Sales End July 22, 2017

Aspiring Filmmakers Screening (3pm)

Price $10.00

This will be the student filmmakers screening

Filmmakers 21+ Screening (5:00pm)

Price $10.00

21+ films will be screened. Some of the films may include adult themes.

Attendee Information

Please be aware that the 21+ films may include adult themes.

If you are a filmmaker you will get into the screenings free, but family/friends will need to purchase tickets. Doors open at 2:30pm to purchase tickets and find seating.

All films will play INSIDE of building W3 in the theater. Aspiring Filmmakers Screening and the 19+ screening will now be separate. There will be a 45 minute intermission in between the screenings, and each screening will be followed by an award ceremony.