The First International Film Festival of Madrid to promoting sensible cinema and intercultural dialogue.

Cinema brings important aesthetic, narrative and enjoyment elements, but it is also an important vehicle to reach the hearts and minds of everyone, providing stories and themes to the widest possible audience. Movies can also inspire people to participate and act.

Guiño (Wink) Award-Best Feature Fiction……………………….. € 1.500

Guiño (Wink)-Award for Best Documentary Feature………. € 1.000

Guiño (Wink)-Best Short Film Award.....................................€ 500

Guiño (wink)-Award for the best film made with mobile... € 500

Guiño- (Wink)-Award for the best film on the subject migrations....€ 500

(Wink) -Award for best film for young audiences............ € 500
Guiño (Wink)-Award best film by a director who belong to a diaspora..............................€500
Tick tok vertical short films of up to 10 minutes
Award to Best Screebplay ................................................................ .€ 800

International Film Festival
el ojO cojo
Rules and registration.

Purpose - The International Film Festival el ojO cojo is dedicated to short and feature films, fiction, documentaries and animation, with the aim of promoting intercultural dialogue, migration and coexistence, disseminating quality films that rarely reach Spain, but above all raising awareness of the different facets of reality, trying not to fall into clichés. In this way, step by step, the festival aims to serve as an environment for meeting and discussing projects of common interest.
The organisation

ojO_Ojo NGO dedicated to the promotion of coexistence with a gender approach, declared of public utility by the Madrid City Council. Member of the World Alliance for Cultural Diversity and the Anna Lindh Foundation.
The Festival is independent and will award prizes from the Jury and the Participatory Community December in the form of
THEME- The theme of the el ojO cojo Film Festival is free, as long as the films promote coexistence, diversity and inclusion, with a preference for irony, celebration and humour.
CORONAVIRUS - Due to the exceptional situation we are living in the world, films made in captivity during the COVID crisis will have a special place in the festival.
Sections - There will be the following sections: Official section of fiction films in competition:

Fiction: from 80 minutes.
Documentary: from 60 minutes
Medium-length films:
Fiction: from 20 to 80 minutes
Documentary: from 20 to 60 minutes
Short films in competition up to 20 minutes
Submitted films that do not meet these criteria, but which are of exceptional quality or testimonial value, may be selected for screening out of competition.
Monographic sections and cycles, which will present films of outstanding cinematographic level and social commitment, as well as aesthetic and discursive research, or which refer to a specific reality. They can be grouped by nation, theme, current events,
The films to be considered for the awards must have been completed or premiered on the 1st of January of the previous year and must not have been submitted to previous editions of this festival. It is not an obstacle, although it is considered positive if they have not participated in other festivals.


Entries open on 1 July at 10:30 and close on 31 May.
Films can only be submitted by their directors or with their explicit and signed authorisation for our festival. Submissions from distributors will not be accepted without the director's express authorisation to submit to our festival.
Invitations will be sent to filmmakers only.
Mass mailings from distributors, even if expressly authorised, will not be accepted unless they pay the registration fee for each film. In this case, a maximum of 4 films can be registered.
For the registration to be valid, the film must be uploaded to one of the platforms listed on the website at the end of the rules.
Once registered, the entry form will be considered as an affidavit stating that the applicant is aware of and accepts these rules.
Films participating in other friendly festivals may also be entered directly. Once the shortlist has been announced, you must ensure that we have the following available on the registration platform
A digitised file of the film in :
Master ProRes HD 422 with VE and/or VO in 5.1 and/or 2.0 at 25 or 24 fps
OV version without subtitles in picture or VOSE
No encrypted code to prevent copying and NO WATERMARK (will be reason for disqualification).
Codec: H264
Format: MP4
Aspect: 16:9 or 4/3 depending on the source
AVG Bitrate: 10MBPS at 15MBPS
Sound: 5.1 AAC 48Hz 320 or stereo (Only 1 audio layer mixed)
Framerat: 24 or 25fps
Only clean subtitle masters will be accepted (unless it is directly the VOSE version).

Languages: Spanish essential. Optional: Catalan, Basque or Galician.
Format: SRT, STL or TXT synchronous with the image.
If the subtitles require heights, they must be directly burned into the image.
- Trailer of each title in VOSE or VE: MP4 and between 5-10 Mb. Frame Rate: 24 or 25fps.
- Poster with film title + background only. Layered poster (.psd/.ai) will also be accepted. Minimum resolution required: 2000x3000px.
- 3 or 4 HD stills of each title.
- Photographs of the directors.
We WILL NOT ACCEPT content that is openly available on platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.
Content will NOT BE ACCEPTED only in TVOD license with validity of less than 48 hours.
PLEASE DO NOT email any photos or other documents that we have not EXPRESSLY requested to be emailed.
With their registration, the directors grant el ojO cojo exhibition and distribution rights.
Presentations - It is important that each director takes advantage of the different spaces that the festival offers to promote his or her work. And because we are committed to dialogue, each director or representative who attends the festival to present a film, undertakes to attend at least 3 other directors' screenings during the festival and one meeting, if any.
The films selected for the Competition have the possibility of being acquired for exhibition. For this reason, it is essential that each film be officially presented during the Festival, either by its director or by his representatives if the director is unable to travel.

Transport of copies

Copies will be sent via the registration platform designated by the Festival. In the exceptional case that they have to be sent on physical support, the costs of transport and insurance from the place of dispatch will be borne by the person submitting the film.
All copies to be sent on physical support must be sent to the Festival with transport costs and taxes prepaid. Shipments at the Festival's expense will not be accepted. Please inform the sender by email to, stating the air waybill number, airline used, flight number and date of shipment.
Always state that the copy has no commercial value and declare a maximum value of US$15 for customs purposes.
Hard copies will not be returned.


Publicity and publicity - By registering, each director agrees to publicise his or her participation and the news of the Festival on his or her social networks, from registration to the Awards Ceremony. The director must upload to the registration platform the promotional material for each film, consisting of: poster and photos of the authors and the film, link to the trailer on Youtube or Vimeo. The aim is to provide as much information as possible to the international and local press and to raise the interest of the general public in each film.
Dissemination - The aim of el ojO cojo is to give the greatest possible publicity and distribution to the films that are presented. Recommends films for local distribution in cinemas and online. Recommends films for local distribution.
el ojO cojo also makes a travelling tour with selections from the festival and different cultural spaces.
It will also try to facilitate the participation of the films in different friendly festivals, thus promoting the knowledge of the work.


Invitations - The Festival will make the necessary contacts, according to the possibilities offered each year by the supporters and sponsors, to try to facilitate the stay and the tickets of the filmmakers who aspire to the prizes of the Jury.
These filmmakers will have the opportunity to present their film and make a call to the press, if they so wish during the period in which they are invited.
Preselection - This will be carried out by professionals selected and approved by the Festival itself.
Seminars - The aim of the Festival is to facilitate the discussion and exchange of cinematographic experiences in an environment of cultural integration, for which seminars will be organised.


Depending on the confirmation of funding sources, the Festival Jury will award the following prizes
Guiño Prize - to the best feature film ................................................ with a prize of 1,500 euros.
Guiño Prize - for the best documentary............................................. endowed with 1.000 €.
Guiño Award - for the best medium-length fiction film ................................................... with a prize of €800
Guiño Award - for the best medium-length documentary ............................................ with a prize of €500
Guiño Award - best short film ................................................................... endowed with € 500
Guiño Award - Best Migration-themed Film ............................. endowed with €500
Wink Award - Best film for children......................................... endowed with € 500
Wink Award - Best film by a director from the diaspora ............................. € 1.500
Guiño Award - Best film for children......................................... - € 500 prize money
Wink Award - Best written screenplay ................................................................. worth €800
Community Wink
If the jury deems it appropriate, special Wink Awards in the form of diplomas may be given in recognition of special qualities that the jury deems noteworthy.
The diploma and prize money, if any, will be sent only to the director.
Films that have received an award undertake to mention it in all publicity, posters and press material, with the Festival logo and respecting the exact wording of the Jury's decision, condictio sine qua non to receive the award.

Indicators for the evaluation of the films:

Narrated reality
Subject matter impact
Originality of the treatment
Quality of direction
Environment in which the film was made and its difficulties
Difficulties in realising the project
Qualities of the script
Artistic quality
Technical quality

Any other reason

For cases not foreseen, the decision will be made by the Festival Management.
The order and the date of the screening of each film will be determined by the Festival Management in agreement with the cinemas. A request by the representatives of a film for a change in the order of screening may be considered as serious misconduct and will be grounds for exclusion from the competition.
The Festival Management may eliminate a section due to a lack of quality titles or for other reasons and include the selected films in the Parallel Screening.

Overall Rating
  • A very nice and warmful film festival with a beautiful cause, the people and organizers were more than friendly and welcoming. Wish you the best of luck in the future editions!

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Gracias, Pedro

  • Renato Manganello

    really bad communication. i still didn't get any reply and don't know what happened to my film.

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Dear Renato, we are really surprised by this comment since each director receives the communication of the status of his film through this same platform, but we also publish the selected films on our website and social networks. We invite you to present your new films and to keep moving forward.
    You know perfectly well that the films in our festival must be presented by the Director. Communication with you has been extremely difficult, however we encouraged and promoted his film to be seen, because it dealt with a very special theme and point of view. The awards ceremony was also broadcast on networks and sent by email. So we regret that your team did not communicate to you and we regret even more the unfair valuation you have given to a festival like ours. We thank you for your review.

  • Deborah Craig

    I appreciate the honor of having my film included. Keep up your wonderful work!

    November 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much

  • Emmanuel Plasseraud

    The organization is very friendly, and the place for screening is a very interesting arty area in Madrid. Screenings in front of a crowded theater, which is good for a festival without enough public support ads !!!

    February 2018
    Response from festival:

    thank you Emmanuel

  • James Carroll

    This was an amazing experience and a great festival. It was an honor to be selected and to be associated with them.

    November 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much :-)