The 4th Annual Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival will be held September 23, 2017, at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. As the longest continuously operating studio in the country, Raleigh Studios has played a central role in creating and supporting the modern entertainment industry. Over the years, the studio has thrived because of its commitment to providing both the highest levels of studio service and the most advanced production technology.

We are now accepting submissions for our next gala event.

Awards & Prizes

All previous winners will be invited to the 4th Annual Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival which takes place in Hollywood in September 23, 2017. Our new Film Festival catalog will be distributed to VIP guest which will include visitors who attended the US-China Film & TV Expo as well as attendees from the American Film Market.

Rules & Terms

All filmmakers who submit to Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival consent to have Hollywood Weekly Magazine, LLC solicit distribution, sales and other opportunities to help promote each film sent to our festival. All winning entries will be invited to participate in HWMFF's online platform. In addition, filmmakers are invited to purchase advertising space in Hollywood Weekly Magazine to gain additional exposure for their films.

All submissions sent on DVDs, including additional marketing materials, posters and press kits sent to Hollywood Weekly are non-returnable.

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    Steven Canfield Crowley

    They put my name on cover of magazine after winning best screenplay so that was appreciated!

    May 2016
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your feedback. We will strive to improve on all areas and greatly appreciate your support.