SUNDAY SHORTS is a monthly short film festival at the Montague Arms in Peckham, London.

This month we're hosting our annual HALLOWEEN SPECIAL event, and will be co-hosted by a surprise Horror Film Expert (TBA)! So we're on the lookout for HORRORs and THRILLERs of all styles, shapes and sizes from around the world. Regular submissions open again in November.

All submissions are watched by at least 2 jury members, rated and discussed. We select filmmakers that achieve what they set out to, and understand the short form medium.

Shortlisted films receive feedback, and are re-considered for future events. E.g. if we like a film, but agree that it is too long, or the sound is of poor quality, we will shortlist it, and pass our notes onto the submitter.

We select 8 short films to screen per event, host filmmaker Q&As, and announce the film with the most votes the audience award winner!

UK-based filmmakers are invited to attend the SUNDAY SHORTS to give a Q&A after their screening. International filmmakers are asked to do a Skype Q&A, or submit a self-tape.

Here's what our filmmakers thought:

"It was a great pleasure for our young team!"
"It was very cool to be able to speak with you and the audience."
"Such a great idea"
"A really cool venue, great films"
"We had a blast!"

We also have a script reading service, providing detailed feedback and constructive criticism for experienced-to-new writers, first-to-final drafts! All submissions are automatically entered into our monthly Short Script Competition! We are looking for writers lots of potential, who understand the screenplay medium.

This month, it's all about HORRORs and THRILLERs! Anything from murder mystery, to body horror! Cross-genres (such as comedy/horror) are also welcome! Regular submissions open again in November.

Here's what our screenwriters thought:

“Amazing feedback”
“Really insightful and interesting to read a fellow writers thoughts/opinions"
"More than I ever would have expected”
“Really extremely helpful”
“Has really highlighted the crux of the problem. I’m very grateful.”

Awards & Prizes

Audience Award - As voted for in-person by all event attendees at the end of each month. The winner is announced the following day across social media and awarded a Audience Award Winner Laurel.

Script Competition Winner - Each month, the festival director will select a script from the submissions as the competition winner. The winner is announced across social media on the notification date and awarded a Script Competition Winner Laurel.

Rules & Terms


UK SHORT - The writer, director, or producer currently lives in the UK.

UK STUDENT SHORT - The writers. directors, and producers were students at the time of production, and currently live in the UK.

INTERNATIONAL SHORT - The writers, directors and producers do not currently live in the UK.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SHORT - The writers. directors, and producers were students at the time of production, and do not currently live in the UK.

All films can be narrative, documentary, animation, experimental or music video, any subject and style. Please only submit HORROR and THRILLER films this month!

20 minutes max running time.

Films not in English language must have English subtitles.

No premiere requirements, and films may already be available online.

SHORT SCRIPT COMPETITION - Submitted scripts must be original screenplays. Writers of all ages are eligible, from any country in the world, but entries must be in English language.


All suitable script submissions will receive feedback by the notification date.

All film selections will be notified, and will be required to provide a HD .MOV or .MP4 of the film at least one week prior to the event date.

Selected films will only be screened once, and will not be uploaded anywhere online.

Film submissions to SUNDAY SHORTS grants us authorisation to show elements, still images or film extracts, of the entered film for promotional purposes if required.

By submitting your film to SUNDAY SHORTS, you agree that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions, rules and guidelines.

9 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Dan Tambling

    This is a fun night, with a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Also they only show 8 films per event which is great too.

    September 2017
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    Gagandeep Kalirai

    A brilliant evening filled with wonderful people and brilliant filmaking. Such an experience.

    September 2017
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    Mike Rogers

    The best creative feed back I have received on my Award winning Short. Highly effective, full page interview which I have used to market my work. Highly Recommended!

    August 2017
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    Joseph Reaney

    I was delighted that my short film was selected for this festival. I was sadly unable to attend in person, so I pre-recorded a Skype Q&A to be played after the screening instead. The festival director Lee was very friendly and communicative, sharing his personal feedback and the audience reaction with me, which was much appreciated. A great first festival experience, even if I couldn't be there in person this time.

    August 2017
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    David-Matthew Barnes

    One of the best festivals for screenwriters. The amount of detailed feedback I received on my submission was more than any other I've ever received from another festival - and it was all very helpful and very useful. This is a top-notch professional festival that is well-organized. They provided up-to-date and supportive communication throughout the selection process. Its evident they care about the artists they work with.

    August 2017