The Festival of Animation Berlin (FAB) is the first film festival dedicated to animation in Germany's capital.
With the festival focus being on artistic animation of all kinds – from traditional cartoon, Stop Motion to CGI and Cross-Media-Experiments – FAB annually presents the best animated films in both regional and international categories.

FAB aspires not only to promote numerous filmmakers but also to pay tribute to the art of animation. Filmmakers from Berlin and across the globe get the opportunity to associate with like-minded people and present their work to the public.

Apart from competition categories, the festival comprises a rich side programme revolving around animation related themes. As a platform where inspiration, creative exchange, innovation, and communication come together, it seeks to create a point of connection between both emerging and established filmmakers as well as local audiences.

More information about the festival, special guests, and the festival programme can be found on our website :

To our community in quarantine:
We wanted to let you know that we’re observing & staying put on the latest news and public decisions on COVID-19. As of now, we’re trying our best to make FAB happen as planned between 9-11 Oct 2020, but we hope you understand that we’re obliged to handle the situation responsibly and according to official guidelines. This is why we’re also thinking about alternative formats — either way, FAB will continue!
Please keep submitting & reaching out. We’ll post news soon and are committed to offering a fair solution to everyone.
Stay safe and healthy,
The FAB team

The winners of the competitions will receive our beautiful FAB2020 bear trophies.

The festival audience will award films in the categories : Berlin Animation, "Pink Panda" - Animation for Kids and Teens, and Animated Feature .

Additionally, the winner of the German Animation Film competition will be awarded with a cash prize. Additional cash prizes might be confirmed later.

FAB2020 is the fourth edition of the Festival of Animation Berlin and will take place from the 9th -11th of October 2020.


Any animated film including combinations of live action and animation completed after May 01st 2018 may participate. Only completed films qualify for the selection . For participation in the short film competition categories, productions up to a running length of 35 minutes are admitted.

The following competition categories are open for submission:

- International Animation Film: Animated shorts by international artists.
- Student Animation : Animated shorts made by students.
- Animation for Kids and Teens: Animated shorts suitable for children. TV series for children can be submitted to the children’s film competition. Please do not submit more than two episodes per series.
- Animated Feature Film - animated films over 45 min
- German Animation Film: Animated shorts made by animators based in Germany.
- Berlin Animation : Animated shorts made by animation artists based in Berlin
Any borderline questions that may arise shall be decided by festival management. Submission deadline is May 15th 2020 (date of receipt, CET).

Film entries can be submitted exclusively through the online platform FilmFreeway: A registration with FilmFreeway is required in order to submit to FAB. There is a small entry fee to be paid via the platform service. For the preselection we need a password-protected link to your film, provided through the online entry form. With the submission of the film the submitter commits himself to allocate a screening copy in case of selection. No film may be withdrawn.

If the film contains dialogue, subtitles in English must be provided.

All film applicants having submitted a film for preselection shall be notified by July 17th, 2020 via email, whether their entry has been selected for the festival programme. In case of selection, the following additional materials will be required: CV, filmography, and portrait (300dpi, jpeg) of the director, a dialogue list with time codes in original language and English, a list of subtitles in English, film stills (300 dpi, jpg), available press material.

All material must be sent to the following e-mail address:

The required format for the festival screening is DCP (SMPTE/DCI). Other file formats like .MOV and MP4 may be accepted in exceptional cases and after consultation with the programme management. Other film formats are not admitted for the festival screening.
The film must have English subtitles.
All shipping costs to FAB as well as any charges peripheral to shipping, i.e. customs duty and/or clearance etc., shall be borne by the sender. Preview copies as well as screening copies from non-EU countries must be labelled with the following note:
“for cultural purposes only, no commercial value” and be accompanied by a proforma invoice. Please state an amount of less than 10 EUR when declaring the shipment value. Festival entries do not represent a commercial value. Film prints from countries of the European Union can be dispatched without any customs declaration. The screening copies shall be sent to the following address:

Festival of Animation Berlin
FAB c/o Dyrdee Media
10405 BERLIN

The festival management will decide on the composition of the jury. The jury will decide the awarding of the prize of the following competitions: International Animation Film, German Animation Film, Berlin Animation, Animation Film for Children, Student Animation, Animated Feature Film,
None of the jury members shall be involved in the production or distribution of any of the films they will have to judge.
The award winner of the audience award will be chosen by the general audience attending the festival.

Excerpts of participating films (up to 10%) may be used by the festival organizers to publicly promote, evaluate and display the festivals objectives on the internet, broadcasting, and TV (irrespective of the means of transmission), cinema, press, video as well as all types of currently known storage media. The films will be provided free of charge for screening during the festival.

By submitting the entry form, entrants confirm that they are the originators - in case of teams: co-originators - of the submitted work and that they are free to dispose of the submitted work and the rights to use them. The entrants ensure that the persons shown in the works as well as the originators of the works have given them permission for its reproduction and distribution within the festival competition and journalistic review. The entrants ensure that the work is free of third-party rights and that they release the festival organizers from any future claims that may be enforced by third parties relating to copyrights and rights to use the work. In case of teams, the digital signature of its representative is binding for all team members. Teams are jointly and severally liable.

All submitted materials, like film stills and press materials, will remain in the archive of the Festival of Animated Film Berlin. The submitted materials will not be forwarded to other festivals.

The organizers of the Festival of Animation Berlin do not take any responsibility in case of damage or non-delivery of the submitted films, missing entries or other technical problems for any reasons whatsoever. Further they do not take any responsibility in case of disruption of the festival by third parties or by force majeure.
Entry and inclusion of films or videos implies acceptance of the rules and regulations. If there is any discrepancy in the interpretation of these regulations, the German version prevails.

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