The FIFOG association organizes on an annual basis a festival of Eastern and Western movies in Geneva . Moreover, the festival is enriched with several side events such as university symposiums, public debates, workshops and forums for movie production.
Our goal is to trigger debates that pertain to themes related to the East as well as the West. Our work is buttressed by various national and international partners whose mission is to promote cultural diversity and dialogues between civilizations.

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Golden FIFOG
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1. Are allowed to register for the International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva (FIFOG) films that meet the following conditions:
a) The final screening copy of the film can only be submitted in one of the following formats: 35mm, 16mm, Betacam, HD Cam, DVD, Mini DV, Blue-ray, and DCP.
b) The films have been produced in the last two years for international competitions fiction films, and in the last three years for documentaries and short films. No restrictions are imposed for the films in the Panorama section.
2. The films presented at the International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva are selected by the FIFOG Selection Committee whose decision is final. The committee reserves the right to decide on all cases not covered by this regulation.
3. The FIFOG covers the costs of insurance from the arrival of the copy in Switzerland until its departure. Films are insured throughout the period in which they are in the festival’s custody and until it is shipped back to the submitter. In the case of loss or damage during the festival, the FIFOG will be responsible only for the replacement value of the print. No complaints about the conditions of copies will be taken into account if it is made more than 8 working days after the owner received back his film copy, or after new projection in this period.
4. All screening copies selected for the International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva must be received no later than one month before the festival announced dates. These copies must be technically perfect and verified in advance by the participant. The FIFOG undertakes to return the screening copy to their owners within three weeks after the end of the event at the owners' expenses. In case the festival is asked to keep a copy beyond this period, the shipping company shall be free to claim from the owner of the copy storage costs.
5. If a copy presented to the International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva is lost or damaged during the event, the insurance company of the festival will be responsible for the replacement value of the print. It is therefore strongly recommended that participants of the festival declare the value of the copy in the registration form.
6. Selected films will be presented in Geneva (or other places where the festival takes place) in the original version subtitled in French or exceptionally subtitled in English.
7. Rights holders allow 3 free broadcasts of the film and the dissemination of film clips or soundtrack music for promotional purposes of the FIFOG.
8. The International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva is committed to present no movie - except by special permission of the copyright of the film - to any person or organization whatsoever before the first screening in the context of the event.
9. The rights holders of the film agree not to screen the film in the French part of Switzerland before the festival’s screening.
10. Submission and participation in the International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva implies acceptance of all the rules and regulation