The Myrtle Beach International Film Festival has been awarded several prestigious awards including one of the "Top 25 film festivals worth the entry fee" by Movie Maker Magazine.
What sets the MBIFF apart from other festivals is our commitment to Independent film. Many of the attendees has stated that this was their favorite film festival to submit, and attend. Once you are here, you are family.
We house they most diverse judging panel anywhere. From Liberal to Conservative, Professional to Blue Collar. Your film gets a fair shake unlike no other festival. Many film judging panels only house film makers which can grade on a different curve than a film enthusiast that may be a Waitress, Doctor, or someone outside the film industry. We believe that your project receives a more overall perspective grading as to whether it entertains or informs a wider viewing audience rather than that of only an entire panel of film makers. Not to worry, we do have a film maker on board as a judge!
The goal of the founder and director Jerry Dalton, was to create a venue for the independent film makers that was not corrupted by the politics of many events. We do not care who is associated with the film, only whether it entertains and, or informs.
The MBIFF screens projects in a multi-million dollar theater, housing state of the art technology.
We look forward to viewing your film /project!

Awards & Prizes

Trophies are awarded

Rules & Terms

Standard film festival rules apply.
You must own the work and not use another entities copyright.
You must have the legal authority to submit the project.
Fair use is allowed for documentaries.
Projects selected will screen in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in April and will travel to several other locations in September, October...

2 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Susan Gallagher

    By far the best attended and most organized festival I've been to. This was my first year submitting a film, but won't be my last. Jerry Dalton understands how to market his festival to not only filmmakers, but the entire community of the Myrtle Beach area. Many thanks for a great experience!

    April 2017
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    Michael Raab

    This was my second selection to be screened at the MBIFF. in 2013 my documentary "Rolling Thunder" was screened. In 2013 the MBIFF was smooth. In 2017 it went beyond smooth to impressive. Jerry Dalton has developed it into a great event worthy of the high rating Moviemaker Magazine gave it. Little professional touches like the way he handled Q&A and was dead on the money when it came to time. I look forward to my next Festival screening, hopefully in 2018.

    April 2017