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Accolades for "Unproduced Screenplays"
-The dark romantic gangster comedy, Waiting For Jimmy, has been selected at the Houston Comedy Film Festival, 2019.
- JOSH & LOUIE selected at The Palm Springs International Comedy Festival, 2018.
- VINYL MEMORIES is currently a Finalist at the Australia Independent Film Festival, 2018.
- AGING LOVE reached the Quarterfinalist stage at the 11th Annual StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest, 2018.
- DEATH BY THE LAKESIDE was a Finalist at MOTOR CITY NIGHTMARE Film Festival 2018.
- LUMINITA was a Top 6 Finalist at the 2017 October-November Edition of TMFF Screenplay Competition. It was also a Quarter finalists in the 4th Annual Search For New Blood Screenwriting Contest at Stage 32, and reached the Quarter finalist stage at the 11th Annual Storypros International Screenplay Contest 2017.
- Horror screenplay, SOUL SNATCHERS, was an official selection @ Horror Films in Hotlanta 2017.
- AL + JEAN = LOVE & CHAOS was a semi-finalist at Los Angeles CineFest 2017.
- Two screenplays, AS FRIENDS and CANCER OF THE EGO, were "Gold Winners" at the International Independent Film Awards 2017 Fall Session.
- 2 screenplays, CANCER OF THE EGO and LONG ROAD TO OUTBACK TEXAS, selected in the Top 10 at Phoenix Melbourne Film & Screenplay festival, 2017.
- GYPPED BY DEATH was a 3rd Place Winner at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival 2016/17 and a Quarter finalist at the 10th Annual StoryPros International Screenplay Contest.
- THE LONG ROAD TO OUTBACK TEXAS received a Finalist Award in the Suspense/Thriller category at the 2016 Los Angeles Screenplay Contest. It also received an honourable mention at Colorado International Film Festival 2016 and was read at the First Scene and Short Film/Screenplay Festival, 2016.
- JULIET OF THE NIGHT CITY was 3rd place at the 2016 Zed Fest Film Festival and screenplay competition.
- LOVE ON THE ROOFTOP won Best Short Screenplay at the 2015 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Award, as well as receiving an Honourable Mention at the 2015 Canada International Film Festival. At present it is a Semi-Finalist @ APEIRON FILMS Screenplay Competition, Germany.
- THE PEONY PROMISE was a Quarterfinalists at the 5th Annual StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest, 2011.
- IS THAT A GUN IN YOUR POCKET? reached the finalist stage at the US SCREENPLAY FESTIVAL 2008.
- THE FIVE reached the 2nd round in the FilmMakers 6th annual Screenplay Competition in 2006 and PIZZICATO reached the 1st round.
- SOUL PIRATES was short listed for the Top 50 Australian Project Greenlight competition.
- A SUMMER WITHOUT JOSEPHINE was short listed for the 2006 National Open Playwrights' Competition held at Monash University.
- DREAM WARRIOR was a Quarter Finalist in the 5th annual 2005 Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards.
- The short play, THE CLEANER, was performed at Newtown Theatre's SHORT & SWEET 2004.
- Other awards for screenwriting, include, JOSH and JIM'S PLACE, both winning awards at the 1999 Telluride Indiefest. JIM'S PLACE received script development funding in 1997 from the AFC.
- In 2001, ANGELS OF DARLINGHURST received script development funding from the AFC and was successfully completed as a second draft short feature. The following year it was extended to a feature length draft with the assistance from the NSW FTO. It is now being drafted into a musical.
- Short films made by Emanuel have screened at various international film festivals, with MY BROTHER THE QUEER, MOTHER'S BOSOM and THE HITMAN & HIS MOTHER broadcast on EAT CARPET / SBS Television.
Films can be viewed on youtube.
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A self proclaimed writer and director...
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