"Cinemaway" is a Ukrainian fim- and media festival. It explores media- and visual culture.This festival includes 3 parts: creative workshop, movie forum and film competition.
The tasks of the festival:
- creating and learning current problems and themes through the visual art;
- creating new cinema groups for realization of creative ideas and screenplays;
- distribution of the films of young people, groups, studios;
- filming organisation;
- holding the master-classes by proffesional filmmakers;
- international cooperation.

Awards & Prizes

Diplomas and costly prizes.

Rules & Terms

We are looking for short films under 20 minutes with subtitles on English/French/German/ or Ukrainian.
Our catogiries are:
- feature films;
- documentary;
- animation;
- experimental (music video, video poem, art film etc).
There are 3 programs: national, children and international.
National program accepts student- , debute- , proffesional films.
Children program accepts feature films, animation, experimental films of the different children cinema groups and studios (under 15 years) and amateur youth groups (under 18 years).
International program is a sectional of the thematic films: historical,biography,art and cultural films, animation, experimental.