It is the mission of the Indie Street Film Festival to discover the most innovative independent filmmakers and nurture them through an ever-evolving world of technology, distribution, and audience engagement, regardless of budget size and in spite of restrictive funding. ISFF will focus on cultural community growth through its presentation of films that voice impactful human stories. The festival’s selected films will all be awarded the opportunity to join the Indie Street cooperative movement, a group distribution brand whose members share resources, profits and a unified audience: ISFF will be the discovery funnel that fuels the new cooperative model and more sustainable careers for the next generation of talented artists.

Awards & Prizes

Grand Jury Prize Winners receive:
- One week theatrical screening in New York City*
- Inclusion on Indie Street VOD platform as a partner filmmaker*
(*optional/dependent on film's distribution situation)

Official Selections receive:
- All Access Pass to attend film festival screenings, parties, workshops, and panels with industry experts.
- Opportunity to have a targeted ad campaign designed by the Indie Street team for the future online release of your film.
- Workshop during the film festival on Cooperative Distribution model.
- Distribution Opportunities through Indie Street and partner platforms.

Rules & Terms

All films must have been completed no earlier than calendar year 2016.

Along with your submission, we would love to know:
A) Is this your first time submitting to ISFF?
B) How did you hear about ISFF?
C) What is your project's total budget?
D) Is anyone on your team a Jersey local?

8 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Stacey Maltin

    I was so thrilled to have my short film HEAD as a part of this fest. They had great communication and were so friendly to filmmakers, really celebrating the films that they were programming. I wish that I been able to attend in person but our writer/lead actor attended on our films behalf and had only positive things to say about the experience of being there in person. I hope to show more films here in the future!

    August 2017
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    Sloan Copeland

    Indie Street Film Festival is a shining example of what film festivals should be. They care for the quality of films and know how to treat filmmakers right. I can't say enough good things about this festival. ISFF grows every year and is primed to become one of the best festivals in the country!

    August 2017
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    Jeremiah Kipp

    Filmmaker friendly. Great audience and location. Doesn't feel like a 2nd year festival; incredibly well organized and programmed. Will only get better and better, and its already fantastic.

    August 2017
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    James Morrison

    This was the first year of the Indie Street Film Festival and it's off to an amazing start! The programmers/staff are sincere, helpful, kind, and love movies. I look forward to watching this festival continue to grow.

    July 2016
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    Adam Forrester

    I wasn't able to attend but their communication and promotion of the festival and individual films was stellar. They are really organized and I will indeed submit a film to them again!

    July 2016