MFF2017 is an International Mobile Film Festival based in San Diego. Our film festival is exclusive to films shot with mobile phones. No other cameras qualify.

Our 6th International Mobil Film Festival™ in San Diego takes place April 29 & April 30, 2017. See you there! TAG is #MFF2017SanDiego

It is very important that you only submit ONE film per filmmaker or company and it MUST BE SHOT WITH A MOBILE PHONE. One (1) Entry per Filmmaker Only.
****NEW COMPETITION beginning with MFF2017 is the MOBILE FEATURE COMPETITION. SEE CATEGORY: ***Feature Mobile Films Competition (NEW!) Deadline 11/19/17 and visit our website. for details. *You cannot submit a film without requesting a password.

****SEPARATE SHORT FILM COMPETITION: All films must be shot with mobile phones to qualify for this film festival and must be between 1 & 5 minutes in length. ****

Submissions are completely free for our SHORT FILM COMPETITION!
Everyone MUST fill out the REGISTRATION FORM to be eligible AND YOU WILL RECEIVE IT IN AN EMAIL. Email us to request the form:

ONE FILM PER FILMMAKER & LENGTH BETWEEN 1 to 5 MINUTES (20-60 minutes for feature film competition)
No exceptions. All films must be shot with mobile phones only.

See RULES PAGE on our website for deadlines. Link is above.

Awards & Prizes

All the information is on our website. Thank you!

We have beautiful trophies for the winners who attend and a red carpet award ceremony every year in San Diego on the final day of the film festival.
"The red carpet is in your pocket!"

This is the real deal but all films must be shot with only mobile phones.

Rules & Terms

Please read and submit your films on our website:

***All the information is on our website:
All films must be shot with mobile phones. No specific brand but must be a mobile phone. IOS or Android is fine. Windows and whatever other platform is fine as long as it is a mobile phone. Cell phones and Smartphones are both eligible. Go to the website and read all the rules. If you have questions email us. We are here for YOU! We hope we can help realize your dream using your phone. We are pioneers in the mobile filmmaking industry. MFF2017 is not an online film festival. We roll out the red carpet and show your mobile film on the big screen in San Diego during the event. Be a part of it.

****In order to be officially registered every filmmaker needs to fill out the registration form and sign it. No film will be accepted without signing and registering with the Registration form. EMAIL US TO RECEIVE THE FORM.

To enter the NEW Mobile Feature Film Competition you must email us to request a password in order to submit your film. ***Feature Mobile Films Competition (NEW!) Deadline 11/19/2016 Short Films deadline is 12/19/16

You must complete Registration form and we request you read all the information you agree to when you submit your registration. If you have questions do not submit your agreement to the terms. Instead, email us with your questions.

Best of luck!

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    Radim Zbořil

    They did a great job!

    May 2016
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    Kellen Phillips

    Great festival!

    May 2016