platforms. The selection spans across multiple categories.

Films of all lengths and genres that are Officially Selected will vie for the esteemed 'Film of the Fest', 'People's Choice Film of the Fest' and the 'FFTG Spirit Award.' All selected films will be presented through the FFTG and/or Partner Secured Channel as Video on Demand (VOD).

Films are chosen through invitation only, from among eligible entries, by the programming committee. The Board of Directors/Programming Committee invites each film to become a part of the Official Selection in competition.

Our festival takes pride in its inclusivity. All films chosen for official selection automatically qualify for consideration in the 'Grand Jury Choice' Awards across various categories listed below. We watch every single submission in its entirety, guaranteeing thorough evaluation of your project. Recognizing the effort and passion invested by filmmakers, we engage with each Officially Selected movie's creators in a meaningful discussion. These discussions, lasting up to 10 minutes, are captured in videos that are broadcast on the FFTG website, YouTube Channel, and various Social Media platforms throughout the festival's duration and beyond.

Entering its fourth year, we're extending an invitation to films of all genres to participate in the competition across a range of categories. Submissions are welcome from individuals of all nationalities worldwide.

We seek original, captivating story-driven films that exhibit creativity, coupled with exceptional production quality.

* Features * Films under 40 mins* *Wedding film * Fashion film * Documentary * Animation * Experimental * Student film * Female filmmakers* 18 years & below * Ultra-shorts (Less than 5 mins).*

Our diverse selection committee features professionals from across the globe, including Architects, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Filmmakers, and VFX Producers. This blend of backgrounds brings a varied perspective to the films they review. Every selection is watched in its entirety by our team, each member contributing their unique perceptions and experiences. Our global judging panel ensures consistent and impartial decision-making.

FFTG Awards celebrates Exceptional Storytelling and honors Creative Excellence.

🏆 The FFTG Film of the Fest receives the FFTG Statuette features the film's title and director's name engraved on it. This prestigious statuette is sent to winners' locations at no cost. Created by the designers responsible for iconic awards such as Emmy's, Golden Globe, and more.and a Digital Certificate.

🏆 The FFTG - Final Draft Award is presented to the top 5 winners of categories including Film of the Fest, Feature Film, Short Film, Ultra-Short film, Student Filmmaker, and Female Filmmaker (Feature). These winners receive a free latest Final Draft licence valued at $249 each, Sponsored by Final Draft.

🏆 The FFTG - Filmstro Award is presented to the top 5 winners of categories including Film of the Fest, Feature Film, Short Film, Ultra-Short film, Student Filmmaker, and Female Filmmaker of the Fest, People's Choice, FFTG Spirit & Student Filmmaker of the Fest. These winners receive a free Filmstro top Pro Plus license valued at $3000, granting copyright-cleared music for all media throughout 2024. Sponsored by Filmstro, UK.

🏆 Through our exclusive FFTG invitation-only program, "We, the Chosen Ones," projects making it to the Official Selection 2023 are eligible for an invitation, handpicked by the FFTG team, to join the 2024 Official International Jury.

🏆 Participant filmmakers receive FFTG Film Fest Certificates (digital copies) for Official Selection, Nominations, and Awards.

🏆 All winners and nominees can proudly display their accolades on IMDb, share on social media, and other platforms.

- Best Film of the Fest
- Best Feature ( narrative, documentary, Animated, etc.)
- Best Short - under 40 mins (narrative, documentary, Animated, etc.)
- Best Ultra Short (Less than 5 mins)

- Best Student Film - New Wave Filmmaker (feature, short, ultra-short)
- Best Female Filmmaker of the fest - (feature, short, ultra-short)
- Best Film Title of the Fest
- Best Fashion Film
- Best Wedding Film


🏆 People's Choice Award:
The recipient of this award is determined by the number of votes a film accumulates during the Festival week from November 25th to December 10th, 2023, irrespective of its length or category. The filmmaker with the highest count of votes, likes, and comments during the competition week will be declared the winner in this category. The FFTG jury does not vote for this award.

🏆 FFTG Spirit Award:
All filmmakers officially participating in the festival cast their votes to decide which film or filmmaker best embodies the Spirit of FFTG. Every participating filmmaker will vote for the standout film in the competition from November 25th to December 10th, 2023. Based on their votes, the film with the most votes will receive the "FFTG Spirit Award." The FFTG jury abstains from voting in this category.

🏆 Each shortlisted film has a dedicated page. All participants of the Official Program 2023 can update their information or credits via email at any time to commemorate their achievement.

1. All Official Selections, Nominees, and Winners will receive the official FFTG Awards Laurel.

2. All Official Selections, Nominees, and Winners will receive a signed FFTG Awards Certificate.

3. Social Platform support & project branding: FFTG Awards provides backing by sharing details about each selected film on our social media platforms, using hashtags to target the right audience, and enhancing project branding. We ensure your work reaches the intended audience through hashtags, comments, ads, shares, and social platforms.

4. Collaboration potential with Film Festivals To Go (FFTG) to amplify global audience reach and explore distribution on OTT platforms if relevant. For additional information, please visit www.filmfestivalstogo.com.

The 4th FFTG Awards Film Fest® is scheduled to be held digitally from November 25th to December 10th, 2023.

- Submission Deadlines
Submissions open September 1st, 2023.
Regular Deadline October 22nd, 2023.
Final Deadline November 13th, 2023.
Notification November 19th, 2023

If you have any uncertainties about selecting the appropriate category, feel free to reach out to us at info@fftgawards.com.

Your entry must include the following initial four points:

1. Provide a concise 3-4 line synopsis (if chosen, this may be utilized for the Festival Program and website).

2. For Feature/Short films: Include a 250-word synopsis along with the genre (if selected, this may be used for marketing purposes).

3. Students/18 Years & below: Ensure you include evidence of your student status during the production period (Copy of student ID). For this category, please email us the filmmaker's current-year student school ID card, proof of age for 18 & below, and your FilmFreeway tracking ID # and project title to info@fftgawards.com. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

4. All submissions must be provided as online streaming videos for movie projects through a participating submission platform (FilmFreeway), with a password-protected streaming URL. If there is any change to the password or link after submitting, please notify the Festival at 'info@fftgawards.com' so that we can update your record. If changes are not communicated, the submitter assumes responsibility. In the case of an inactive streaming link or an incorrect password, the submission may be deemed ineligible.

5. All entrants will be informed of the Festival's decision by November 19th, 2023.


1. We accept all fiction and non-fiction film genres, regardless of age groups. It is important to note that submissions must be in English or include English subtitles at the time of submission. FFTG Awards reserves the right to disqualify films without English subtitles. Films in languages other than English must provide both the original language and English subtitles.

2. Films that have been previously submitted to FFTG Awards Film Fest are not eligible, unless the film has undergone significant changes in terms of narrative or artistic presentation since its last entry.

3. If you wish to re-submit a film that was previously entered, you can do so with the appropriate entry fee, provided the film has been substantially altered, re-edited, or remade since its initial submission. Such a resubmission will be treated as an entirely new project.

4. If your film project is particularly sensitive, legally or otherwise, and you require special arrangements such as a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or encrypted entry, kindly contact us at info@fftgawards.com with 'CRITICAL PROJECT' in the subject line.

5. We do not accept file transfers unless specifically requested by the FFTG Awards Film Fest programmer for offline viewing.

6. Films that are available on the Internet are not eligible. Short films that are publicly accessible online prior to the festival may be considered for exhibition as part of the Official Selection, but they will not be eligible for awards. We prefer that short films are not publicly available online. If your film is selected for the Official Program 2023, it must not be accessible through any channels from November 19th to December 23rd, 2023.

7. Please note that NO CHANGES can be made after you submit your entry. If you decide to add additional categories later, a new submission with the appropriate entry fee will be required.

8. Submitted projects must be original works created by the participant.

9. The movie link provided must not require downloading and must remain active and accessible until the festival's closing date.

10. Entry forms and payments will not be processed without accompanying submission links in an accepted format.

11. Include a film poster, two film stills, and a director's headshot with your entry. These materials must be included with the submission.

12. Feel free to provide additional press materials, cast and crew bios, or any other relevant information about your film.

13. While films in any language are considered, they must be screened only in English. They need to be either subtitled or dubbed in English; otherwise, the film will be disqualified. Having a subtitled version uploaded is preferable for our jury members based in different time zones worldwide. This preparation also benefits your festival and distribution journey, widening the possibilities of exposure.

14. The Festival is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged entries.

15. Any exceptions to the festival's regulations must be authorized by the Festival Director.

16. Multiple entries are allowed, but each entry must be accompanied by a separate entry form and fee.

17. Situations involving music and copyrights are the sender's responsibility.

18. By submitting, you agree to allow the publication of your film's trailers and images, and you consent to share your data for promotional purposes.

19. Withdrawn films are treated as disqualified, and the fee will not be refunded.

20. All fees are non-refundable.

21. Submitting does not guarantee program inclusion. Written comments describing entries can be helpful.

22. Filmmakers must authorize us to use the film on any platform, or the entry will be disqualified.

23. Rough cuts or works-in-progress are accepted and reviewed, but filmmakers are encouraged to submit versions as close to the final cut as possible. The Festival will not accept new versions of an entry unless requested by the programming staff.


1. Projects created by students and filmmakers aged 18 years & younger will be evaluated within their designated student category, acknowledging their limited resources and budget constraints.

2. To verify student status and age 18 & below, please upload a copy of a valid student ID and a government-issued ID to your project page. This can be done by navigating to My Projects > Project File > Files & Attachments and adding the required documentation.

NOTE: Failure to include the necessary ID will result in rejection of the entry without exceptions. NO REFUNDS will be provided in such cases. A resubmission with a new entry fee will be required.


1. Submitted films must be original works of the contestant.

2. Films are considered for entry regardless of their premiere status, although preference is given to films that have not been previously premiered.

3. Film entries are assessed based on the competition program outlined in the rules and regulations.

4. Features that have been self-distributed online by the filmmakers are eligible for consideration in Feature categories.

5. All screeners must be uploaded according to the specified deadline.

6. The entry period closes at 11:59 PM PST on November 12th, 2023.

7. FFTG Awards Film Festival reserves the right to enact necessary changes, postponements, or cancellations to event scheduling as deemed appropriate.

8. If issues arise with the submission, we will communicate with entrants for resolution. In such cases, entrants must rectify the submission issue by the provided deadline. Failure to do so may result in the film not being reviewed in a timely manner.

9. Films submitted to the contest will be retained within the Festival's files and video archives.

10. The works will not be commercially exploited without first obtaining an agreement from the authors.

11. FFTG Awards Film Festival takes reasonable security measures to protect the copyright of submitted films. The festival welcomes films on diverse themes but reserves the right to exclude advertising and pornographic content.

12. The festival has the authority to exclude any film that, at its sole discretion, does not comply with ethical standards or applicable laws. Exclusion in such cases will not lead to reimbursement of the festival fee.

13. The festival does not provide screening fees.

14. The festival jury holds the sole discretion to determine the winners in festival categories.

15. Winners' names will be publicly announced on the official festival website www.fftgawards.com, social media platforms, and via email addresses provided during film submission.

16. The festival reserves the right to select a different genre than the one indicated by the submitter in the submission form.

17. The festival is not responsible for typographical errors or incorrect information provided in the application.

18. The festival is not liable for any failure to contact applicants due to incorrect contact information provided in FilmFreeway. It's the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure contact details accuracy.

19. While the festival may review late submissions, no refunds will be issued for late entries.

20. Names and titles used in promotional materials will correspond to those provided in the application. Title changes post-submission may not be accommodated, as acknowledged by the applicant during the submission process.

21. The festival programmers do not share selection committee comments or ratings with the public or submitting filmmakers.

22. Fee waiver requests are not accepted to ensure fairness among all participants.

23. Promotional materials of selected films become property of FFTG Awards and can be utilized to promote the Festival and its programs through various mediums.


Neither party shall be held liable or responsible to the other party nor be considered to have breached these Terms and Conditions due to failure or delay in fulfilling or performing any term (including commission cancellation) when such failure or delay is caused by or results from factors beyond the reasonable control of the affected party. These factors may include, but are not limited to, fire, floods, embargoes, war, acts of war, acts of terrorism, insurrections, riots, virus outbreaks, diseases or infections (including restrictions imposed by any branch of any applicable international, national, or local government), civil disturbances, strikes, lockouts, or other labor disturbances, acts of nature, or actions, omissions, or delays in actions by any governmental authority.
However, it is important that the affected party promptly notifies the other party about the occurrence of the force majeure event or any existing or anticipated inability to fulfill or perform any term outlined in these Terms and Conditions. The affected party should also take reasonable efforts to prevent or eliminate the causes of non-performance resulting from the force majeure event. This clause allows for a level of flexibility when external factors beyond the control of either party affect the fulfillment of obligations as per these Terms and Conditions.


By submitting your film, you confirm that you possess the legal authority to represent and submit the film for consideration, and you acknowledge your acceptance of the FFTG Awards regulations.

Upon submission of this form, you also grant permission for the festival to utilize your film and its associated promotional materials for promotional purposes. Kindly indicate your agreement below.

Your agreement to these terms is confirmed by submitting the form. Additionally, as the producer of the film, you grant FFTG Awards Film Festival the following rights:

(a) The right to exhibit the film online throughout the duration of the Festival, within a programmed session available on-demand via the FFTG Awards website using Vimeo Premium.
(b) The right to use a section of the production for promotional purposes.
As the producer, you warrant that you have obtained all necessary permissions to enter the film into the festival, and that the film does not infringe upon the rights, including copyright, of any third party. This encompasses the usage of music and literary material.

By submitting and having your film accepted for exhibition at the Festival, you provide FFTG Awards Film Festival the right to use excerpts from your film for promotional purposes. The party submitting the film, whether an individual or corporation, acknowledges the authority to commit the film for screening and agrees to abide by the outlined requirements and regulations. In case of any claims involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, or loss of/damage to the submitted screening videos, the party submitting the film agrees to indemnify and hold FFTG Awards Film Festival (New York) harmless from any resulting claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses, including attorney's fees and court costs.

6. The FFTG Awards Film Festival operates as a straightforward and equitable online competition designed to garner more attention for your work. We believe that winning is accessible to all participants, and our diverse array of award categories ensures that filmmakers of varying styles can engage and have a chance to secure recognition across different categories. Specifically, the FILM FEST PEOPLE CHOICE AWARD at our festival is determined by the number of votes received by a film during the competition week, spanning from November 25th to December 10th, 2023. This award category disregards film length and genre, and the filmmaker whose work accumulates the highest number of votes, likes, and comments during the specified competition week will emerge as the winner of the PEOPLE CHOICE AWARD.

Moreover, we present another award category in which all participating filmmakers hold the power to select the best film in the competition. Through a voting process, filmmakers collectively determine which entry best embodies the spirit of the FFTG Awards Film Festival. Based on their votes, the film that garners the most support will be awarded the prestigious "FFTG Spirit Award." Our intention is to provide a platform where all participants can engage in the festival experience and have the opportunity to contribute to recognizing outstanding works within the competition.


1. Every submitted film undergoes a thorough evaluation process by at least two distinct members of our jury. Our panel of jurors comprises accomplished professionals from diverse fields, including Architects, filmmakers, artists, and entrepreneurs, each contributing their unique life experiences and perspectives to the evaluation of each movie.

2. In instances where a film garners two or more positive recommendations following the initial evaluations, it progresses to further rounds of assessment. Additional programmers become involved, leading to deliberation sessions where the film's merits and qualities are extensively discussed.

3. During deliberation sessions, a collective decision is reached by the deliberating programmers through discussions and a voting process. Films that receive multiple recommendations in the initial rounds are subjected to a more detailed review by a broader group of programmers. Their insights and viewpoints contribute to the ultimate determination of festival selections.

4. It is important to emphasize that the selection process is driven solely by the discussions and votes of participating programmers. No selections are made outside of this transparent and collaborative process.

5. While we aim to provide valuable insights and feedback, we typically do not share programming feedback with entrants. Our focus is on the fairness and integrity of the selection process.

6. The decisions made by the FFTG Awards programmers and Selection Committee are considered final and binding. Our objective is to ensure a balanced and comprehensive evaluation of all submissions.

7. The Festival Director possesses the authority to make decisions that may overrule the programming committee's choices when necessary, maintaining the overall integrity and vision of the festival. This ensures that the festival aligns with its goals and objectives while maintaining a high standard of quality in its selection process.


Filmmakers whose works are accepted will receive notification through email, phone, WhatsApp, or text. It is advisable to add "filmfreeway.com" to your email contacts to prevent our communication from being flagged as spam.

Upon acceptance, filmmakers are required to confirm their participation within the specified deadline to secure their spot in the festival lineup. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of their position.

Accepted filmmakers are strongly encouraged to provide high-quality digital stills and posters from their film. If these materials are not already available through Film Freeway, it is essential to provide them promptly. Failure to do so may lead to disqualification.

For each officially selected film, we facilitate engaging discussions with the filmmakers, allowing them to share insights into their creative process. These discussions are captured in video interviews lasting up to 10 minutes. The resulting videos are then featured on FFTG Awards' official website (www.fftgawards.com), its YouTube Channel, and other social media platforms.

Upon selection, filmmakers will receive a set of questions related to their submitted work for use in the video interview. It is the filmmaker's responsibility to edit their answers into a high-resolution video format, with the FFTG Awards logo superimposed. This edited video file must be submitted within the timeframe communicated by the festival representative. In case filmmakers prefer the festival to handle the editing process, a nominal fee may be applicable. Failure to submit the video in the stipulated format and time may result in disqualification.

Accepted filmmakers are required to be the original creators of their submitted work and hold all rights to their film and its various components before it is screened at the FFTG Awards.

If accepted, entrants bear the responsibility of timely delivering their film's trailer, final screener link (if applicable), press stills, and a comprehensive press kit as per the provided guidelines and schedule. This ensures the smooth and efficient preparation of the festival program materials and promotional content.

1. All payments must be made in USD currency.

2. The submission fee is to be paid exclusively through Film Freeway. Accepted payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, Union Pay, and PayPal.

3. Films submitted without the corresponding payment WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, and the submission will be removed.

4. Please note that the submission fee is non-negotiable and CANNOT BE WAIVED under any circumstances.

5. By submitting your film, you are implicitly agreeing to adhere to the regulations and terms outlined here.

6. Please be aware that the provided information, eligibility criteria, submission guidelines, terms and conditions of entry, and all other entry-related details are subject to modification by the FFTG Awards Film Festival, and such changes may occur without prior notice.


1. I/We hereby affirm that we have carefully reviewed and fully comprehend all the rules stated above, and we have abided by these regulations.

2. I/We further affirm that the submission we are providing is our original creation, and there are no disputes or conflicts regarding its ownership.

3. I/We also affirm that the material being submitted does not engage in defamation or infringe upon the rights of any living or deceased individual.

4. To the best of my/our knowledge, all the information and statements provided in this submission are accurate and correct.

5. I/We acknowledge that failing to adhere to the competition rules and regulations will lead to disqualification, accompanied by the forfeiture of entry fees.

6. I/We also acknowledge that once the payment for entry has been processed, Dot and Feather Entertainment, LLC will not be liable to refund the submission fee.

7. It is understood that any alterations or revisions to submitted materials will not be accepted after the entry has been submitted.

8. By submitting the provided material, I/We hereby agree to indemnify, safeguard, and protect the Festival, its employees, directors, representatives, and affiliates against all liability, claims, and damages associated with the submission. This includes any fees and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorney's fees, that any of the mentioned parties may incur in relation to the submitted material.

Overall Rating
  • Melissa Sheridan

    I couldn’t get anyone to email back after the awards were cancelled. They selected my screenplay, had me film a video and then heard nothing. I even reached out on Facebook. ☹️

    January 2023
    Response from festival:

    Dear Melissa, We apologize for the communication lapse after selecting your screenplay and filmed video. The announcement of 2022 results will coincide with the 2023 edition. Thank you for your understanding. We are committed to enhancing our communication moving forward.

  • Attending this festival will be an eternal honor for me. I hope you enjoyed watching the movie "Painting of God".

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Adel!

  • I was very proud that my film was present in your festival.

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Salaheddin!

  • Mohammadhossein Bagherifard

    It is one of the best festivals that cares about filmmakers

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Mohammad!

  • Sonykaa Jams

    Amazing! The way they conducted, organised & coordinated the event was so on point. Great experience👌🙌

    July 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Sonykaa!