Blowing minds through the art of storytelling.
To put it simply, my goal is to blow peoples minds with the projects I'm a part of. Ambition fuels my motive to create and this is what sets my work out from the others. Creative storytelling has interested me my entire life across many different mediums. The essence of story alongside crisp cinematography is an unbeatable combo. Without an immersive story, your piece isn't going to be as impactful as it could be to your audiences or consumers.
I am an Independent Filmmaker based out of Raleigh, NC aiming to bring stories of all kinds from the early concept stages to the finished product. I specialize in fiction, nonfiction, and videography work with an emphasis in writing, directing, editing, and cinematography primarily, but have experience with almost all fields on a traditional film or studio set location.
I work well with people and am able to both take and give direction depending on the situation. I work quickly and efficiently, and show enthusiasm with whatever I'm doing.
Interested in my work or wanting to collaborate?
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Living Arts College
Digital Filmmaking
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December 25, 1996
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Blowing minds through the art of storytelling.