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Due to confusion between multiple Film Festivals with same name we are Changing the Name of Shiv Chhatrapati Puneri Film Festival to Falcon International Film Festival. Please get this Noted. Thanks. SCPSFF will be FIFF from 20/03/2021.

This festival is imprinting its shadow since 2 years to the hearts of Film Makers around the World. Till now 598 films have been submitted from around the globe. Mr. Aniketji Mahadik has started this festival since the year 2019 who got inspiration from other film festivals and arranged a board under him to assist him with the film festival. Falcon has awarded many enthusiastic filmmakers around and was successful even during tough times of COVID19.

This festival gives spaces to Short Film & Feature producers to make and show their talent and skill to the world through screening and also to the festival to find and celebrate movies and create filmmakers. Our Jury group is searching for potential movies and producers for screening their films in our film festival. This festival will have screening occasions at the Pune Location with post-screening Q&A with executives, makers and entertainers and the open door for them to coordinate with industry experts at our networking occasions and workshops.


1) 0 to 30 minutes
* First Prize - ₹ 31,000 /- + Trophy + Certificate
* Second Prize -₹ 21, 000 /- + Trophy + Certificate
* Third Prize - ₹ 11,000 /- + Trophy + Certificate

2) 0 to 60 minutes
* First Prize - ₹ 41,000 /- + Trophy + Certificate
* Second Prize - ₹ 31, 000 /- + Trophy + Certificate
* Third Prize - ₹ 21,000/- + Trophy + Certificate

3) 0 to 90 minutes
* First Prize - ₹ 51,000 /- + Trophy + Certificate
* Second Prize - ₹ 41, 000 /- + Trophy + Certificate
* Third Prize - ₹ 31,000 /- + Trophy + Certificate

​✪ Jury Award SHORT FILM — ₹ 11,000 /- + Trophy + Certificate

— Other Prizes by topic —

* Best Social Subject
* Best Health Topic
* Best Documentary Topic
* Best Web Series Topic
* Best Educational Inspiration Topic
* Best Handicapped Topic

— Other Prizes by Categories —

1)Best Director (Female, Male)
2) Best Acting (Female, Male)
3) Best Child (Boy, Girl)
4) Best story
5) Best Screenplay
6) Best communication
7) Best cameraman
8) Best Negative Role (Male, Female)
9) Most Humorous Actress (Male, Female)
10) Best comedian

✪ Audience Award

* All non-English speaking films must be presented in their original version with English subtitles.

* Short Film Entries should not exceed 90 minutes in duration including titles and credits.

* In the event of a film is withdrawn, we will not refund or return any materials.

* Short Film’s DVD should be new or not used.

* Short film must be in MOV/MPEG/MP4 format only.

* English subtitle is compulsory for all languages.

* Prize will be in form of Trophy, Cash & Certificates.

* No banner registration and censor certificate required.

* Top 150 short films will be selected for final screening.

* The decision of the Jury will be final, nobody should ask about the short film for not eligible for the final round of the festival.

* Producer is fully responsible to get no objection certificate from whoever own the rights of the short film on their Letter Head.

* You should not take any legal action against the jury members & organizers.

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Overall Rating
  • I look forward to submitting more of our films to Falcon International Festival. Honored to be a quarter finalist with Darwin Fick in New York.

    May 2023
  • thanx for considering our project NISHACHAR in your festival.we wish you all a great success

    May 2023
  • Thanks for selecting "Enter the Room" into your festival as a quarter-finalist!

    May 2023
  • Thank you so much for the award and including my film Disabled Warriors in your festival

    November 2022
  • . They have no contact information anywhere except email. I think this festival is fake film festival.
    Very bad experience. Filmfreeway should not recommend such film festivals.

    September 2022