Acceptances for the Austin Revolution Film Festival's 2018 season is underway. First announced acceptance will be made at the 2017 ARFF Awards:

Bringing true indie films to Austin! ARFF was founded by filmmakers who saw many festivals only programming films with big stars. In response, they built a true celebration of independent voices in the world capital of indie film, with a brand based on selecting great stories, screening films in the coolest venues, creating excellent networking opportunities and keeping filmmakers – the true stars of the show – front and center throughout the fest.
Awards are given in several categories across several genres, including features, shorts, web series, music videos as well as both feature and short screenplays. Continuing the indie Austin spirit, ARFF’s award trophies are authentic, rodeo style, Texas belt buckles!

The Austin Revolution Film Fest has gained a great reputation with filmmakers and film fans, who return again and again to the show with repeat submissions and sold-out screenings. It has also attracted industry sponsors, including distributor, screenwriting companies Final Draft and Ink Tip, and the Ambassador Global Group.

In short, we love great stories, we love our filmmakers, and we love connecting audience, filmmaker and film industry representatives in one true celebration of independent film production. Our commitment to filmmakers generates unsolicited testimonials every year, including those below. And we maintain relationships with our submitters throughout the years in a two-way conversation; we’d love for you to join the discussion by emailing us at with questions.

“Undoubtedly one of the best ‘true’ independent film festivals in the world” 
- Jason Tostevin, A WAY OUT

"You guys are different because you really are cultivating a community and caring about independent filmmakers. You are doing something very special with this fest. I am so proud and honored to be included with all these amazing filmmakers!" 

“...Is a breath of fresh air. A festival that focuses on the filmmakers as well as educating audiences to what a film festival is all about... Seeing great indie can tell a lot of love went into this festival.” 

“If you are seriously about making a mark on the indie scene you should definitely enter the Austin Revolution Film Fest” 

“One of the most satisfying screening and festival experiences of my career. Peers become colleagues become friends become family. I can not recommend submitting to this any higher.” 

“The mix of talented film makers, diverse films and stellar networking make it a rarity in a sea of subpar film festivals.” 

Final Draft: All writing winners win a download of the best screenwriting program on the planet.

Ink Tip: InkTip helps writers sell their scripts and get representation. Producers have made more than 200 films from scripts and writers they found through InkTip. All screenplay winners win a listing of your script on InkTip so that producers and reps can find you.

Awards & Prizes


“TOSTEVIN” FILMMAKER of the YEAR AWARD - Given to the best representative of Austin Revolution Film Festival in a given year. Filmmaker must embody the festival in: quality of work and the building of the community by showing support for fellow filmmakers.

"MICHELLE MOWER" FEMALE FILMMAKER OF THE YEAR- Our attempt to level the gender laying field by highlighting the independent women of film.

“RANDALL GREENLAND” Screenwriter of the Year - Winner to the best overall screenwriter.

HORIZON AWARDS (Texas Legends) - 4 awards given to contributors to indie film on a whole. Each year named after a different Texas hero.

ARFF HALL OF FAME- Inductees are chosen based on contributions to ARFF over the life of the festival. For filmmakers, they must have played at least 3 projects to be eligible for 2017/

SHELLY AWARD: Our indie spirit awards given to two people.

ADAM HAMPTON: Given to the best actor/director.

TEXAS RENEGADE AWARD: Given to the movie with the best soundtrack.

Rodeo style belt buckles given in categories for the best SHORTS, FEATURES and WEB SERIES. Jury awards and audience choice awards divided by region (Texas, U.S. and World)

Screenplays win gifts from sponsors valued at over $500.

Rules & Terms

All films must be the original work of the filmmakers and all filmmakers must have the necessary rights.

Films must not have distribution. VOD or your film being readily available to stream may affect your status. Texas, (esp Austin) premieres preferred.

The Austin Revolution Film Festival reserves the right to change our programming without notice.

96 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Michael McCallum

    ARFF is a festival that I look forward to submitting to each and every time I have a new film. I only wish I could have attended in the past so I could bump up that Networking section. They've been kind and enthusiastic when it comes to film and that's something that's important and needed. I look forward to submitting new work and hopefully attending soon!

    May 2017
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    Marilyn Swick

    This is a great festival with lots of wonderful awards, love the buckles! We were proud to have our project chosen as a finalist last year!

    February 2017
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    Ya'Ke Smith

    This festival is a gem! Such a great experience every time I attend! The people are great, the networking is great and the overall vibe is really family oriented--filmmakers coming together to not only support one another, but to connect with one another in hopes of forging lasting relationships. If you're in the ATX I urge you to attend.

    November 2016
    Jbd arff logo   square
    Response from festival:

    Just proud to have you in the ARFF family.

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    Yousef Kazemi

    Greatly enjoyed my time at the Austin Revolution Film Festival!

    November 2016
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    James Carroll

    It was a great honor to be part of this film festival and have my screenplay represented. The communication and professionalism were great.

    November 2016