Founded on September 15, 2012, the International Christian Film Festival is one of the largest Christian Film Festival in the world. Our goal is to help filmmakers get to next level.
This is the premiere choice for faith-based, family-friendly films and documentaries.

ICFF is one of the largest Christian Film Festival in the world and it is the only film festival with a screening in France during the Cannes Film Festival


1) Win up to $100,000 in Prizes
2) Oscar style award ceremony
3) Screening movies to distributors
4) Screen movies in France
5) Get a distribution deal during the Festival
6) Walk the red carpet and do interviews with the media
7) Meet industry / like-minded professionals
8) Learn from the best in the industry
9) Meet some of the best actors
10) Known as the friendliest festival.

Awards & Prizes

Our Festival is well known for giving prizes of $100,000 or more.

Rules & Terms

The International Christian Film Festival is open to anyone, anywhere around the world and we encourage people to go out be creative and make great videos. Individuals, Churches, Companies and organizations are all encourage to participate. ICFF is the premiere choice for submitting family-friendly movies and documentaries.


If rules are broken, you will be automatically disqualified and will have to resubmit your video(s). You also give us full permission to download a digital copy of your video as well as playing it during the festival week via projector and online and additional screenings ICFF may have . Some prizes will be granted based on the number of entries, donations and sponsors received. ICFF reserves the right to reject any submissions.

> No refund
> No nudity or sexuality explicit scenes
> No offensive language
> Strong violence is prohibited
> Must be uplifting and/or carries Christian values
> Must be Family Friendly (Dove Guidelines)
> No horror films
> Must be no longer or shorter then required length per category
> For the "Script" category, Films cannot be “Produced”
>All non-Enligh Films must have English Sub

14 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Barbara Kerr Condon

    This was my first time attending ICFF. I had heard strong praise about it from friends. This festival has only been around for five years, and is growing by leaps and bounds. Of course it has some growing pains with a few problems as a result of that. But on the whole, it was a wonderful experience, and one of the best Christian film festivals out there! They had a very nice venue for the festival and have plenty of volunteers who are extremely helpful. The networking opportunities were terrific! There were high quality guest speakers for the seminars, knowledgeable VIPs who actually networked with the filmmakers and didn't try to dodge people, huge crowds attending the festival, and more choices of things to do than one person could possibly manage to cover. They had a great pitch panel of creditable producers who listened and gave feedback to those who pitched. They had open auditions so that actors could show their stuff to real producers. There were seminars on lighting, sound, producing, directing, distribution, and on and on. This was a fantastic panoply of learning experiences for filmmakers. And, of course, there were the screenings of the nominated films that went on all day long throughout the entire festival. The biggest problem was technical, in that several times there was trouble getting films to play. Whether it was equipment and/or operator failure, faulty files the filmmakers had submitted, or some other issue, I don't know. But throughout the festival this problem seriously upset the scheduled screening times, causing attendees to have to choose between seminars and seeing the films they wanted to see at unpredictable times. I suggest the scheduling be adjusted to include more time for Q&A after films and seminars. Then any delays could be better absorbed. But this is part of the learning curve with a new festival and venue. I want to emphasize that I am SO GLAD I attended this event, even with the scheduling problems. I met so many wonderful people, made new friends, learned a great deal from others, and came home with encouragement flowing through my heart. this review would be ten pages long if I listed all the things various people said that were of value and helped me on my journey as an actress, a producer, and a writer. Thank you Marty and all your team for a fantastic experience!

    May 2017
    Icff film way logo
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for the positive review and feedback. We will be sure to include your suggestions and feedbacks in our next meeting. We are honored that you were able to attend. God bless!

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    Sonja Toepfer

    Friends (cinema-owner) of me were there. They did say to me, that the festival was great.

    May 2017
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    Stephen Spivey

    The International Christian Film Festival has one goal in mind - to promote the Christian film industry through Christ. Fantastically ran from the top to the bottom - from the location, vendors, guest industry speakers, workshops, premiering films, networking, and ceremony. An extremely enjoyable event!

    May 2017
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    Whitney Hill

    All-star Film Festival! PACKED with screenings and seminars. Just hate we couldn't attend every event. Oh well - there is always next year, and we WILL BE THERE!

    May 2017
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    frank X Panico

    International Christian film festival was excellent! Our film, My friend Raymond, Won foremost inspirational documentary! Marty was great and organized the event very well it was top-notch.

    May 2017