Location : Rivne City
Grand Opening : the 26th of September
Grand Closing : the 30th of September
To help tourists and visitors from all over the world to make a sort of pilgrimage, to persuade them into the crazy world of cinematography where they can choose the city of dreams while keeping attention on this shorties, leaving thoughts about work, study and all sorts of everyday concerns. To introduce Rivne City in an unusual way for all the guests, where inhabitants are trying to turn it into a Dream City, the city with a comfortable life for everyone. To share an information about Ukraine, her creative achievements, integration of Ukrainian culture into the global and European cultural space.
The works of different genres that are distributed on sections in which there are bands that disclose a variety of aspects of the settlement from the big city to a small town, their uniqueness and originality will be selected at this Film Festival. All the stories can happen in any city, no matter if it is real or fictional. The main characters could be inhabitants or even visitors who do some deeds or any actions to change the city into the Home of their Dreams, where everyone feels comfortable in all the aspects of life, especially social, economic, linguistic, religious, national and many others.
Official opening and closing of the festival will take place in Rivne House of Culture (http://mbkrivne.info/, street Cathedral, 3D, Rivne, 33000 +3803622 21077)

Festival Structure.
Competition program (international and national competition)
Non-competition programs:
- retrospective
- special indications
Professional events, educational programs, conferences.
Organizers : Rivne regional organization of the Ukrainian Marketing Association.
Partners: Rivne city Council, movie theater “Era”
The Program for Rivne Film Festival
1) International Competition Program
- full-length fiction film
- short-length fiction film
- short-length documentary film
- music video
2) The National Competition Program:
- full-length fiction film of Ukrainian producers
- short films by Ukrainian producers
- music video by Ukrainian producers

Awards & Prizes

- The Grand Prix of the festival;
- First prize in each category;
- Second prize in each category;
- Third prize in each nomination;
- Audience award

Rules & Terms

All submission fees are non-refundable. We will not return your screening and exhibition copies. (If you can't make payment, write us and we will consider your case.) The Festival Directorate may deny participation to any film unable to meet the technical requirements for a public screening of good quality. The festival has the full right to disqualify any competiting film that violates rules and terms, without having to explain the disqualification reasons to the submitter.
Please submit subtitles on all work except English narratives. Every film spoken in an language different than English must have english subtitles, since this is an international festival.We accept films of any genre and of any lenght. Submissions are possible only via Filmfreeway! We accept any film that has been completed after January 1, 2015. Our programmers and jury will make final decisions and notify filmmakers accordingly. All decisions are final and feedback for individual films is not available. CHANCES reserves the right to make any necessary changes in regulations or scheduling.

6 Reviews

Overall Rating
  • false
    Ricardo Bross

    Thanks for including my short documentary in your selection.

    March 2017
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    Slavik Bihun

    It was the first Rivne IFF. It was a good beginning. Best of luck in the forthcoming years!

    September 2016
  • false
    alexandre athané

    The team of the "Rivne International Film Festival" is incredibly nice and so well organized. The festival was fantastic, and I thank the selection team, jurys and people who voted for my film to win such a prestigious award. It is my turn to vote, and I vote for the "Rivne International Film Festival", one of the best festival I have had the chance to participate in ! Long life to you and keep up the good work ! This is definitely the "Dream Festival", in the "Dream City". Many thanks !

    September 2016
    14258203 10209497550091649 2678557154863668141 o
    Response from festival:

    Many thanks! We hope for new meetings in the City of Dreams!

  • false
    Vova Vova

    Про фестиваль, можу сказати, що проведений дуже на високому рівні, як для першого разу. Впенений, що на теренах України зв'явився конкуретний кінофестиваль для Одеського та Молодості. Підбір конкурсної програми цікавий та сильний. Окрема подяка волонтерам за допомогу пі час фестивалю. І великі вітання всім організаторам на чолі директора фестивалю Віктора Булиги за три дні кіно-щастя )))

    September 2016
    14258203 10209497550091649 2678557154863668141 o
    Response from festival:

    Гарно дякуємо! До нових зустрічей у Місті Мрії!

  • false
    Mohammad zare

    Great festival! thanks for screening my film

    September 2016
    14258203 10209497550091649 2678557154863668141 o
    Response from festival:

    Many thanks! We hope for new meetings in the City of Dreams!