Walthamstow International Film Festival is a platform for short filmmakers. There are six categories and it is open to all.
Categories are:
*Young Persons' Film

Films over 5 minutes in length will be disqualified. The festival is competitive and prizes are awarded for - overall winner, best in each category, and audience vote.

Awards & Prizes

It is a stepping stone festival so the prizes are nominal. We offer recognition, a global platform, and contacts with the British Film Institute.

Rules & Terms

Maximum length 5 minutes.
Made after January 2016
English or English subtitles
Family viewing
Entry fee $10

4 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Vis Vitalis

    Unfortunately, I could not attend the festival because I'm too far from the venue, but I can say that communication with the organizers left the best impression. Very glad I was able to participate in this wonderful event, I hope at the next meeting!

    August 2016
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    Response from festival:

    Thanks Vis

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    Thomas Bloor

    A great festival for short films, attracting entries both international and local, from the slickly professional to the determinedly home-made. The festival is run with enthusiasm and care, and has an inclusive attitude which is particularly supportive of young film makers. The screenings always showcase an exciting and diverse range of short films, with 2016 proving to be a particularly good year.

    August 2016
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    Response from festival:

    Thanks Tom

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    Benoit Rivard

    Small but well-organized festival run by a team of two very talented and thoughtful people. Communication was stellar, team was fun to interact with and immensely welcoming. Very diverse film selections and that's what I love.

    July 2016
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    Response from festival:

    Thanks Benoit

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    Alex Cassun

    A lovely little festival in an emerging part of London. The small staff were very friendly and engaging (although sometimes hard to get information out of) and the venue was great - 4 hours of short films in an historic building just outside the city center, and the awards ceremony in the brand new multiplex right smack in the middle of town. The only real criticism is the structure of the original screening, no real attempt was made to organize or let anyone know what was happening, you just enter in the building, take a seat, and they hit play on the computer and 4 hours later the shorts wrap up. It would be nice to have split them into categories you could choose to view, split over different rooms perhaps, or maybe a short break in between each few video so it would be less awkward to get up and leave to use the restroom or whatever.

    May 2016
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    Response from festival:

    Thanks Alex