CINEMAISSÍ - LATIN AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL aims to promote the very best and the most fascinating cinema from Latin America in Finland.

The film festival consolidates as a permanent forum for analyzing and debate towards the understanding the Latin American culture and society.

Cinemaissí, the Latin American Film Festival in Helsinki, was founded in 2005 by the non-profit association with the same name. We are dedicated to promoting the Latin American culture, its diversity and its colour by means of cinema and related events.

It is our responsibility and pride to present to our public a carefully chosen and compiled variety of stories and point of views from Latin America. Cinemaissí welcomes with open arms everyone interested in the Latin American region and who wants to promote the culture of the continent by means of cinema, art and culture.

CINEMAISSÍ - LATIN AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL is a very careful curated film event and their main goals are:

• Broadening the knowledge of Latin American Cinema in Finland and the Nordic Countries.
• Spreading the Latin American culture from the various cinematographic discourses.
• Doing our utmost to promote social interaction and stimulate the cultural interchange through cinema.
• Strengthening bridges of collaboration, exchange and dialogue between the cinematographic industries of both regions.


Cinemaissí will take place in Helsinki, Finland from18th to 22nd October, 2017

Applications for participation in the festival are open to fiction, documentaries, animation and experimental films either short or feature.
Cinemaissí ONLY accepts movies made by a Latin American director, produced in any Latin American country and/or related with Latin American culture.
Those films that do not accomplish these basic requirements will be automatically disqualified, without further notice.

Films with Spanish or Portuguese dialogues must be, without exception, subtitled in English. If the film is in English, it must be subtitled in Spanish.

The Films can be submitted by producers and whoever owns the rights for distribution in Finland; all films must be completed after 1st January, 2015.

Being a non-competitive festival, Cinemaissí reserves the right to select and invite the films for this year’s festival, as well as to decide its guests and representatives of those films.

After being selected and until the end of the current festival edition, the films cannot be projected elsewhere in Finland, outside the forum of the festival, without separate approval from the Cinemaissí Association.

The deadline for the entries is the 9th July, 2017.

Once a film has been invited to participate in Cinemaissí, the projection copy shall arrive to Finland no later than the 30th September, 2017 taking in account the requirements outlined in points III and IV of these rules.

Along with the projection copy, please send also a good quality DVD without any watermark for press and backup projection purposes.

It is the responsibility of the producer and/or the distributor to verify prior to sending the film that the projection copy is in good condition. The festivals organizers will do likewise once we get the copy before the festival.

Cinemaissí will cover the transportation costs for the projection copies from their country of origin or storage place to the city of Helsinki and back to the same address. The festival may negotiate their transportations with an embassy or other governmental entities.

Following the festival’s code and in case the projection copy is sent from or to another festival, Cinemaissí will cover the costs of only ONE transportation. It is the responsibility of the production company or distributor to arrange the logistics between festivals.

The projection copies will be sent back until one day after the end of the festival. Other agreements had to be done at least one-week prior the festival.

Cinemaissí will cover the costs of storage and insurance of the invited films from the moment they are delivered to the festival until they are handed to the company that will transport them back to the owner.

All audiovisual material received by Cinemaissí will form a part of the festival’s archive. After the festival, it will be made available to researchers, students and the local community without commercial purposes.

By participating in the festival, the filmmakers acknowledge that they have read, understood and accepted these rules.