The 4th Annual Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival was a smashing success. We are still basking in the afterglow, and greatly appreciate everyone who participated. If you missed the gala, please take a look at our website at:


Due to our need to better communicate and offer help to our screenwriters, Hollywood Weekly will host an exclusive "Screenplay Contest" on November 3, 2017, at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. This event is scheduled to coincide with the week-long American Film Market, since many film and TV executives will be in Los Angeles. Raleigh Studios is in the heart of Hollywood, creating a timely opportunity for screenwriters to showcase their best work to the best group of potential buyers.

All screenplay submissions will receive complementary coverage by industry professionals hired by Hollywood Weekly. Our reviews will be published in Hollywood Weekly Magazine. The highest rated screenwriters will be invited to our private event with major Hollywood producers. Our goal is to help you sell your screenplays or find an agent to represent your material. DEADLINE is October 30th.


Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival Launches Hollywood Weekly Movies. Filmmakers Earn Money, While Studio Executives Analyze Potential for Wide Distribution.

In addition to hosting our annual gala, Prather Jackson, founder and executive producer of the Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival is now accepting submissions that will be promoted to Hollywood Studios for theatrical release, or to major production companies for development.

"Based upon my experiences, most films struggle to expand beyond the festival circuit, therefore, many filmmakers fail to achieve their ultimate goal of becoming financially viable. Hollywood studio executives realize success on the festival circuit, although extremely important, may still not translate into box office success. Hollywood Weekly aspires to change that by empowering filmmakers to demonstrate the commercial appeal of their project, based upon its popularity on the Hollywood Weekly Movies' platform. Filmmakers are able to promote their films and participate in a 50/50 revenue share based upon views of their film. Hollywood Studio executives can see there is an audience for that film, and the potential for a successful theatrical run. All of this can be accomplished by simply participating in our Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival.

Any filmmaker that wishes to participate must still register their film on our FilmFreeway website and pay the standard submission fees. We will continue to screen the best films at Raleigh Studios, at our annual gala. However, once a new submission has been added, we will offer viewership to the public for their feedback.

All submissions will be available at:

Awards & Prizes

All filmmakers will participate in rev-share, based upon the popularity and viewership of their individual film. Prizes will be awarded to all winning submissions.

Films that fail to generate any interest within 30 days will be removed from the service, and replaced with new entries. The most popular films will be featured in Hollywood Weekly Magazine. They also will be evaluated by our committee for screening at our 5th Annual Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival to be scheduled for November 2018."

Rules & Terms

All who submit films to Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival ("Hollywood Weekly") consent to have Hollywood Weekly feature their film online on the public website: You grant permission to Hollywood Weekly to download your film and upload to this site expressly for this purpose. Hollywood Weekly agrees to send you a contract that will require your signature that will govern our usage and establish our terms for the revenue share based upon a 50/50 split of income derived from viewership of your film on our website.

Furthermore, you grant Hollywood Weekly with permission to solicit distribution, sales and other opportunities for your film. The public will be invited to offer their feedback, and all submissions will be reviewed by our judges. You will receive a monthly statement and payment shall be made using paypal. All top rated submissions will be invited to participate in Hollywood Weekly Magazine's live screenplay event, or annual gala. In addition, we offer advertising space in Hollywood Weekly Magazine which is available at a reduced cost.

Marketing materials, posters and press kits sent to Hollywood Weekly are non-returnable.

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    ahmet karaman

    it was a great honor for me to apply for the festival ı won the best director award İt was very important for me. Thanks to Ms. Maria Vascsak (Executive Producer of Hollywood Weekly film festival) and all festival team
    Best regards
    Ahmet KARAMAN

    October 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you. Your work is outstanding!

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    Bob Caso

    Recieved notification as a finalist the day before the festival. Being a FINALIST was fantastic news! However, this left us very last minute to arrange someone to attend. Being a Florida-based project, we were not able to have someone for the awards presentations to hear the final result. Up to this point they were very responsive to phone calls from our team trying to see if we could have someone who lives in LA make it out.
    Following the festival, the only reply was an email instructing us to check the website (which had been done, and the winning scripts were not and still have not been announced). A follow up email, and FB message to the page were unanswered (FB message said "seen" but was never replied to).
    We were and are honored to have been selected as a finalist, but we don't know what to say when they don't announce a winner? It looks very odd when we announce on social media that we were a finalist in an event that no one wins?
    **EDIT** Less than 2 hours after writing this, we recieved an email with the final ranking for the top 4 scripts, along with an explanation for the delay (explaining that the judges scored the scripts so closely that Mr. Jackson reviewed the scripts personally to ensure he agreed with his judges). This email asked for the review to be reconsidered.
    Apologies for coming across harsh but this is an incredibly expensive festival to submit to. An email stating that the final judging wasn't decided yet, but would be announced within the next week or some such quick reply would have taken a minute. Instead we were all left hanging (We also weren't notified that the scripts were not being announced when we were working to have someone attend the awards).
    The festival listing here says that there are prizes for the top 5 scripts. We were ranked in the top 5 (and are greatly honored for that!!). However, there was no mention of a prize or any further information in this email, leaving us needing to follow up again.
    We greatly respect the amount of work that goes into producing a festival of any size! But we have to be honest, and we can't with an honest heart rate it higher as this was our experience.

    September 2017
    Response from festival:

    As a top 5 finalist you qualify to participate in our new screenplay competition slated to run from October 1-30, 2017 with the winners attending our Hollywood Weekly/Producers "pitch meeting" on November 3, 2017, at Raleigh Studios. Our goal is to introduce top agents and producers with screenwriters who previously participated in our festival and rank in our top percentages based upon our committees' review of their scripts.

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    Jimmy Ward

    Communication was pretty bad. Was not notified until last minute and had to go out of my way to really get an answer, which was frustrating for the price. Great venue at the studios! Super fun beginning, red carpet, felt professional. I would just point out that it really is not a festival, more like a screening of just two feature films (played at same time in different theater) . They give out awards at the end, but we never get to watch them, which I think would be a lot more fun ! Majority of the audience was just the crew from the feature so kind of felt awkward. Overall, recommended to attend if selected and you will really enjoy yourself there. Once communication is a bit better in the future, this fest will be golden!

    September 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for your review. I would agree, we need to improve communications. We received a number of late submissions that we discovered were quite good. We then felt it was important to carefully evaluate all submissions before finalizing our decisions. This impacted communications until we were prepared to make announcements. It appears that your comments are based largely upon sitting for the 2 screenings in the Fairbanks Screening room. The awards ceremony took place in the Charlie Chaplin theater were about 150 guest from Sweden, Viet Nam, Europe and the US attended. We premiered a highly regarded feature film called "Opus," that told a story that touched the audience. Since we modified this year's festival to expand the awards ceremony, we hired a film composer who created an original score and professional editors needed to show actual clips from the nominated submissions. I did note that it sounds like you enjoyed Raleigh Studios. We greatly appreciate the feedback!

    Thanks for attending!


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    Steven Canfield Crowley

    They put my name on cover of magazine after winning best screenplay so that was appreciated!

    May 2016
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your feedback. We will strive to improve on all areas and greatly appreciate your support.