The 'Festival della Comunicazione e del Cinema Archeologico' is a film festival where the Ancient World is shown through visual arts. It is held every year in October in Licodia Eubea, in Sicily.
The festival aims at attracting the interest of people about archaeological themes and their protagonists, and at making the study of the Ancient world more engaging and understandable.
The event consists of four main activities:
• Showing documentaries, docu-fictions, and animation movies addressed to various audience categories;
• Archaeological meetings with archaeologists, researchers, directors and film producers engaged in divulgation domain;
• Thematic photographic exhibitions and several side events;
• The winning of three awards: 'Premio Antonino di Vita' given by a scientific committee to those who spent their professional activity in the Ancient World divulgation; 'Premio Archeoclub d’Italia', given to the most appreciated documentary; 'Premio ArcheoVisiva' given by the panel of quality judges to the best film.

'Premio Antonino di Vita' given by a scientific committee to those who spent their professional activity in the Ancient World divulgation;
'Premio Archeoclub d’Italia', given to the most appreciated documentary;
'Premio ArcheoVisiva' given by the panel of quality judges to the best film.

Date, places and organization
The thirteenth edition of Festival della Comunicazione e del Cinema Archeologico (now “Festival”) is held in Licodia Eubea from Wednesday 11th to Sunday 15th October 2022. The Festival is organized by the Associazione Culturale Archeovisiva (now “Organization”), whose office is in Corso Umberto I n. 232, 95040 Licodia Eubea, FN: 91029870879, in partnership with Archeoclub d’Italia of Licodia Eubea “Mario Di Benedetto”.

Registration and pre-selection

Except when derogations are given, documentaries and film of every nationality may be presented, in compliance with the following conditions:
a) They have been produced since 2019; works already shown at previous editions of the “Festival” will not be accepted;
b) Thematic or animation documentaries, films, mid-length films and short films may be registered, whose arguments concern archaeological, historical, paletnological, natural, anthropological research and/or the protection and valorization of cultural property. The entered film can have any duration.

Submitting a film to the "Festival" is free if made by email, for a fee if made through the FilmFreeway platform. For registration purposes, each author must fill in the Entry Form provided by the Organization or downloaded from the official website of the "Festival" (
It is possible to register more than one work by filling in an Entry Form for each film.
Registration opens on 25 January and closes on 31 May 2023, unless extended.

Selection and programming

Registered films are selected by the Art Directors of the “Organization”, who are the sole responsible for the programming and the calendar of the event. The selection is incontestable.


By registering their own film, each author grants a free release for the public screening of the work in one or more rooms of the “Festival”. Following any restrictive measures implemented by the Italian State to contain the Covid-19 epidemic, the “Organization” will be able to decide to do an online digital festival. In this case, the author of the film authorizes the publication of the work also through an online platform equipped with a film protection system;

Producers, distributors or other subjects presenting the film are responsible for being legally authorized to register the film to the “Festival”. The author responds to the truthfulness of data in the registration form, is responsible for the content of his/her works and declares, by registering, that he/she carried out any obligation to third people deriving from using copyright material.
If the film is selected, the right holder of works admitted to the “Festival” authorizes the “Organization” to insert short sections of his/her work, with a maximum duration of three minutes, in TV news, TV or internet programs and the use of texts and images in the published catalogue, on the “Festival” website and on any platform promoting the “Festival”.
Concerning the showing of the selected films no rental fees may be asked.
Film and material shipping costs must be paid by the author or by he/she who makes the registration. The material sent will not be returned, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the "Organization".

Copies of films shown.
The films sent will be part of the historical archive of the “Festival”, founded with cultural and didactic aims and stored at the “Organization office”.

The “Festival” will make the Italian voiceover or subtitles, which will be an exclusive property of the “Festival”. The producer may agree upon buying the voiceover/subtitles and their use rights, in compliance with the “Organization”.

Selected films
The “Organization” will communicate to the authors if they have been selected. The selected films must be given to the “Organization” by a download link not later than the 4th September 2022, in one of the following formats, in order of preference:
• Full HD risoluzione 1920:1080 – 25p/50p
• H.264 o Hevc (H.265) bitrate compreso tra 16 e 25 Mbps;
• 4K ris. 3840:2160 – formato Hh.264 o Hevc (H.265) bitrate compreso tra 35 e 60 Mbps.
The author or the producer of the selected films commits not to withdrawing his/her work from the “Festival”.

Date, places and times of showing
The “Festival” program will be communicated to the authors not later then the 30th September 2021. Dates, places and times of showing may be changed without advance notice, save timely communication to participants.


All the selected films will be shown during the “Festival”. Films following the rule of Art. 2.1 compete to the award of “Premio Archeoclub d’Italia”.
The price will be given to the most appreciated film by the audience present, with a system of voting after every show. The award is a plaque which will be given to the author during the awarding ceremony, in the last night. If the author is not present, the Organization will send the award to him/her.

A scientific committee, whose members are chosen according to the internal rules of the “Festival”, awards the “Premio Antonino Di Vita” to a person (archaeologist, scholar, director, etc.) who spent his professional activity in the divulgation and promotion of the historical-archaeological heritage. The prize is a sculptural work by the artist Santo Paolo Guccione "The Oracle", which will be given during the awarding ceremony.

A panel of five international quality judges, from the world of film production and distribution, from the academic, institutional and artistic world, awards the “Premio ArcheoVisiva” to the film with the maximum points in terms of screen play, direction, photography and editing. The prize is a plaque.
The Artistic Direction of the Festival, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to submit only a part of the selected films to the evaluation of the international quality jury, giving precedence to those of recent production, world premieres and national premieres, film difficult to circuit. Films that do not have English subtitles and those with a duration of less than ten minutes cannot compete for the “Archeovisiva” Award.

The Organization may show films out of competition.

The Organization offers accommodation to every author/producer/director of the selected films if the annual budget allows it. Travel costs must be paid by guests.

Validity of rules
These rules are valid for one year and until the publication of new rules. These rules make the previous ineffective.

Organizers’ responsibility
The “Festival” commits to use information on registration forms according to privacy Code (D.L. n. 196/2003 and following modifications and integrations).
The “Organization” is not held responsible for any damage or loss works may undergo during shipping.
The “Organization” may solve any case which is not present in these rules. In case of extreme need, it can interrupt, suppress, postpone the event or modify these rules, in every moment, in compliance with the management of the event. No damage of any kind may be acknowledged to participants in view of the mentioned possibilities.
The participation in the “Festival” implies the acceptation of these rules.
This regulation is an integral part of the registration form (entry form) whose signature is valid as acceptance of these regulation.
This regulation has been translated from Italian into English. For legal purposes only the Italian version is valid.
In case of litigation, the competent forum is the Tribunale di Catania.

Licodia Eubea, January 2023

Overall Rating
  • Bülent Boral

    Thank you. For your hospitality. It was an unforgettable experience for us. It was a great organization. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

    October 2022
  • Drishyam Communications

    One of the most Imporant Festival. Thanks @Festival della Comunicazione e del Cinema Archeologico for arrenging this.

    October 2022
  • Amazing Festival!!! Alessandra, Lorenzo and the team are so kind. It was a great honor to have our film being part of the Official Selection 2022.
    Again many thanks.

    October 2022
  • Pamela Peregrino

    Thank you very much! Muito obrigada ao Festival della Comunicazione e del Cinema Archeologico!

    October 2022
  • It was a great honor for me to attend this year's festival. Excellent organization of projections and a big plus for hospitality. A few days spent in an authentic town in Sicily was a real experience. All in all, my rating is a pure ten and I believe that every year the program will be improved and perfected as it has been so far. Thank you very much for the creative association and the experience that I will carry with me further.

    October 2022