“Construir Cine: International Labour Film Festival”, organized by Construir TV, and “Construyendo Arte”, UOCRA Social Network’s cultural programme committed to building bridges between the worlds of art and work, announce the launch of the first One Minute Short Film contest on “THE FUTURE OF WORK”, which shall be governed by the following Terms and Conditions:

PRIZE. The winning Videominute will be entitled to a GoPro Hero 5 camera, or similar model according to market conditions at the time of prize delivery. There are no cash or in-kind prizes for pre-selected videos.
The prize and coordination of its delivery shall be informed via email to the winner at the mailbox stated at the time of enrollment. The Festival and its organizers shall not be responsible for the non-receipt of the communication to the declared mailbox.
The prize delivery is free of charge at the address declared by the winner, provided that it is located within the Republic of Argentina. In case of winners from other countries, delivery costs shall be charged to the winner.
EXHIBITION WINDOWS: Every selected Videominute shall be broadcast in the Festival’s showings prior to the film or short film to be broadcast in all the venues, according to Construir Cine 2018's schedule, which can be consulted at www.construircine.com.ar
During the Festival Awards Gala, the winning Videominute shall be broadcast and the formal award ceremony shall take place in case the winner can attend.
The selected Videominute shall be broadcast on all the social media platforms of Construir TV - Construir Cine and the sponsors and organizers of this contest.
Section VIII. Rights to use and liability
All contestants guarantee that, at the time of enrollment in the contest, are the sole and exclusive owners of the copyright over the work(s) submitted, and that they are not violating third parties’ rights.
At the time of enrollment in the contest, the contestant(s), whether he/she/they be (a) natural or artificial person(s), shall be automatically authorizing the Organizer and its sponsors to use, automatically and without need to notify the contestants, expressly, finally, irrevocably, without right to receive payment or compensation, the use of the name, image and voice of the contestant(s) on pictures, files and/or digital media, as well as in posters, films and/or publicity spots, tunes and/or vignettes in any type of media and/or promotional pieces, including television, radio, newspapers, posters/signs, mailings and the like for the purpose of the widest publicizing of this contest and its subsequent editions.
Also, at the time of enrollment, contestants guarantee that the contestant or the films submitted to the contest are free from all claims from authors, actors, interpreters, managing companies, unions, and are free from any lien, restriction, or any impediment or limitation to distribution, reproduction, marketing, and exhibition, without temporal or territorial limitations.

By virtue of the statements above, the contestant shall bear and assume all the costs whatsoever of defending the Organizer against any court or out of court action based on the claim that the marketing, distribution, reproduction and/or use of the films or part of them, in the state in which they have been delivered by the contestant, is contrary to the contracts, authorizations, commercial agreements, professional agreements and/or labor agreements obtained by the contestant for the making of the film. In this case, the contestant shall bear all the costs and expenses if a court decision should make the Organizer liable for the matters described in the lines above.

The contestant shall be responsible for the content, and the form of each of the films submitted by him/her to the contest, and shall guarantee that the work(s) submitted do not violate the rights of privacy or any other rule imposed by the relevant control authorities. Therefore, each contestant assumes full liability for the damages that may arise from the use and exhibition of the work(s), and assumes the responsibility to hold the Organizer harmless in case any claim arises based on the facts herein mentioned.


All the preselected and winning contestants of Videominutes assign to the ORGANIZER the exhibition rights of the Work throughout the term of the International Labour Film Festival -CONSTRUIR CINE- to be held during May 2018 in the Argentine Republic. The programming grid, as well as the designation of theater rooms where the works will be shown, shall be set by the ORGANIZER to his sole criterion.

Section IX - Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction
These terms and conditions shall be construed and applied in conformity with the Argentine laws.
In the event of any dispute, discrepancy, question or claim resulting from the implementation or interpretation of this Agreement or its regulation, directly or indirectly, the parties agree to submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the Ordinary Courts of the City of Buenos Aires, and thus relinquish any other jurisdiction that may be applicable by virtue of the present or future domiciles.

Section IX. Advertisers Authorization
The Videominute contestants acknowledge and accept that the winning Videominute shall be part of the Global Labor Film Festival database, automatically participating in the national and international contests and festivals related to the theme of this contest.
Section X. Acceptance of the terms and conditions
The mere fact of taking part in this contest implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions, which can be read and downloaded from the website www.construircine.com.
The Organizers of the contest reserve the right to modify the time periods and the deadlines set in these terms and conditions, as well as the features of the prizes and their presentation/delivery.

Section I. Objectives and Thematic Focus
Construir TV organizes the Fifth Edition of “Construir Cine: International Labour Film Festival”, from May 10 to 16, 2018, in the city of Buenos Aires, whose main purpose is to promote creativity and support the independent making of audiovisual arts dealing with the world of work and workers, providing exhibition and diffusion means. In this Edition, the Festival will focus on “The Future of Work” theme, in connection with the development of the activities undertaken by the G20 Summit in Argentina.
As part of the programmed activities, the “Videominute Contest on THE FUTURE OF WORK” shall be launched, whose thematic focus is outlined as follows:
The world of work is undergoing a significant process of change. The drivers behind this transformation are highly diverse: from technological breakthroughs and the impact of climate change to the emergence of new working modalities and practices. We invite the public at large to tell us in one minute how they imagine the world of work in the coming years, whether from the perspective of the growing role of technology and robotics or from the point of view of education and the social impact that those changes are bringing to the table. Our goal is to open the discussion to make sure that the future may find us in a world with greater inclusion and opportunities for all.
Those works that do not tackle the “The Future of Work” theme shall not be considered at the time of selection.
Section II. Participants
The contest is open to all those people who are of legal age, individually or in a group, provided that they present works with a maximum length of 1 minute (60 seconds) including credits. Works lasting more than that time shall be discarded. Each participant can submit up to 5 works. If the work submitted corresponds to a group of people, a representative of the group must be appointed who shall be in charge of communications with the Festival for all purposes and who shall receive the prize in case the work submitted is a winner. The prize(s) obtained is(are) unique for the work presented, under no circumstances shall the organization award prizes per member of the groups that have produced the work.
Section III. Eligibility of the Works Submitted
(i) The contest aims to examine the future of work using art and, specifically, the audiovisual medium, to open the debate on how changes in technological innovation, work organization and production, globalization, climate change, and demographic and migratory changes shall be decisive factors in current forms of work.
(ii) As to content, the works to be submitted must tell a short and concise story of how the future of work is envisioned. Based mainly on how the changes above will impact the daily life and tasks of workers in the years to come, being able to refer freely to any time horizon.
(iii) As far as narrative forms and aesthetic treatment are concerned, the participants shall be free to choose. That is to say; all works shall be accepted as long as they meet the theme and length requirements. Documentary, fiction, animation, stop motion (and so on) videos can be registered.
(iv) By way of example and for illustrative purposes only, some situations that could be addressed are listed below:
a. Robotics, 3D printing, and the Internet of things are already changing the technology industry and appear more and more frequently in our lives and our jobs. Refrigerators that count calories, watches that receive mails, 3D-printable prosthetics are things that no longer surprise us. Will these developments be positive or negative for workers? Will robots eliminate jobs? Or, on the contrary, will they create new and more qualified jobs and prevent workers from performing heavy duties? How will there be an educational transition to provide skilled workers who are trained to fill the jobs that will be created in the future?
b. Climate Change: industries and life in general are moving towards more resource-friendly formats. How can we possibly influence as consumers and citizens? Will habits and customs related to sustainability modify industries and production processes? Are new works related to this topic created?
c. Working from home, new forms of work: technology, in many cases, is closing the gap. Video conferences, virtual meetings are already here. How will the way we work today change and how will it affect us? Do we envision a world without offices or should they continue to exist? What are the effects on the worker? Routine changes, disorganized schedules... Work and home together will be beneficial? Employer-employee relationships have been changing, and studies indicate that they will continue to do so. How will we manage to maintain basic social coverages (health insurance, pension, limited working hours)? Will these changes and breakthroughs bring about fairer and more self-managed societies, or does regulation have its merit?
d. Other possible topics: the Post-Text Future and the emergence of video in everything we see. Education and its evolution related to new technologies: What will classrooms of the future look like? Which careers will be the most valued to fill the jobs created in the future? Will it be a fairer and more cooperative world? The advances and changes will include more people and hunger won’t be an issue anymore? Or, on the contrary, inequality will rise? How do you envision the future of work for you and those around you? To envision the future of work helps us reflect on the world we want to live in.
(v) Works shall be accepted in any language, provided they are subtitled in Spanish.
(vi) No work shall be accepted if it offends the integrity of persons, institutions, or ethnic groups; which in any way discriminates or violates any ethic code or social convention; which contains scenes portraying sexual acts or explicit violence; or which violates in any way the good social manners or good moral behavior in general.
(vii) Enrolled works acknowledge that they may be included by Construir Cine in national and international audiovisual collectives to participate in open selections governed by said groups.

Call for entries


Announcement of Pre-Selection

of Winners
Closing Gala May 2018
In all cases, submission deadline shall be due on the 00:00 hour, Argentine time, of the closing day.
Section V. Enrollment.
Participation is open to all persons meeting the requirements above, at no cost.
Multiple submissions by a sole participant shall be accepted as long as each submission is made individually for each film submitted.
Enrollment steps:
1) Contestants must fill in the online submission form exclusively through our website www.construircine.com
2) Only “Google Drive” or “We Transfer” links are acceptable. “We Transfer” links must be sent to recepcionmaterial@construirtv.com
No other type of registration shall be accepted. Therefore, all persons interested in this competition must enroll via the website above by filling in and sending the submission form with all the required personal data and a full technical detail form for the work. This form includes the following mandatory details: screening link to the work (Google Drive or We Transfer), film title, and a 200-words maximum synopsis.
Construir Cine shall not be held responsible or liable for the mistakes or loss in the submission or reception of the information sent by the contestants.
The participant knows and accepts that registering and sending the audiovisual material as detailed in points 1 and 2 implies full acceptance of the purpose, rules and conditions of the competition, as well as any modifications that may be made by the Organizer, as well as the decisions that may be taken on any matter not provided for in these rules and conditions.
Failure to comply or lack of compliance with the requirements stipulated in these rules will void participation. Therefore, works that do not contain any of the data and complete requirements detailed here will be excluded from this call.
Section VI. Submission of Works - Technical Specifications
(i) Works with non-Spanish dialogs or onscreen text must provide Spanish subtitles or dubbing.
(ii) Works must be sent in HD quality (preferably 1920 x 1080). The minimum quality accepted shall be 1280 x 720.
(iii) Works must be submitted clean. That is to say, without charts, screen timers, screen plates, non-Spanish subtitles or previous prizes received.
(iv) Accepted file containers: .mov, .mxf or .mp4.
(v) Audio: 48 kbps Stereo Sample Rate.

Section VII: Judges, Selection Process, and Awards
The Panel of Judges shall comprise between 3 (three) and 5 (five) personalities of outstanding achievements in the audiovisual or cultural industries, or prominent experts in this field. All the enrollment, pre-selection and winner selection shall be overseen by Construir Cine and the contest sponsors.
Winner selection shall be divided into two rounds: 1) pre-selection and 2) winner selection.
(iii) PRIZE
A maximum of 20 (twenty) Videominute shall be pre-selected for the final prize. One single winner will be chosen for the entire competition.
The judges shall select the works to be awarded a prize based on two criteria: CONTENT and MAKING
Content: the focus will be on the films describing an experience, a situation or reality referred to “The Future of Work,” and on the story emphasizing the appreciation of the culture of work in all its dimensions.
Making: the focus will be on the contestants having used the most appropriate narrative and technical resources to tell the story.
The judges’ decision shall be final and not open for appeal.
The results in all and each instance shall be announced via e-mail to the contestants.
All the results shall be announced to the public in general by publishing them in all the Construir Cine and Construir TV available platforms, as well as the available platforms of the contest sponsors, and also via mail to the databases available of the institutions mentioned.

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    Excellent Festival. I recommend it to everyone. Try to participate in this festival

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