South East European Film Festival in Los Angeles educates about and promotes cultural diversity of South East Europe through its annual presentations of films from this region and year-round screenings and programs. SEEfest organizes conferences and retrospectives, serves as the cultural hub and resource for scholars and filmmakers, and creates opportunities for cultural exchange between Southern California and South East Europe.

South East European Film Festival is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, public benefit corporation.

Awards & Prizes

SEEFest is a competition festival. Unless otherwise stated all films are eligible for one of the following Awards:

Best Feature Film
Best Feature Documentary Film
Best First Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Short Documentary Film
Best Cinematography
Audience Award

Impact Award, for Best Project

The juries are comprised of film industry professionals and award-winning filmmakers. Audience Award is given to the highest-scoring film based on the audience ballots.

Rules & Terms

The festival accepts feature, documentary (long-form and short-form), short and animated films from, and about South East Europe. Expatriate filmmakers and filmmakers who are not from the region are eligible if the theme of the film is tied to South East Europe and its people.

Please note: the festival does NOT cover all of Eastern Europe. It promotes the cinema and cultures of the less known region of south-eastern Europe covering the Balkans and countries at the cultural crossroads between Europe and Asia, from Austria in the north-west to the Black Sea and the Caucasus in the south-east.

Only films made in the last 18 months prior to the Festival qualify. Films made before 2014 are not eligible.

Submissions are open November - February. In each category selection committee will review all submitted films and suggest the final line up.

Students submitting short films (fiction, documentary or animation) can get a fee waiver. Please contact the festival to obtain the waiver at: program2016(at) , and info(at)

#SEEme video contest is FREE to enter. Submissions must be made via facebook contest page (