Fantasturka ‘Turkish Fantastic and Horror Films Festival’ has been organised by Festivalci since 2011. The fifth one is going to be in Ankara on October 14-15-16.

This year, the festival will accept the fictional short film applications in fantastic / horror/ science fiction genres.

Among the applicants, 10 films that will be selected by the jury will be eligible for the finale. The film, which will be chosen by the jury consisting of the leading academicians, directors, screenwriters, and critics, will win “The Best Horror Film” award and 500 $.

The directors whose films are eligible for the finale will be invited to the closing ceremony, and the festival will take care of their accomodation and food expenses in Turkey.

5. Fantasturka ‘Turkish Fantastic and Horror Films Festival’ is going to be in October this year.
1) Fantasturka organised by Ankara Short Films Association takes place in Ankara and İstanbul every year with film screenings, sessions with the leading figures of the sector, and panel discussions with the experts in the cinematic field. The aim of the festival is to draw more attention to the B-movies, to support the newcomer directors and producers, and by bringing them together with the experts of the field, to support the development of the Fantastic, Horror, and Science Fiction films. The Festival program includes the short films that reac the finale of the international short film contest, various sessions and panels, along with Turkish fantastic and horror films from past to present.
2.1) National and international films that were made after January 1, 2015 can apply to the International Short Film Contest.
2.2) Only Fantastic, Horror, Science Fiction films will be accepted.
2.3) The English subtitles must be in the films.
2.4) Only the films that are 30 min. or shorter will be accepted. Industrial or commercial films will not be accepted.
2.5) Application copies must be uploaded encoded on vimeo, and they must be available for watching and downloading until the festival date, 14 15 16 October 2016.
3. Applications must be made online on with the following documents.
1 - 5 screenshots from the film
2 - 1 photograph of the director
3 - Dialogue list in English and in Turkish (if available)
4 - Encoded vimeo link of the film
5 - Personal background of the director (in English, max. 250 characters)
6 - Filmography of the director (in English)
7 - Outline of the film (in English, max. 250 characters)
NOTE: Fantasturka as the right to use these documents in online and offline publicity.
4) Application fee for the international films;
Early Deadline (1 July - 20 July): $7
Regular Deadline (21 July - 20 August): $10
Late Deadline (21 August - 14 September): $15
5) Screening copies of the finalist films must be QuickTime 1080p (video codec H264/MPEG-4/MOV, audio codec AAC; bitrate of 10Mb/s).
6) Fantasturka invites the directors of the finalist films (one person from each film will be invited), and the accomodation and food expenses of the guests will be covered by Fantasturka during the festival. The participants must cover their travel expenses by themselves.
7) Finalist films will be announced on September 20, 2016. You can follow the developments on Fantasturka web site and Facebook page.
8) Fantasturka has the right to publish the clips made from the finalist films on the internet, TV, before and after the film screenings. These clips are limited to use max. %10 of each film.
9) All the film screenings will be free during the festival.
10) Finalist films do not have the right to withdraw from the festival.
11) All the copyrights of the scenes and sounds used in the films are under the responsibility of the director/producer. In case of a problem, Fantasturka is not responsible for the copyrights.
12) National and international films will be evaluated together, the best film selected by the festival jury will be awarded with $500 and the Fantasturka plaquet. Fantasturka is obligated to give the monetary award until December 31, 2016 at the latest.
13) Assocations and Organisations that would like to give special awards must contact with Ankara Short Films Association until September 1 at the latest.
14) Fantasturka has the right to use the finalist films at the events in different cities throughout the year. Fantasturka is obligated to inform the owner of the film for each screening.
15) Fantasturka has the right to cancel the contest.