== 3/21 (Tues) SPECIAL EVENT == Narrative Feature Filmmakers showcase up to 10 minutes of content: scene + trailer, then are featured for a "talk show style" interview and Q&A with the connect community. Maximum networking and film promotion, not our typical festival. Some food, drink, good cheer, great films and friendly filmmakers. Also featuring greatest hits from our 13 events in Los Angeles, Melbourne Australia, Austin TX and Boston MA. Please note: no awards eligibility, but selected films will receive free submission to future Connect festivals and screenings.

It's our first big event back from the pandemic, come join us!! In the lovely and iconic Skiptown Playhouse in East Hollywood. Tues 3/21 (3-2-1 Connect!) at 7pm. It is also a fundraiser celebrating our vibrant creative community.

More information on Connect:

A narrative short film festival, networking celebration, and awards ceremony, Connect is a *filmmaker's festival* that focuses on engaging every member of cast and crew.

In addition to the annual festival we have held screenings in Melbourne Australia, Los Angeles, Austin Texas and Boston MA (www.filmfreeway.com/festival/connectscreenings). Films accepted to the annual festival are automatically considered for the screening series and eligible to screen in multiple locations.

Awards include a rare focus on technical and theatrical achievement (in addition to Best Picture categories), with several Best Actor awards and crew awards such as Cinematography, Post-Production, and Sound. Special awards also additionally highlight female achievement in film.

CFF focuses on "connecting" creatives and celebrating achievement, with a judging panel of active filmmakers and events conducive to filmmaker collaboration.

Connect focuses on direct community building with multiple locations and events: A large annual festival for LA-based filmmakers with ongoing screenings in Melbourne, Australia and Austin, Texas in 2016. International filmmakers and those unable to attend are integrated into the community with video intros, encouraging inter-connectivity.

We welcome work of any age from active narrative filmmakers-- the best and shortest work to serve as an "introduction" and glimpse of their film voice for whatever features, television or other media they may also work on. Revitalize your best work of all time, not just your best of the past 5 minutes.

IMPORTANT FOR NON- LA, Melbourne, or Texas based applicants:

If selected to screen, either an in person or video introduction is required for one member of the filmmaking team.

At least one of the award-eligible filmmakers (director, producer, two lead actors, cinematographer, sound, post-production) must be currently residing within driving distance of either Los Angeles, Austin, or Melbourne, Australia, *or* available for an interview or recorded introduction to share with the community.

Narrative films 2 - 20 minutes made by Los Angeles filmmakers, Texan filmmakers, and Australian filmmakers; filmmakers from other regions are also welcome to apply, however please review guidelines to make sure the festival suits your focus-- as a community-building event, involvement via Skype interview or Los Angeles "filmmaker representative" who was involved in shooting or post-production on the film is mandatory. This is a filmmaker's festival as well as a film festival.

2014 and 2015 Connect films screened at Cannes and won awards in festivals in Toronto, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Houston, and Berlin. Connect is an IMDB-listed event and awards are IMDB listed.

An idea born in a pub and raised in an art space, Connect celebrates superb short films and encourages a vibrant filmmaker community.

Revitalising what can be an exhausting “festival circuit,” Connect strives to inspire filmmakers to “connect with other creatives, and find future collaborators.”

Connect a great audience, great filmmakers, and great energy!

• Watch the best short films, not the best of the last 5 minutes:
Connect shows older work as well as current festival hits.

• Connect with superb filmmakers:
Focused on local filmmakers (Los Angeles, Melbourne, Austin), Connect also includes international submissions. Wherever they originate, every film must have a filmmaker representative either in Los Angeles or available for a Skype interview/video intro. "Filmmaker representative" can be any member of cast or crew who worked on the actual production of the film.

• Value crew as well as director and cast:
Awards at Connect honour achievement from both sides of the lens. Current spotlights include Acting, Cinematography, Film Editing, and Sound.

• Celebrate:
Connect celebrates socialising as integral to creative process. Non-filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers are welcome to come celebrate. Cheers! ☺

For a sample of the creative community Connect Film Festival encourages, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6o9eywXPbQ

= PLEASE NOTE: NO AWARDS AT OUR Tues 3-2-1 Connect relaunch screening event =

Many IMDb listed awards! Straight up cash prize for Best Picture, no "valued at" promotional stuff; trophies for all other categories, official selection awards, laurels.

Connect is run by filmmakers. We respect your films and it is an honor to share the celebration and awards, we love helping to promote the careers and visibility of our filmmakers.

13 IMDB listed awards including two Best Actor awards, technical/crew categories, and special recognition for women in film and Australian films. Cash award for Best Picture. Official selection laurels granted for all films to screen. Short list notification.

IMDB-approved awards currently include the following categories:
• Best Cinematographer
• Best Actor/Actress (2 awards)
• Best Picture/Director/Producer (Shared award),
• Best Drama
• Best Comedy "Golden Horse"
• Best Sound & Music
• Best Post-Production

Additional awards recognizing women in film include:
• Writing: Bechdel award for storytelling (open to men as well, 2015 winner was male)
• Directing: Best Female Director, an award endorsed by The Director List

Two Australian-Focused awards:
• "Straight to the Poolroom!" Best Aussie comedy
• Best Australian Drama

Please note: All films selected to screen are "official selections" and receive laurels from Connect Film Festival. Our awards ceremony is a boisterous and surprisingly supportive affair-- as much about pushing each other to achieve as recognizing excellence. IMDB-listed awards directly link to filmmaker's IMDB profiles and are managed by IMDB.

There are no refunds, and films will only be considered for the categories in which they are entered. While we endeavour to communicate with filmmakers, fraud will not be tolerated and films submitted into an inaccurate cheaper category will be automatically disqualified. Please read carefully and do not submit to the wrong category. *Films over 25 minutes will not be viewed.* No documentaries considered. Animation, Webisodes and Music videos have been screened, but narrative shorts are preferred. Animation is awards eligible (and has won awards), as are webisodes. Music videos are not.

While discounts are available, waivers are only granted in exceptional circumstances with formal application.

• SHORT narrative films only:
We love micro shorts and shorts under 10 minutes! We welcome fiction shorts up to 15 mins. We consider films up to 25 mins with dwindling enthusiasm.

• Your best films, not necessarily your newest films:
Current festival circuit films are welcome, as are masterpieces of any age.

• Films from Los Angeles, Austin or Melbourne preferred, not required:
International films must have an LA representative, or one available for a recorded Skype interview-- a "filmmaker representative" may be any member of production team, cast, crew, on the film, but must have contributed in some way to the final creative product.

• Filmmaker representative mandatory:
A "filmmaker representative" must interact either in person or through online correspondence and recorded Skype interview. Managers, agents, friends or family members who live in Los Angeles are welcome to attend and may qualify for discounted tickets, but only someone who was involved either on set or in the pre/post production process is allowed to function as a filmmaker representative.

• We impose no "premiere only" limitations. Revitalize projects a few years old, reconnect your cast and crew. Share your work! Connect!

Overall Rating
  • Naomi Lisner

    Great communication, highly recommended- will submit again.

    December 2018
  • This team has it together, they show great films, and they are supportive and welcoming.

    December 2017
    Connect film festival logo cff logo sept 2014
    Response from festival:

    Such a delight to have you and the Sealand Cares team on board! We love supporting sparkling comedy and how wonderful that you independently knew other Connect filmmakers from the theater scene, what a dynamic group of performers this year. We look forward to involving you guys in many more events to come! :)

  • Had a fantastic time at the Connect Film Fest! Lindsey and her whole team worked so hard to make the projection and the experience for us filmmakers top notch. They also do some really great things for the filmmakers like submitting award nominations to IMDB and interviewing and photographing all of the filmmakers after the screenings that can be great for promo and social media purposes. The slate of films at the fest were fantastic as well. I highly recommend this fest!

    December 2017
    Connect film festival logo cff logo sept 2014
    Response from festival:

    Hi Jason! Thank you for traveling to attend not only the fest but also some of our happy hours parties and community building. It is a delight to have you and your team from "Boy in the Dark" involved in the community and to feature a story that is so beautifully told with spectacular artistry and heart. You guys really get the collaborative, interactive and supportive environment that is Connect, where we mutually inspire and encourage each other to reach greater heights. Thank you for your involvement and we look forward to seeing much more from every member of your team in years to come! The Connect Film Festival team

  • Kimmy Gatewood

    So fun and incredibly supportive and intelligent audience.

    December 2017
    Connect film festival logo cff logo sept 2014
    Response from festival:

    Hello Kimmy, Alison and the team behind "Control"-- we are honored to have your team in the community and showcase your powerful story that ranges from devastation to nuanced humor. We appreciate the interaction, involvement and support you both show for our interconnected creative community and are so delighted to have you as part of this movement. We look forward to seeing more from all of you in future! The Connect Film Festival Team

  • Star Victoria

    Great festival with wonderful people and amazing films! I enjoyed screening my film at Connect. Thank you!!

    December 2017
    Connect film festival logo cff logo sept 2014
    Response from festival:

    Hello Star, it was a delight to have you as part of the panels and to welcome "Transmute" and your team into the Connect community. We look forward to seeing more of you all in future and are so delighted that you've joined our interactive creative hive. :) We are honored to include your compassionate story told with artistry, and look forward to more in future! The Connect Film Festival Team