The Kansas City FilmFest unites educational, cultural and film organizations in a celebration of independent filmmaking. Each year the festival builds on its tradition of bringing inspiring, thought-provoking, and entertaining films to Kansas City audiences and offers opportunities for artists and filmmakers to network, and develop their craft and art. KCFF encourages filmmakers to attend the festival so they can have the opportunity to interact and engage with our great Kansas City audiences!

Kansas City FilmFest is a festival of juried and curated films, seminars, panels, special events and parties. It's a collaborative, multi-day, annual cultural event designed to celebrate the creativity and hard work of independent filmmakers from around the world! A mix of local, national and international award winning films are screened over a period of 5 days with the filmmakers in attendance.

Over the years, our visiting filmmakers let us know how much they've enjoyed screening for, and interacting with, our engaged and enthusiastic audiences! Filmmakers planning on attending should notify Kansas City FilmFest as soon as possible, so their names may be listed in the scheduled program with their film to be in attendance.

Visiting Filmmakers, Jurors and Special Guests will be invited to attend a fantastic Kansas City experience- complimentary KC BBQ , and tour of the Kansas City Jazz Museum and Negro League Baseball Museum.

Seminars with local and national film professionals are held on various aspects of filmmaking. Visiting filmmakers, industry professionals and Kansas City audience members socialize at special events and parties throughout the festival.

Final jurors for KC FilmFest 2017 will come from a selection of industry professionals in filmmaking, distribution, film media, and festival programmers from Sundance, AFI Silverdocs, Slamdance, SXSW and more.

The Kansas City FilmFest is the longest running and largest film festival in the Kansas City Metro Area. It's presented and governed by the Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee, a nonprofit arts organization, which debuted its first film festival in April 1997.

Awards & Prizes

-Narrative Short ($500 prize)

-Narrative Feature ($1000 prize)

-Documentary Feature ($1000 prize)

-Documentary Short ($500 prize)

-Heartland Student Short($500)

-Audience Choice Award for Narrative Feature (is voted on during the festival by audiences)

-Audience Choice Award for Documentary Feature (is voted on during the festival by audiences)

-Heartland Filmmaker Award- May be awarded by Programming for an outstanding feature if the filmmaker currently resides in Missouri or Kansas, was born in Missouri or Kansas, or the film was shot in Missouri or Kansas.

KCWIFT & KCFF Short Screenplay Contest
• BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY by a female writer or an all-female co-writing team: $1,000 Grand Prize
• BEST FEMALE PROTAGONIST (female and male writers and writing teams are eligible): $500 Cash Prize
• BEST HEARTLAND SHORT SCREENPLAY (Best Short Screenplay and Best Female Protagonist entrants who currently live in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa are eligible): $250 Cash Prize
• AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD (all finalists are eligible): $100 Cash Prize
• FINALISTS: A festival pass to the 2017 Kansas City FilmFest and a staged reading of finalists’ screenplays in selected categories during the festival.

Rules & Terms

Fiction, experimental and/or animation films may be original or adapted from a previously published source. All footage must be original. Documentaries may include footage from other sources. In ALL genres the music may be original or an interpretation but you must certify receipt of any and all releases &/or permissions. To be considered for competition, no public screening should have been held in the Kansas City Metro Area past December 1, 2016.

Submission implies acceptance of the Rules and Regulations by all producers, directors and/or their agents submitting material.
Submission Guidelines:
• Works in progress will NOT be considered for competition or screened at KC FilmFest 2017.
• All work must be completed and submitted no later than the deadline date (December 19, 2016.
• Entries must have been completed no later than September 1, 2015.
• All films must be in English or subtitled in English.
• The filmmaker(s) must secure all rights, licenses, clearances and releases necessary for exhibition. A completed entry through FilmFreeway will be accepted as acknowledgment of the entrant having done so.
• All entry materials become the property of the Kansas City FilmFest and will not be returned. No refunds. By submitting this material you acknowledge the Jubilee's right to copy any submitted material for KC FilmFest's non-commercial use only.

Agreements: If your film or video is accepted for screening by the KC FilmFest 2017, you agree to and understand the following:
• FORMAT: You agree to provide the festival a digital upload for exhibition, or copy of the entry in DVD, flash drive or DCP. It must be received no later than March 10, 2017 so we can build the program reels.

• SHIPPING: If you are mailing an exhibition copy, you are responsible for the arrangements and cost of shipping the exhibition copy to the Kansas City FilmFest.

• PUBLICITY: Upon acceptance, you must supply Kansas City FilmFest with digital stills and other digital and printed press materials. You should be available for interviews prior to and during KC FilmFest 2016.

• LOSS & DAMAGE: Every precaution will be taken to safeguard films, videos and publicity materials while they are in the possession of the KC FIlmFest/Jubilee. However, if loss or damage occurs, Kansas City FilmFest/Jubilee cannot accept or assume responsibility.

KCWIFT & KCFF Short Screenplay Contest Rules And Regulations
• Length of script must be FIFTEEN (15) PAGES OR LESS in the standard screenplay format. (Scripts 16 pages or more will be disqualified and entry fees won’t be refunded.)
• Scripts must be original screenplays. Scripts must be the sole property of the contest entrant(s). For legal reasons Kansas City Women in Film & Television (KCWIFT) and Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee/Kansas City FilmFest will accept only original screenplays by copyright holders.
• Only female screenwriters (including all-female teams) may submit scripts of any genre for the $1,000 Best Short Screenplay Prize. Female screenwriters of all ages are welcome to enter.
• Screenwriters of all genders may submit scripts of any genre for the $500 Best Female Protagonist Prize. Screenwriters of all ages are welcome to enter.
• Screenwriters who submit scripts for the Best Short Screenplay and/or Best Female Protagonist categories AND who currently reside in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa or Nebraska are automatically eligible for the $250 Best Heartland Short Screenplay Prize. (Must indicate address on title page; see below.)
• Entry fee is per script. Any female writer who enters the contest is eligible for all 3 prizes for 1 script if she meets all 3 category eligibility requirements.
• Entrant(s) MUST include on the TITLE PAGE:
• Screenwriter name(s)
• Mailing address(es) – street or PO box, city, state, zip
• Email address(es)
• Phone number(s)
• Prize category(ies) you’re vying for: (1) BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY by a female writer or an all-female co-writing team; or (2) BEST FEMALE PROTAGONIST (female and male writers are eligible)
• Information about scripts adapted from or based on others’ works or stories – see below.
• Entrant(s) MUST include the script title on PAGE 1 of the screenplay (above “FADE IN”).
• There is no limit to the number of screenplays a writer may submit. However, a separate entry fee is required for each screenplay and if a previously submitted screenplay is resubmitted, the author(s) must pay additional entry fee(s) for each resubmission, in accordance with the submission deadlines.
• Collaborative work by two or more female writers who share equally in its creation is eligible for the Best Short Screenplay Prize. Collaborative work wherein a female writer partners with a male writer in any capacity is eligible only for the Best Female Protagonist Prize.
• Collaborators’ names must be included during the submission process, and writing partners will divide equally any prize(s) awarded.
• Entries may be adapted from the entrant’s (or entrants’) original work but submissions may not be based, in whole or in part, on any other fiction or nonfiction material, published or unpublished, produced or unproduced, unless the entrant(s) hold(s) a copyright to the original material on which the screenplay is based. If the script is based on a true story, historical or contemporary, that fact MUST appear on the TITLE PAGE and should be noted at the time the script is submitted. (You may provide documentation or documentation may be requested.)
• Scripts must be written or translated into English and may be submitted electronically. All scripts must be emailed in portable document format (PDF) to, OR submitted through Payments will be processed through FilmFreeway or PayPal. Scripts submitted without an entry fee will not be considered.
• Screenplays NOT adhering to rules and regulations are subject to disqualification at the sole discretion of the judging panel.
• Screenwriters who are disqualified are NOT eligible for refund of any submitted fees.
• KCWIFT reserves the right not to release judges’ comments or the number of scripts received.
• KCWIFT reserves the right not to choose a winner.
• Finalists will be announced by March 13, 2017.
• Finalist scripts of selected categories will be presented in a staged reading at the 2017 Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee/Kansas City FilmFest. The contest winners of the Best Short Screenplay category, the Best Female Protagonist category, the Best Heartland Short Screenplay, and an Audience Choice Award (chosen from finalists whose scripts are part of the live staged reading) will be announced at the KCWIFT/KC FilmFest Short Screenplay Contest ceremony. KC FilmFest will be April 5-9, 2017.
• Members of the KCWIFT board of directors, as well as past KCWIFT board members who have served terms ending less than two years prior to September 1, 2016, are ineligible. Contest judges and readers for the KCWIFT & Kansas City FilmFest Short Screenplay Contest are ineligible to enter, as are their family members and the family members of KCWIFT board members who have served terms ending less than two years prior to September 1, 2016.
KCWIFT and Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee/Kansas City FilmFest are hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any script submitted and accepted for promotional purposes. Due to the volume of submissions, KCWIFT will NOT return copies of submitted scripts. KCWIFT will request and is hereby granted the right to use footage from the project funded and created from the winning screenplay for promotional purposes related to KCWIFT and the KCWIFT & Kansas City FilmFest Short Screenplay Contest. This includes but is not limited to the KCWIFT and the Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee/Kansas City FilmFest websites, screenings, and social media platforms. Neither KCWIFT nor Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee/Kansas City FilmFest holds any ownership rights to projects completed as a result of the KCWIFT & Kansas City FilmFest Short Screenplay Contest, nor are KCWIFT and Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee/Kansas City FilmFest responsible for projects’ production, promotion or distribution.

8 Reviews

Overall Rating
  • false
    Jordan Haro

    This was a tough festival experience. First off, filmmakers are only allowed to have 3 or 4 passes to individual film screenings for the entire festival weekend. The kicker is, if you want to invite anyone to your screening, those guests count against your 3 or 4 passes. So, theoretically, you might not be allowed the bandwidth to go to any movies other than your own unless you pay ticket prices. Despite being grateful for the opportunity, this wasn't the finest festival experience.

    June 2017
  • false
    Clayton Smith

    We had a wonderful time at KCFF. The other films were excellent and the staff were great to work with. Quality of the screenings and venue were top notch.

    May 2017
  • false
    Brett Meyer

    It was a wonderful :) Made a lot of connections with other filmmakers! Everyone was fun and the films I saw were great. I feel honored to have had my film be part of this festival and hope to attend again.

    April 2017
  • false
    Michael Fequiere

    My experience at KCFF was wonderful. The festival was very accommodating and allowed the subject of my documentary to perform live in front of the cinema's audience. The festival also provided a fun tour to the Negro League Hall of Fame and the American Jazz Museum. Overall great experience!

    April 2017
  • false
    Scott Orris

    Everybody was so nice and accomodating! It was truly an honor to have my film screened at this festival!

    April 2017