This film festival of LGBT-related shorts, which takes place during June Pride, brings together films from across the country and around the world. It allows us an intriguing glimpse of the diversity of life, struggles and triumphs of LGBTQ people and their allies in short narrative, documentary and art video formats. CineSLAM is programmed by Guilford, VT resident and Emmy-Award winning filmmaker, John Scagliotti, who created the first LGBTQ television series, In the Life, on PBS, which will be going into its 20th season this fall. Scagliotti was recently awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Marlboro College for his service to the LGBTQ and allied communities.

The Chessie Award, initiated in 2008, is a cash prize of $250, awarded each year to the Best Short at CineSLAM.

By submitting your application to the CineSLAM Film Slam Seminars, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

CineSLAM defines “short film” as any film, video, or animation production that does not exceed twenty minutes.

CineSLAM defines "LGBT-related" as having an LGBT component, which can be the topic of the film itself or a member of the cast and/or crew. We have screened "Straight" films made by "LGBT" filmmakers, "LGBT" films made by "Straight" filmmakers, and of course "LGBT" films made by "LGBT" filmmakers.

Submissions to the CineSLAM Short Film Festival are automatically considered for the Chessie Award (best short at CineSLAM) with a cash prize of $250.


CineSLAM and its representatives reserve the right to utilize any submitted materials for the purpose of promoting the CineSLAM Film Festival. This includes but is not limited to video stills, video excerpts (up to 1 minute or official trailer), and biographical information provided by the applicant.

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  • John Killacky

    Lovely folks, beautiful theater, wonderful films, and pride cake to boot!

    July 2024