Animator, Indie Film maker, Sound Designer, Video Editor, Actor & So on!
I am Divakar Kuppan from Chennai.Currently staying in Mumbai for Research assistance.I have my post graduation in Master of Design in Animation & Film making from Industrial Design Centre,IIT Bombay.I have graduated from B.E. Computer Science Engineering in 2015. Illustration was always in my natural ability combined with my good observational and visualization skills.Out of my exploration in world cinema and the traditional animation, I have started working on a 2 hour independent animated sci fi feature film project on global warming named Akila in 2015. After graduation,I have been working on it for 2 years. In this phase,I have done loads of concept art, storyboarding and final background arts for my movie. I came to know about the works of Mam.Shilpa Ranade and her pioneering work GGBB.Then Shelving that project and in search of some field guidance, I have come to do my Masters in Animation Design in IIT Bombay in 2017. Here I got a wonderful nurturing on foundations on animation from great professors like Sumant Rao, Phani Tetali,Nina Sabnani,Mazhar Kamran and Shilpa Ranade. Over the past couple of years, I have started with basic paper and pencil animation, then I have been experimenting a lot on with various other possibilities of animation like clay animation, Paper cut out animation, Found item Stopmotion, Glass painting animation, 2D digital animation, etc. I have done my 3rd semester academic project in Glass painting animation which is a 8 minute animation film (The one I sent here) on countryside life.I have always felt that animation needs to be taught in schooling stage onwards like an Extracurricular activity and I have been thinking of simple and legible ways to take this craft to the children without requiring much of software assistance and just using their natural sketching skills and playful mind.Through various traditional animation techniques like paper and pencil animation, Clay animation, papercut out animation, Chalk and Blackboard animation,,we can nurture the creativity among the children at the right stage where their degree of curiosity to learn interesting things is rather more in comparison to the adulthood. Alongside, I will be making Animated shorts as a part of the process. My Animated feature film project Akila is still on the shelves,hope I will get back to it soon!
IDC SChool of Design , IIT Bombay
Animation Design & Film making
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Animator, Indie Film maker, Sound Designer, Video Editor, Actor & So on!